feng shui energy: Start With What You Already Have To Nurture Your Homes Energy - 09/04/16 05:40 AM
In some forms of Feng Shui its said using what you already have within your home offers a stronger emotional, psychological, energetic and physical connection. In general, it is suggested to know the history attached to that item to help indicate if that object could be beneficial within your environment. 

For example, I was recently gifted a hand crafted wooden bowl from my talented Uncle. Looking at this with "Feng Shui eyes," there are various perceptions in how this inanimate object could offer a huge energy boost for my home and life force energy. 
How could this boost the … (5 comments)

feng shui energy: Factors Effecting Positive Energy Flow Within Your Home and Self - 10/26/15 03:13 AM
Many think if energy is not flowing well within their home and self it has to deal with the bed or the couch being in the wrong position. This is a contributing factor but not the entire overall reason. When implementing the lifestyle of Feng Shui you also have to take into consideration the habits, choices, thoughts and actions implemented by:
Ourselves Other people The Environment Events Social and political nature Cosmic influences (star and planet movements) No matter what, the core foundation to any profound change in your life starts with you. 

feng shui energy: Feng Shui Ascension: Spirits are Transferable - 03/04/15 08:12 PM
Feng Shui Ascension: Spirits are Transferable 

Feng Shui principles teach we are all energy that can be exchanged in less then a second. As you increase your understanding of this principle, chances are you will simultaneously be working on yourself to be the best you. You may also be creating a more supportive environment with your living and working locations. Though this process, you may also have to start being more mindful of who you choose to hang around. 
Simply put, if you surround yourself with angry people, gossipers, fault finders, chances are that spirit of influence could potentially impact your own aura, thought patterns and attitude on … (3 comments)

feng shui energy: 3 Fast Feng Shui Office Tip to Improve Working Energy (Part 1) - 02/23/15 04:45 AM
3 Fast Feng Shui Office Tip to Improve Working Energy
(Part 1)
1. Do your best to arrange your desk in a “commanding position”. This meaning you can see who is entering into your space at all time. This also symbolically represents seeing opportunities as they arise.
2. If you can, allow a good amount of natural light or use full spectrum lighting (sun light) in your workplace. It's advised to lesson the use of fluorescent lights. 
There are a number of negative health effects that have been linked to working under fluorescent lights that are … (5 comments)

feng shui energy: According to Feng Shui Could my Roommates energy Impact mine? - 07/25/14 04:23 AM
According to Feng Shui Could my Roommates Energy Impact Mine?
This was a great question asked from a recent client.
Feng Shui teaches you that your surroundings, let that be the atmosphere of your apartment or even a combination of those who surround you in that space, will contribute to the energy circulating with it.
Creating a space that is calm and peaceful is a great way to help shift the energy. You both can work together in the common areas of your apartment and in your own rooms, allow those areas to be 100% personalized.

When implementing changes in the common area of your aprtment be … (3 comments)

feng shui energy: Maximize the Resources You Have - 04/26/14 01:29 PM

As I said to our friend Lou in the comments on his page, I've noted the great energy of following the flow of awareness and staying connected. Amen to this! It does work out if you can find a clear path. Don't lose faith so easily. You have many, many resources at your disposal. Go for your bliss and listen to the special energy inside you.
Thanks to Lou for posting!
Love and light,
Maximize the Resources You Have
“The greatest thing a man can do in this world is to make the
most possibly out of … (2 comments)

feng shui energy: What are the top 5 reasons to use Feng Shui? - 03/28/14 10:21 AM
What are the top 5 reasons to use Feng Shui?

What a great question to ask.  Right away the top 5 reasons that come to mind are:
1. Feng shui teaches you how to become more in tune with your surroundings.  You begin to learn and understand that all is energy and interconnected.
2. Over time, you learn to communicate with yourself (listening to intuition) and with others much more efficiently. This also includes learning to read eye movement, body language and feelings of others...you basically become more sensitive to energy.
3. You will learn to become self sufficient and live life to … (22 comments)

feng shui energy: What are the best "cures" for a home on a "T-junction"? - 03/21/14 02:19 AM
What are the best "cures" for a home on a "T-junction"?
First what is a "T-Junciton"?

The T-junction is when oncoming traffic or rather energy flow is literally hitting into the house with sharp, aggressive energy.  If that house lacks landscaping and it is very close to the road it allows that energy easier access to hit head on. 
Another scenario could be if you have short road with very light traffic, in which case the negative effects will be minimal, if any at all.

Ways to offset "T-junction" energy:
be sure to address the inside of your home … (8 comments)

feng shui energy: Could Furniture take on Life Force Energy? - 01/30/14 10:11 AM
Could Furniture take on Life Force Energy?

The Metaphysical world will perceive furniture or other items as having life force while the "common eye" will view them as inanimate objects.  A base Feng Shui principle that many know is doing a house blessing before moving into a new home. Why?
The blessing will help clear out negative energy, also known as predecessor energy left behind from the previous occupants. If an entire house and the land of that home has life force, why not objects or even furniture?
I have even had this conversation about mirrors with clients, which is a whole other topic … (0 comments)

feng shui energy: A man....I just Blew a FUSE! - 11/15/13 12:32 AM
A man....I just Blew a FUSE!
I have to pick up the kids, go to the bank, go food shopping, clean up the house and then.....ooo no...and then... I have to also call the electrician today because my electricity just blew out. Great!!...
From a Feng Shui perspective there is great symbolism and insight to why this just accrued.  Your home is a mirroring of you and it captures the energy you pure into it, consciously and sub-consciously. If you are constantly feeling stressed or pressured, just like a tea kettle, the steam has to have an outlet.
Your home has two main outlets according to … (7 comments)

feng shui energy: Understanding Energy with Your Breathing - 09/16/13 01:12 AM
Understanding Energy with Your Breathing
There are so many ways to sense and feel energy.  To become more comfortable with understanding how to read energy one can pay attention to their breath.  For example, when you are around others or enter into an environment that feels open and positive (good) your breathing will become greater in the amount of air you allow into your lungs. Your body will also resonate and become loose and relaxed.
When entering an environment that presents a negative vibe, your breathing usually becomes shallow, short in breath and your body could even become tense, usually your … (5 comments)

feng shui energy: Opps...Pardon me I had and energy Fart..... - 07/28/13 09:40 PM
Opps...Pardon me I had and energy Fart.....

yes we all have energy farts from time to time.  Sometimes you just make a bad call on something so that type of energy builds up and simply needs to be released.  I had mine the other day.  I was rushing around not paying attention and by the end of the day, I realized I completely disregarded the quality of food I ingested into my body. The next day I felt so out of it, sluggish, not thinking clearly and taking double the amount of time to complete my tasks for the day. 

feng shui energy: Feng Shui Tip: Clean your house for increased energy flow - 07/17/13 04:30 AM
Feng Shui Tip: Clean your house for increased energy flow

It's a ritual we do at least once a week.  Cleanliness is a fundamential factor to the Feng Shui of your home. Everytime you clean your home, put new intentions out to the universe. Clean to welcome in a new job, a new adventure, opputunities to learn something new, what ever it may be...
You are cleaning out the old to make room for the new. 
oyster bay Feng Shui LI
*Carole Provenzale was a Certified Feng Shui Consultant who graduated from the Country's very first School for Feng Shui … (0 comments)

feng shui energy: Feng Shui and Reading Energy by Feng Shui LI - 05/15/12 11:03 PM
Feng Shui and Reading Energy by Feng Shui LI

Taking the time to understanding the deeper components to the practice of Feng Shui is a fascinating journey.  The basic understandings to this lifestyle is that you "re-arrange your furniture to create a better flow of energy in you space."  Many recognize Feng Shui for the use of certain elements and colors as well, which is all correct :)
But, what if you take the time to truly feel the energy of the room, to really break down the different ways with how to read energy, to feel or for some … (4 comments)

feng shui energy: Feng Shui in New York.....and TIME - 09/17/09 03:34 PM
A New York Feng Shui Consultant and TIME by Feng Shui Long Island & NY
As a Feng Shui New York Consultant, I used to run by TIME, not ENERGY.  I had to rush through everything I did so I would be on time for one thing or another.  I never had the time to slow down and take in the beauty around me; I was simply run by TIME.
When I decided to become a full time Feng Shui Consultant and left my old Corporate job, the first thing I did was throw away my watch.  Here in New York … (28 comments)

feng shui energy: Put Your HEART into It....Whatever "It" Is by Feng Shui Long Island - 02/03/08 12:56 PM
Whether I am doing a Feng Shui Consultation or just cooking dinner, I put my ‘heart' into it.  I remember years ago being told about the ENERGY of food and the explanation resonated with me.  This was not a Feng Shui perspective on Food, rather it came from the Wholistic Health Center I worked at and took classes at.
"Think about the Energy of Food" we were told.  Do you know how much more you are nourished when you were small and your parents cooked out of LOVE.  They put their hearts into it because you were loved and cared for.  Then … (37 comments)

feng shui energy: Feng Shui Consultations "Online" by Feng Shui Long Island - 01/26/08 12:38 PM
I have received many emails from people asking how to find a qualified Feng Shui Consultant in their area and I’m thrilled that hopefully I have helped generate an interest in Feng Shui. When I signed on to Activerain I was actually surprised to hear the number of people that were unfamiliar with it and to hear of all the misconceptions about it. Today I read Teri's Notes & Anecdotes on Twin Cities Real Estate  post called Outside the Box Thinking Gets Homes SOLD!  I know that many homeowners are using Feng Shui more and more and am thrilled that Real Estate Agents … (19 comments)

feng shui energy: Giving Presentations: Fun or Torture? A NEW Feng Shui Perspective After All These Years by Feng Shui Long Island - 11/05/07 12:30 AM
Although I've given more my then share of Presentations to Companies, Corporations and Real Estate Agencies, I am usually perplexed when working on another with ways to improve it.  Should I change the materials I hand out, make them newer or flashier?  Dress differently?  I know that during my last several presentations there seemed to be something I said that made those that appeared bored or uninterested stop at some point, look up and take notice; they began to listen and get involved.  I have never been able to pinpoint what it is that creates that.
I thought to call Lisa, a … (28 comments)

feng shui energy: When Feng Shui and a Haunted House "Collide"-- A Haunting in Huntington, Long Island - 10/31/07 12:45 PM
 It invariably comes up, it is only a matter of time. When I sit my clients down to do the initial interview during a Feng Shui Consultation, I often use some of the same questions. I want to know the history of the house or business, if known (for predecessor energy). I like to know how long they’ve lived there, if any major life events have happened there (illness, children) and whether they are experiencing any health issues. I always ask what areas in particular do they wish to focus on: it might be Career, Relationships, Wealth or a combination of … (22 comments)

feng shui energy: You've only got ONE HOUR---Use it! - 09/18/07 02:23 PM
The Chinese have an interesting theory.  And they may well be right for all we know.  They say we are each born with a certain amount of ENERGYand when our own unique energy is gone is when we will pass.  It makes sense to me.  They also believe that the only way you can replace this Energy is through Tai-Chi.  Since not many of us are actually taking Tai Chi it would seem to me it's important to conserve that Energy.
Oftentimes I work with clients who are going through a very difficult time or just feeling worn out.  Perhaps they've … (28 comments)

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