feng shui new york: Remote / Virtual Feng Shui Consultation - How Does it Work? - 05/06/20 07:04 AM
With the Covid-19 pandemic happening, our way of ‘normalcy’ has shifted dramatically in just about everything we do from personal to professional daily lifestyles. At first, this was a huge shock to the nervous system, and for some, it still is. However, if you can allow yourself to accept the new norm, surrender your fears of change, give yourself permission to work through the emotions that come with this change and begin to adapt, you can position yourself to see the silver lining and evolve.
I have gone through my own moments of pause, reflection and recalibration. I went from seeing clients … (1 comments)

feng shui new york: Feng Shui New York Consultant Provides FREE Virtual Reiki Healing Circles - 04/06/20 03:40 AM
To help offer support during these unpredictable times, Certified Reiki Master Laura Cerrano is hosting FREE weekly virtual healing circles on Zoom through the month of April in 2020. This is a safe space for sharing with compassion, learning with an open mind and heart, and to collectively receive and send healing to others in need.
Each session provides a check-in with how the group is doing, paired with intention setting, a guided meditation and reiki healing.
This cricle has passed. To view upcoming circles, please visit: Reiki Healing Events with Laura Cerrano Calander

feng shui new york: Valentine's Day SALE on Feng Shui and Reiki services! - 02/12/20 08:31 AM
This is a special three day Feng Shui and Reiki Session sale in honor of Valentine's day! These special prices will be listed between now, Feburary 12th - 14th, 2020. You can make the purchase today and have one year to redeem your gifts. Feng Shui and/or Reiki is a beautifully unique and personalized gift to give to another or even for yourself!
Click Here to view the Feng Shui Consultation and Reiki Session Sales

feng shui new york: Feng Shui For The New Year Workshop at A Time for Karma Rockville Centre NY - 02/04/20 05:01 PM
Come and enjoy an informative Feng Shui workshop with Certified Expert, Laura Cerrano of Feng Shui Manhattan to explore what the Year of the Metal Rat has in store! Learn how to prepare your home and self with Feng Shui Tips for an abundance of positive change. Mrs. Cerrano will also demonstrate easy DIY Feng Shui Space Clearing and Blessing techniques to release stagnant energy from the previous year to allow new beneficial chi into your home. To conclude the workshop, an intention writing exercise is provided to help you gain clarity with your personalized goals for 2020. You’ll also learn … (1 comments)

feng shui new york: Feng Shui Insight with Laura Cerrano - Why Rituals Are Important - 02/03/20 05:14 PM
According to an article published in Scientific America, simple rituals can be extremely effective, helping to alleviate grief, reduce anxiety, increase people’s confidence and help problem solve. Studies have even shown ritualistic work to benefit people who claim not to believe in rituals at all. 
The primary method of Feng Shui that facilitates ceremony and rituals is BTB Feng Shui (Black Sect Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui). This method of Feng Shui was birthed by His High Holiness Grand Master Professor Lin Yun. He would commonly say, “to the masses, the use of ritual for problem solving may seem illogical. However this is … (1 comments)

feng shui new york: Feng Shui Five Element Basics with Laura Cerrano - 02/01/20 05:57 AM
The Five Element theory is the foundation of Chinese disciplines such as in Feng Shui, martial arts, and the I Ching (The Book of Changes). Studying the Five Elements provides a blueprint that illustrates how nature interacts with the body and how the different dimensions of our being impact each other. Each of the five groups—Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water—include categories such as a season, a direction, stage of growth and development, emotion, aspect of the soul, color, sound . . . the categories are seemingly limitless. The Five Elements reflect a deep understanding of natural law, the Universal order underlying all things in our world.
To … (0 comments)

feng shui new york: The Dragon Turtle - Meaning and Use in Feng Shui - 02/01/20 05:39 AM
In Feng Shui, there are 4 primary celestial animals; Black Turtle, While Tiger, Green Dragon, and Red Phoenix. The mythical creature being referenced in this post is a combination the dragon and turtle, thus creating the “Dragon Turtle.” This fusion is said to signify support from an abundance of helpful people, good health, longevity, courage, power, success, prevent the negative effect of backstabbing, betrayal, and promote harmony within the home and workspace.
THERE ARE 3 DIFFERENT TYPES OF DRAGON TURLES TO BE AWARE OF:  Dragon Turtle sitting on a bed of coins and gold ingots – represents an increase for steady income luck. 

feng shui new york: Feng Shui New Years Workshop 1/31/20 @ Aloha Yoga and Healing in Babylon NY - 01/29/20 06:37 AM
Feng Shui New Years Workshop
Date: Friday, January 31st, 2020
Join Certified Feng Shui Expert Laura Cerrano for a Feng Shui New Year Workshop. This two hour workshop covers key recommendations in how to prepare for the 2020 new year (year of the Metal Rat) with Flying Stars, BTB Feng Shui home cures and Space Clearing - Blessing rituals.
Time: 7pm - 9pm
Location: Aloha Yoga & Healing, Babylon, NY
Exchange: Pre-register $35 or at the door $40
What to Bring: Floor plan, writing utensil, notepad
To register call: 631-268-5553 or visit https://www.alohayogaandhealing.com/contact

feng shui new york: Feng Shui Manhattan Consultation Black Friday Sales 2019 - 11/26/19 08:55 AM
Feng Shui Manhattan is offering black friday sales to November 30th, 2019! Savings range from $15 - $80 off  preselected Feng Shui Services.
Feng Shui services on SALE include:
* Feng Shui Home and Long Distance Consultations 
* Reiki Healing Sessions 
* Space Clearings and Blessing Ceremonies
FYI: you can purchase your Feng Shui service on SALE now, and have 1 year to redeem!
Not sure which service is best to choose? Contact Laura Directly!

feng shui new york: Feng Shui Workshop at the Amityville NY Library on May 16th, 2019 - 05/13/19 06:29 AM
Join Certified Feng Shui Expert Laura Cerrano and discover how your home and surroundings can affect your mindset, emotions, behavior and overall health. You will learn how to combine several forms of Feng Shui and intuitive thinking to create powerful practical solutions. To conclude the workshop, Laura will guide you through a gentle sound healing meditation.
Call (631) 264-0567 to see if Registration is required.
Sponsored by the Amityville Public Library. FREE for the public to attend.
Amityville Library, 19 John Street, Amityville, NY, 11701
Date: Thursday, May 16, 2019
Time: 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

feng shui new york: Feng Shui Manhattan 2019 Professional Feng Shui Certification Program - 02/06/19 02:56 PM
This program is designed for anyone who wishes to delve deeper into the teachings of Feng Shui. Maybe your intentions for signing up are personal, as you are ready to embark on a unique journey of inner and outer transformation. Or, perhaps you have professional reasons and recognize this practice is being commonly requested within your field. Others could be contemplating changing careers all together and have been dancing around the idea of becoming a full time Certified Feng Shui Consultant.
      No matter what your intention is, you’ll receive comprehensive training that prepares you to utilize your new skills … (3 comments)

feng shui new york: New York City Feng Shui Consultant Provides Interior Design Workshop - 12/20/18 05:08 AM

Yesterday, I presented a Feng Shui workshop for the interior design firm, Rees Roberts + Partners LLC in New York City. This was a lovely bunch and I'm so happy we had the opportunity to meet! Besides covering the heart of the presentation (Feng Shui and Interior Design), we also got into some pretty interesting topics; karma, intentions, space clearing techniques, techniques in coaching and mindful listening, and the reviewing of certain situations the designers are currently addressing through the lens of Feng Shui. What's also pretty cool about the workshop, is the team gifted themselves this event as an early … (1 comments)

feng shui new york: 7 Tips To A Happy and Unique Feng Shui Thanksgiving - 11/22/18 08:49 AM
According to Thrillist.com, the number one holiday celebrated in America is, Thanksgiving. With that said, I have to admit, the origins of this holiday for me seem a bit unsettling having knowledge about the history of conflict between Native Americans and Europeans. Being aware of this, I have chosen to approach this National holiday by giving thanks and sharing a day of appreciation with family whom I may not always be able to see. Segwaying from this brief introduction, below are 7 Unique Feng Shui Thanksgiving Tips To Consider:
1. Surrender to the Chaos of the Holidays 
The modern day translation for the … (8 comments)

feng shui new york: Feng Shui Webinar with New York City Consultant Laura Cerrano on Feng Shui and Creativity - 11/17/18 02:39 PM
Feng Shui New York City Consultant and artist Laura Cerrano provides a free Facebook Live webinar on the topic of Feng Shui and Creativity. She provides you with several practical suggestions from a Feng Shui perspective on how to enhance and maintain a stronger creative energy field within your home and self.
To watch the recorded Feng Shui Manhattan Facebook Live video, please click on Feng Shui and Creativity

feng shui new york: Hiking New Zealand's Kepler Track with Feng Shui Consultant Laura Cerrano - 11/16/18 11:00 AM
In the past two weeks I have had the honor of exploring the two majestic islands of New Zealand.  For this particular post I'm highlighting the Kepler track (one of the great walks). The Kepler Track is located in Fiorland National Park along the far west region of the South Island. 
The Kepler track is a 60 km loop that takes you through lush forests, lakes and through the Alpines. Because your in an Alpine environment, its important to remember you could be exposed to heavy rain, snow, and freezing temperature. Due to this, wearing waterproof gear and having solid trekking boots is vital. Trampers can stay in 4 … (1 comments)

feng shui new york: Vote Now! Best of LI 2019 Feng Shui Long Island - 10/29/18 05:16 PM
FENG SHUI LONG ISLAND has been nominated for the Bethpage Best of LI 2019 Contest in the Interior Designer Category. Voting starts October 1 and runs through December 15, 2017. During this time, votes are accepted one vote per category, per day, per person by clicking on: Best Of Long Island Home and Garden Category
Important! Before you can vote you need to register. This process only takes a moment. After that, you can vote for "Feng Shui Long Island, Inc"! 
Below is a step by step after you register if the page bounces you away from the direct link:
1. Click back on:  Best of Long Island Home and Garden Category 
2. Scroll down and click on: "Interior … (2 comments)

feng shui new york: Feng Shui, Fashion and Self - Empowerment Workshop with Feng Shui Manhattan, Inc - 10/26/18 06:49 AM
Join Certified Feng Shui Expert, Laura Cerrano for a fun, interactive workshop that explores the Five Elements Theory in Feng Shui through the lens of fashion! Learn practical tips on how to identify each element ( Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood) and utilize their characteristics to enhance the energy of your wardrobe and self. 

Topic: Feng Shui, Fashion and Empowerment
Instructor: Certified Feng Shui New York Consultant Laura Cerrano, CEO and founder of Feng Shui Manhattan, Inc
Date: Saturday, October 27th, 2018
Time:  1pm - 4pm
Location: Floral Park Library, 17 Caroline Place, Floral Park, NY 11001
Fee: FREE to attend! 

feng shui new york: Feng Shui New York Webinar: Cultivating Spirituality and Wisdom on 10/10/18 - 10/10/18 05:05 AM
Click Here to Watch Feng Shui Manhattan Facebook Live Recording
During this Feng Shui Manhattan Facebook Live talk, Certified Feng Shui Consultant Laura Cerrano explored practical approaches on how to welcome the energy of wisdom, knowledge, and spirituality into your home and lifestyle.
Books mentioned during this recording:
1. "Women who Run with Wolves," by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph. D.
2. "A Primer for Ascension," By Pierre Dubois
3. "Sacred Space," by Denise Linn
4. "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Alchemy," by Dennis William Hauck
5. "The complete Idiot's Guide to Taoism," by Brandon Toropov and Chad Hansen
Laura also touched upon the topic of intention writing. For those … (3 comments)

feng shui new york: Long Island NY Feng Shui Introduction Weekend Class Review 2018 - 09/30/18 05:51 PM
Very grateful for the Feng Shui Introduction Weekend Class that just took place. Thank you to the students who participated. The two days really allowed us as a group to explore deeper aspects of this healing modality, with heavy focus on how to cultivate chi (energy) through discussion and energy movement exercises. We dug deeper into the ba-gua map, understanding the various life sections and five elements. We learned through storytelling, sound healing meditation, and completed the weekend class with vision board creations to help refine personal intentions and pull the teachings of the weekend together.

feng shui new york: The Kate Fox Show Interviews NYC Consultant Laura Cerrano on Feng Shui and Relationships - 09/17/18 03:37 AM
The Kate Fox Show sat down with Certified New York Feng Shui Consultant Laura Cerrano on her front stoop to discuss “Cultivating Healthy Relationships (Romance and Friendships) with Feng Shui.” Insights on how to manifest authentic relationships, the importance of ‘dating yourself,’ how to prepare your home and self for love, success stories and more, are all shared during this interview. I hope the information shared could be a reminder to help you along your journey of love or perhaps provide new tidbits of information for self awareness and development when it comes to this topic.

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