feng shui wealth: Shifting Your Perspective on Wealth to Attract Abundance - 03/21/17 09:02 AM
A common area that people immediately focus on when discussing Feng Shui is wealth. Out of curiosity I looked up ‘wealth’ via the Merriam-Webster dictionary on-line and came across these definitions: “wealth - an abundance of valuable possessions or money,’ ‘the state of being rich; material prosperity,’ and ‘plentiful supplies of a particular resource.’ Not in one definition did I see wealth described as living a healthy mind, body and spirit lifestyle. 
As human beings in the 21st century it's time we begin to shift our perspective on the definition of wealth. The old way of thinking is creating a huge rift … (25 comments)

feng shui wealth: The Feng Shui Secret to Manifesting More Wealth - 07/14/16 10:44 AM
Step one: Practice gratitude with what you already have.
Step Two: Share your already existing abundance. That's right, as you gain, you share. This could as simple as sharing your time with another person or donating. 
Step Three: Understand your intention for why you envision more wealth. Is it to enhance your home? To start a business? To enhance your emotional and mental health? All these examples flow back into the meaning of  wealth. 
Step Four: Do your best to feel that wealth of what ever it is you envision for from within your heart. That's right. It's your heart that does the manifesting. It's the mind that needs redirection and refocusing. How would it … (3 comments)

feng shui wealth: Shifting Your Perspective About How To Attract Wealth - 06/23/15 12:12 AM
Shifting Your Perspective About How To Attract Wealth
One of the biggest requests in topics of discussion clients ask to address when implementing Feng Shui into their home and life is wealth.
 What about wealth are you looking to enhance? I will ask. "more money," is 99% of the response I receive. 
More money? What does that mean to you? More money to pay bills? To travel, to invest in your business, for your children, perhaps wealth in connection to others for meaningful relationships, what? Many will pause and then say, I never thought of in that way. Essentially when we talk about "wealth" it's … (7 comments)

feng shui wealth: Simple Feng Shui Wealth Cure for Your Home: Dragon Turtles - 03/03/15 08:51 AM
Simple Feng Shui Wealth Cure for Your Home: Dragon Turtles
A fast and easy Feng Shui cure you could try with helping to increase wealth is with the use of Dragon Turtles. This cure is known for attracting wealth, protection and improving career opportunities.
Here is break down of the animal's energy associated with their characteristics. The dragon is connected to courage, auspiciousness and good luck. The turtle is connected to the energy of stability, longevity, wisdom and protection. 
Placement of the Dragon Turtles is in the wealth section of your home. Standing at your front door, facing into you home, what ever room is located to … (14 comments)

feng shui wealth: Fast Feng Shui Tip for Growing Wealth - 08/29/14 08:08 AM
Fast Feng Shui Tip for Growing Wealth
Feng Shui vibes off the intentions you set for yourself and once that is in focus, you use visual ques throughout your home to mirror that goal. So lets say you are focused on enhancing wealth for traveling outside the county. Of course be practical, meaning research the location you wish to travel, the fees, places to stay, things to due, read up about the culture, visas if needed, etc.
While working on that aspect of your intention, begin tapping into helpful people, meaning start talking to those closest to you, your inner circle to see if … (5 comments)

feng shui wealth: In Feng Shui the Best Wealth Cure for a Corridor Entrance is..... - 04/11/14 08:06 AM
In Feng Shui the Best Wealth Cure for a Corridor Entrance is.....

Getting right to it here are some simple key ways to enhance wealth by the entrance:
Be sure no clutter is within the hallway at any point.  Do to the potential narrow layout, you want to make sure you have as much breathable-walkable energy as possible.  
Next, if your main focus is wealth, some key elements to have in mind by the front that relate to that particular energy source is water and/or plants.
since the the corridor could be narrow, be creative with how you address this area. If … (1 comments)

feng shui wealth: Where are the best locations in my home to place the element of water? - 12/23/13 11:05 AM
Where are the best locations in my home to place the element of water?

Looking to the Ba-gua Map (also known as the life station map) there are key areas in your home that are suggested to place the element of water.
Commonly it's suggested to place a water fountain or items the represent that the element of water; such as with objects-artwork, near your front door or within the Wealth section of your home.  Other key locations could be in the children area, family, knowledge or Helpful people sections.
Areas suggested to re-frame from placing a dominate presentation of the water element is in the area … (2 comments)

feng shui wealth: Feng Shui in Great Neck Long Island New York - Feng Shui and Wealth........... - 01/30/10 02:40 PM
Feng Shui in Great Neck Long Island New York...Feng Shui and Wealth
The lovely Long Island town of Great Neck is located on the North Shore of Long Island NY in Nassau County.  I think of Great Neck as an "exotic" little town with a bustling Main Street and even by Long Island standards, it's an expensive place to live.
Both Feng Shui Long Island and Feng Shui Manhattan frequently get called to consult on a home or business located in the affluent town of Great Neck.  It's ideal for many residents for the feeling of Long Island as it's located … (23 comments)

feng shui wealth: A FREE Feng Shui Workshop on Long Island New York! Join us as we Approach the Chinese New Year 2010 - 01/21/10 01:09 PM
A FREE Feng Shui Workshop on Long Island NY!
You're invited to a FREE Feng Shui Workshop on Long Island, New York!  Both Carole Provenzale of Feng Shui Long Island and Laura Cerrano of Feng Shui Manhattan NY will be presenting a workshop at the Farmingdale Public Library on January 28th at 7pm.in Room A.
You will be able to learn a great deal about Feng Shui Principles including the history of Feng Shui, the different Methods of Feng Shui, how to use the Bagua, the Five Element Theory and more.

In addition you will learn simple, low to … (26 comments)

feng shui wealth: Just a LITTLE Bit of New York City - NYC - Feng Shui for Your Office - 12/29/09 03:29 AM
Just a little bit of New York City Feng Shui for Your Office
If I could only give you once piece of advice in Feng Shui truly help your business for the coming year, I wondered how many people would take me up on it.  Would they make Feng Shui part of their Business Plan for the coming year? 
I thought they would.  I thought they would incorporate just a little bit of Feng Shui Advice from a New York Feng Shui Consultant.  Then I came upon this featured post:
Try Not to be Too Neat by Gabe Sanders  … (33 comments)

feng shui wealth: Feng Shui in New York--Show me the MONEY! by Feng Shui Long Island & New York City - 07/02/08 02:48 PM
Feng Shui in New York---Wealth, Where IS it?
At a recent Feng Shui Consultation on lovely Long Island, New York, I found my clients about to do some work on their backyard.  They stopped in the middle to wait for a Feng Shui Consultant to advise them on the best placements of things for their yard, realizing that in Feng Shui we not only address the inside of a home or business, but the outside as well.
The "WEALTH" area in Feng Shui using the Bagua Method would be your back left hand corner if you are standing in front of your front door.  … (37 comments)

feng shui wealth: Everyone's Favorite Subject: Money -- Or Moving Money IN with Feng Shui - 05/31/07 12:00 AM
I didn't know if it was time for another Feng Shui "Tip" or not on how to increase your Wealth. Since I was trying to take this in steps so that YOUcould see the difference, I don't know if enough people read my last post for Feng Shui Money and if they've covered their bills. 
I decided to post this one anyway but it would be helpful for me, for those that have an interest in Feng Shui to know HOW things are going.  Did it work, are your bills covered?  Did you miss the post?  I know many have a … (7 comments)

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