feng shui children: Quick Feng Shui Nursery Room Tip - 02/06/17 09:56 AM
A great Feng Shui Tip to help enhance the energy of your baby's nursery room is to add a couple truly supportive family member photos. Naturally, be mindful and safe as to where and how you display the photos. They could be hang along a wall or placed on high level shelving in a secure manner. 
This simple addition on a practical level offers the visual of family. From a Feng Shui energetic perspective it helps to reinforce the energy of family to your baby weather they look at the photo or not. Baby's are very receptive and sensitive to their surroundings so its' best not to under estimate … (9 comments)

feng shui children: Feng Shui Tips To A Successful School Year for Our Children - 08/30/15 02:26 AM
Feng Shui Tips To A Successful School Year for Our Children
1. Assist in organizing your children's bedroom and study area. Clutter relates to the physical appearance, but even more importantly, it could impact them emotionally and mentally.  Children are extremely sensitive to their surroundings and if they have too much clutter it may create a jittery feeling of energy; potentially effecting your child’s healthy sleeping patterns or concentration.  Make it a regular practice weeding out old clothes, broken toys, and anything that is outgrown. This is an opportunity to teach our children about giving back to their community or other communities in … (16 comments)

feng shui children: Back to School with Feng Shui for Parents - 08/26/13 04:00 AM
Back to School with Feng Shui for Parents

It's not just the kiddies who have to get ready for back to school, parents are just as responsible and on call as they are. It's always a team collaboration.
Immediate family or whom ever is caring for a child's highest interest is usually their support system. With that in mind, as a parent it's important that you set a solid foundation with your thoughts, words and actions that follow.  Children are extremely observant and adsorbent to all environments, especially their home.
So what can I do as a parent to help … (3 comments)

feng shui children: Feng Shui for Children by Laura Cerrano Feng Shui Teacher - 02/10/13 09:40 PM
Feng Shui for Children  by Laura Cerrano Feng Shui Teacher
Feng Shui is not just for adults, it's for everyone even no matter what race, religion, belief system you have and even your age.  The best time to introduce these principles of self value, respect towards others and the land, is when we are most open to absorbing positive information and incorporation it into our foundation of growth.  The best time really, is when we are children. 
As children, our minds are like sponges ready to take on the world. In the beginning the mind is un-tainted by negative influence.  As … (1 comments)

feng shui children: Another Day, Another Fair and Some Reflections---From Feng Shui Long Island in Massapequa - 10/09/07 11:13 AM
I'm not quite sure if I found her or she found me; no matter.  We're Activerainers and one thing we have in common is that we BOTH love our local fairs.  If you haven't guessed by now, I'm speaking of Lisa Heindel and here's a link to her latest adventure:  2007 Gretna Heritage Festival a Big Success
This fair isn't one I usually go to but it is the ONLY fair my son goes to.  Having my daughter home from college for the weekend (and already tired from the previous fair that same day) we decided to go meet up with … (21 comments)

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