feng shui office: Easy To Do BTB Feng Shui Cure for Your Front Door - 02/15/18 11:59 AM
This is an oldie, but goodie. "Ringing in the Money" is a BTB Feng Shui cure. Hang a bell from the inside of your front door. This could be done for both your home and office. The intention is to help stimulate the energy flow near the front entrance and the metaphor is to "ring" in money, opportunities and provide protection. Find a bell that you personally resonate with: size, sound and look.
I found this little gem of a bell hanging from the inside door handle of an Italian sandwich shop. It's a great example. Simple, small, and has a really … (3 comments)

feng shui office: How to Layout Your Home Office with Feng Shui - 10/24/17 06:20 AM
NEW INTERVIEW: I was invited back to provide another article for MyDomaine.com on "How to Layout Your Home Office with Feng Shui." The information provided is practical, easy to follow, and supported by scientific data. Enjoy! 
Topics include:
Understand the function of your office Importance of air quality and good circulation Being mindful of who you allow to share the office space with Being conscious of colors and materials Declutteriing and storage and much more! To read the full article click on: How to Layout Your Home Office with Feng Shui

feng shui office: Top Feng Shui Plants for Your Home and Office - 10/18/17 07:00 AM
The FIVE ELEMENTS (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood) work best when blended together in a harmonious way inside your home. Today, we are focusing on the element of wood (a.k.a plants,flowers,trees, bushes, etc). Not only do they help to spruce up the overall ambiance, they are also scientifically proven to reduce stress, purify the air, improve learning, compassion, speed up the healing process, memory, and communication!
Incorporating wood element could be achieved through the arrangement of real plants, plant inspired artwork or artificial flowers. How about wood flooring, panels and furniture, do they count? Yes. Yet, when it comes to feng shui … (6 comments)

feng shui office: The Clutter Inside Your Office File Cabinets Could Have An Unconscious Connection - 03/01/16 04:49 AM
Define clutter…
“a collection of things lying about or stored away in mass.”
 Clutter is a buzz word, introduced though the principles of feng shui back in the 1990's. Why is this topic so important to address? According to feng shui, clutter can impact us on various levels, not just with the physical presence.
Depending on the type of clutter you have in your office, and depending on where that clutter is located in accordance your Ba-gua Map Layout, your clutter could offer insight into your unconscious connections. This meaning, the hidden treasures you keep inside your office drawers (notes, letters, files, little objects, … (19 comments)

feng shui office: It Does Not Take Much In Feng Shui To Create Change - 01/08/16 11:07 PM
There is still this mis-conceptions in the practice of feng shui that you need to buy a lot of objects and trinkets and move all your furniture around in order to create change in your home, office and life.
Please understand, it does not take much to create change. The foundation of momentum in Feng Shui starts with your mindset (your focus of intentions). Through the observations of your environment, it will help illustrate and offer new perceptive on how to navigate and create those necessary changes. 
Many times, it's the small simple changes that bring about short, long term external and internal transformations. 

feng shui office: What To Do After Finding The Wealth Area Of Your Office - One Fast Tip - 09/27/15 01:14 PM
Now that you have located your wealth corner within your office, the next step is knowing what to put there. 
Keeping the Feng Shui tip very simple, understand the wealth corner has accent colors you could implement to help activate the meridian energy point even more. You could choose from any family of purple and / or green. This could be accents in furnishings or artwork as to name fast examples. 
You could also add an element to this life section. A common and great cure is by adding a plant (wood element). Let that be real (which is always best) or silk (the next best option) … (6 comments)

feng shui office: Do You Have To Feng Shui Every Nook and Cranny of Your Home? - 08/02/15 11:30 PM
Do You Have To Feng Shui Every Nook and Cranny of Your Home?
Those who are new to Feng Shui assume you need to change every nook and cranny of your home or office in-order to welcome change. This is not always the case. Sometimes you just need a bit of tweaking, or no change. 
No change? But isn't Feng Shui all about changing, shifting and transforming? It is, but even sometimes when implementing Feng Shui into your lifestyle the formula also calls for no change. 
Naturally as time progresses, various sectors of your home will change, as you and your goals change. If you notice the energy of your home in … (9 comments)

feng shui office: Fast Feng Shui Office Tips: Air Circulation - 06/15/15 11:26 PM
Fast Feng Shui Office Tips: Air Circulation 
Have you ever worked in a space where the air feels heavy and a bit hard to breath? That in energy terms is "stagnant chi." If you are looking to become motivated and foucused, that is not an ideal atmosphere. 
Every detail counts when in process of enhancing any space, home, office or cubical with Feng Shui in mind. Air circulating is also very important. If the office building does not offer great air circulation then do what you can in your office, cubical or even by the desk to allow air movement. This will also relate to energy movement.
A … (4 comments)

feng shui office: 3 Fast Feng Shui Office Tip to Improve Working Energy (Part 1) - 02/23/15 04:45 AM
3 Fast Feng Shui Office Tip to Improve Working Energy
(Part 1)
1. Do your best to arrange your desk in a “commanding position”. This meaning you can see who is entering into your space at all time. This also symbolically represents seeing opportunities as they arise.
2. If you can, allow a good amount of natural light or use full spectrum lighting (sun light) in your workplace. It's advised to lesson the use of fluorescent lights. 
There are a number of negative health effects that have been linked to working under fluorescent lights that are … (5 comments)

feng shui office: How to Feng Shui your Office in 3 Simple Steps - 10/09/14 12:46 AM
How to Feng Shui your Office in 3 Simple Steps
Be sure where you are doing work from home that the given space or location you choose offers you the privacy you need from other activities taking place in your home. Ideally it's suggested to have the office toward the back of your home, yet work with what you have.
Be sure you have a commanding position of the entrance into your office space. You always want to make sure you feel supported by knowing who is coming in and out of your space at all times. This also symbolizes you feeling more confident in seeing opportunities that … (5 comments)

feng shui office: How to Decorate a Small Bedroom as a Office with Feng Shui Eyes - 08/12/14 11:52 PM
How to Decorate a Small Bedroom as a Office with Feng Shui Eyes
This is a great question for all those sharing a home, one bedroom or studio apartment.  When situated in these types of dwellings, it’s important to do your best in creating a comfortable home while also being practical and functional with all the objects, furnishing and such that you bring into that space.
Think to self, what objects, imagery are adding value to my space, to my atmosphere, my sanctuary.
If one needs to combine various life sections due to 'lack' of space, become creative in how … (8 comments)

feng shui office: According to Feng Shui, is it good to open the door inward or outward? - 03/28/14 10:23 AM
According to Feng Shui, is it good to open the door inward or outward?

Ideally, Feng Shui will suggest to have the door open into the home or office space. Why? It helps navigate the direction of energy flow into that given space. 
It's the same idea if you were to figure out the placement of a small fountain from inside your home. The intention is to have the flow of water from the fountain face into your home vs outward.  If the direction of flow faces outward, it is as if you are pushing away all the positive energy-opportunities from coming … (5 comments)

feng shui office: Womenworking.com-Redecorate with Feng Shui and live Serenely - 03/06/14 12:52 AM
Womenworking.com-Redecorate with Feng Shui and live Serenely
"Have you been feeling sluggish, run-down, or out of sorts lately? If so, you may need more than a good night’s sleep to put some pep back in your step. Feng shui, a common Chinese practice, has been gaining momentum in Western cultures for several decades. It teaches you to be more mindful of your environment and how it affects your energy flow mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Here, Laura Cerrano shares what simple adjustments you can make in your office and home to rediscover your positive self." -Intro by Womenworking.com
To see the … (0 comments)

feng shui office: A simple way to Link your Home and Business Energy Together - 01/08/14 10:16 PM
A simple way to Link your Home and Business energy together
Feng Shui views your home and business as one energy, for all is interconnected at some point and time. A simple way to achieve this is by taking an object from your home and bringing it to your office or cubical space. 
Pick an item that makes you feel supported in your work space, maybe a family photo, a small object or piece of artwork. From a Feng Shui perspective, this is energetically linking these two energies together while at the same time saying you are "claiming" your space with your work environment.
Side … (2 comments)

feng shui office: Feng Shui Business and Office Consultations for Long Island NY - 11/28/13 10:27 PM
Feng Shui Business and Office Consultations for Long Island NY
Is the energy in your home, apartment or business feeling stagnant or stuck?  Or perhaps you are simply looking to renovate or redesign your space utilizing the principles of Feng Shui.  This beautiful ancient practice can help awaken your higher consciousness thus teaching you how to follow and listen to your intuition, which gives great  insight into life’s challenging situations while at the same time offering resolutions.
Approaching Feng Shui wholeheartedly allows you to be honest with yourself and see areas of your life that need to be addressed which allow you … (4 comments)

feng shui office: Where is the best place to park my car according to Feng Shui? - 11/25/13 05:46 PM
Where is the best place to park my car according to Feng Shui?
Your front door is known as the "mouth of Chi" meaning where all the positive energy and opportunities come flowing into your life from the physical layout of your home or office when utilizing Feng Shui. 

This was a view of an office Space in New Jersey I was called to help Feng Shui a few weeks back. any one who practices Feng Shui could be able to point out the main focus of this post?....I'll give you some time....
okay, the situation is the car blocking the front door, literally. The presentation … (7 comments)

feng shui office: How to de-clutter and store things in your office - 11/04/13 09:27 PM
How to de-clutter and store things in your office
When you own your own business deciding what to keep or let go can be a bit challenging at times because you may feel everything is important.  To help with the "letting go and de-cluttering process" perhaps try to change your perspective; the more you keep could potentially lessen the amount of new clients and opportunities you allow into your business to expand.
From a feng Shui perspective the energy has no where else to go and potential could be come weighed down with excess papers, files, etc. So with that said, here are some key general tips to help you … (29 comments)

feng shui office: Feng Shui your Desk by Emily Shoemaker of Greatist.com - 09/25/13 10:22 AM
Feng Shui your Desk by Emily Shoemaker of Greatist.com

source Greatist.com
Is Chi for Me? While there are few to no scientific findings that look at the effectiveness of Feng Shui directly (just, you know, thousands of years of Chinese tradition), some new research backs up the practice’s basic principles. One study suggests that getting more organized can improve time management, which helps boost productivity at work [1]. Recent psychology research also found that adding natural elements — such as sunlight, green plants, and physical movement — to the workplace can boost employee health, happiness, and productivity [2]. How’s that … (6 comments)

feng shui office: Feng Shui Funny - 08/19/13 11:10 PM
Feng Shui Funny

This is a great example of FAST Feng Shui for your home and office ;)

feng shui office: 6 Feng Shui Tips to Enhance your Office energy by Feng Shui Manhattan - 02/21/12 02:47 AM
6 Feng Shui Tips to Enhance your Office energy by Feng Shui Manhattan

From the start of your morning to the fist step into your office, do you best to maintain a route of travel that is pleasant and free of obstacles.  The travel to your office should be as smooth as possible but not necessarily at straight line. If you know traffic is an issue to where your heading, take the time to wake up a little earlier and get ready. This will reduce the anxiety and thoughts of being late and allow you to start your morning feeling … (8 comments)

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