feng shui and real estate: Is Feng Shui Helping To Increase the Sales of Homes In California and New York? - 06/09/17 12:43 PM
 "A survey of 500 Chinese Americans conducted by Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate and the Asian Real Estate Association of America found that 86% think feng shui will make a difference in their future home buying choices. Additionally, 79% of these Chinese-American home buyers said they would pay more for a house that followed follow feng shui standards." source - Fortune
So in short, yes Feng Shui could assist in raising the selling price. This means it would be a wise investment for brokers, agents and developers to either learn and/or team up with Certified Feng Shui experts when constructing, buying or selling a … (5 comments)

feng shui and real estate: Feng Shui and Real Estate: A Realtor DISCOURAGING a Purchase in New York? - 08/31/09 09:02 AM
 Feng Shui and Real Estate:  A Realtor Discouraging a Purchase in New York?
I received an interesting call this morning from a New York State Real Estate Agent who had a knowledge and understanding of Feng Shui.
She wanted to have a Feng Shui Consultant on hand, she told me, because a prospective buyer had looked at a home on Long Island in the town of Old Westbury in the famed Gold Coast of Long Island and she felt the home would have a negative effect on her particular client.
This is a total reversal from what I hear from most … (24 comments)

feng shui and real estate: Feng Shui and YOU--You don't have to be in New York to USE IT! - 05/19/09 04:17 PM
Feng Shui, it's a VAST subject!  And the different interpretations are wonderful.  Sadly, the wonderful group by Carolin and Bob Benjamin doesn't often get posts but when it does, it gets some knockouts!
There are several Feartured Posts there you might want to read.  One that I just read is another in a Series written by Charlene Storozek and I didn't want you to miss it--OR the series!
Feng Shui It! Part 6: How To Improve the Creativity & Children Area of Your Home
While you're over there you might want to read Certified Feng Shui Consultant's Michelle Minch's post in … (25 comments)

feng shui and real estate: A Manhattan Feng Shui Consultant's Advice - 11/22/08 11:52 AM
  A Manhattan Feng Shui Consultant's Advice..... 
Although I practice Feng Shui in New York City and Long Island, I get questions from all over the United States.  I do many Feng Shui Consultations at a distance and have heard that some Feng Shui Consultants do not answer questions due to a shortage of time.  
I love to hear the interest in Feng Shui.  I also receive questions from believers and skeptics alike.
A recent question about purchasing a new home from a buyer made me pause.  Her question was whether I believed she and her husband should purchase this home-from a … (21 comments)

feng shui and real estate: Feng Shui--Real Estate and Home Staging; We are more ALIKE then we Ever THOUGHT - 09/18/08 04:18 PM
Feng Shui-- Real Estate and Home Staging.  Two ‘jobs' that seem very different but are more interconnected then most people realize.  I have been asked so many times what it's like to be a Feng Shui consultant and while I can't speak for others, I CAN tell you what it's like to be THIS Feng Shui Consultant.
While we may get calls for very different reasons (my calls can range anywhere from someone seeking more money, enhanced health, feeling "stuck" and homes where my clients are seeing and hearing things) we are also called quite often by people who's homes have … (25 comments)

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