feng shui and love: Feng Shui for Romance Tips by New York Feng Shui Consultant Laura Cerrano - 02/14/20 04:01 PM

In honor of Valentine's Day, Certified Feng Shui Manhattan Consultant Laura Cerrano shares quick Feng Shui tips on how to boost love and romance. The Feng Shui tips shared are good for anytime of the year!...not only for Valentine's day.
* Locate your love/ marriage / partnership area with the modern day bagua map and compass direction
* Some base recommended colors for love
* Becoming aware with the symbolism your objects and/or artwork are influencing in regard to the discussion of love. Do they align with your intention for calling in love? Or not?
* Declutter (release the old and … (5 comments)

feng shui and love: Romancing The Feng Shui - New York Times Interview with Laura Cerrano - 09/21/19 04:28 AM
New York Times Interview Announcement!
Feng Shui Manhattan Consultant Laura Cerrano was interviewed by The New York Times, alongside two other Feng Shui Consultants to explore how Feng Shui can enhance the energy of attracting an authentic partnership, love and romance. The article provides great tips and short stories to help illustrate the principles of Feng Shui at work. Enjoy!
Romancing the Feng Shui

feng shui and love: Feng Shui and The Lessons of Love Facebook Live Video with Expert Laura Cerrano - 02/12/19 11:31 AM
New York and Los Angeles Feng Shui Consultant Laura Cerrano is doing a Facebook Live Video on Feburary 13th, 2019 at 6PM EST to talk about "Feng Shui and the Lessons of Love." I'll host the video through the Adopting Feng Shui with Laura Cerrano group on Facebook.
*How do YOU define Love?
*Why do my ex's keep reappearing?
*Expressing Self-love which opens up Vulnerability
*Releasing the Old to Welcome in the New
*Preparing Your Nest (home) for Authentic Love
And we might have a special guest who can offer a male's perspective on love ;
See ya soon!
If you miss it, no worries. The … (4 comments)

feng shui and love: Feng Shui and Love Workshop on September 26th, 2018 in Rockville Centre NY - 09/24/18 03:47 AM
In a unique and exciting workshop with Certified Feng Shui Expert, Laura Cerrano, explore the Alchemy of Love. Develop a deeper connection and awareness to your personal journey of manifesting an authentic loving relationship with yourself and a partner.
During the workshop you will receive:
A clear understanding of the steps required to begin a genuine point of attraction for receiving and experiencing authentic love. A set of practical Feng Shui techniques you could use immediately to transform your inner and outer environments to attract a quality relationship that you deserve. Additional teachings that integrate emotional intelligence and the Kabbalah to assist with … (2 comments)

feng shui and love: The Kate Fox Show Interviews NYC Consultant Laura Cerrano on Feng Shui and Relationships - 09/17/18 03:37 AM
The Kate Fox Show sat down with Certified New York Feng Shui Consultant Laura Cerrano on her front stoop to discuss “Cultivating Healthy Relationships (Romance and Friendships) with Feng Shui.” Insights on how to manifest authentic relationships, the importance of ‘dating yourself,’ how to prepare your home and self for love, success stories and more, are all shared during this interview. I hope the information shared could be a reminder to help you along your journey of love or perhaps provide new tidbits of information for self awareness and development when it comes to this topic.

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