laura cerrano: Say WHAT? You missed the New York City RainCamp? by a Feng Shui NY Consultant - 01/15/10 02:30 PM
So did I : (  I couldn't go and I couldn't be sorrier that I missed it.  Fortunately, my daughter Laura Cerrano didn't.  She got to go learn and PLAY and she is STILL talking about it.  She put up a blog but could not post her photos of Raincamp 2010 from her new here they are. 
For a few years she has wondered what my facination with Activerain was/is.  Now she's experienced it first hand---and she's hooked!  WARNING:  Attending one Activerain Camp won't be enough.  You'll want more...and then a little more. 
These are some HAPPY CAMPERS!
Cindy … (38 comments)

laura cerrano: The Feng Shui of a Long Island Business - 01/10/10 08:20 AM
The Feng Shui of a Long Island Business
Feng Shui for Businesses are very popular on Long Island New York.  Feng Shui Consultations for Businesses and Corporations are also very popular in New York City.
People with an interest in Feng Shui can often see that they want to start off their new home or business in the BEST possible way.  Most people by now have heard of Feng Shui and for those that have a knowledge of it, it strikes a nerve because they believe (as I do) that Feng Shui makes perfect sense.
This Feng Shui Client lived out … (23 comments)

laura cerrano: Fashion, Feng Shui and a New York City Business - 01/03/10 12:43 PM
Fashion, Feng Shui and a New York City Business 
In the heart of New York City, the once booming and bustling Garment District seems almost extinct now.  Located between 34th and 42nd Street in Midtown Manhattan, I remember going into NYC and having to dodge all the garments as the workers wizzed by with the latest fashions on long metal garment racks.
YOU dodged had a lot more to lose!  As the 70's wore on, I saw less and less of it.  We were losing our Garment District in New York City and some of our designers as … (30 comments)

laura cerrano: The Feng Shui of a New York City - NYC - Apartment - 12/30/09 03:45 PM
The Feng Shui of a New York City Apartment  
Applying Feng Shui to Apartments in New York City at times can be challenging.  This apartment from a Feng Shui Client was located in Midtown Manhattan NY and the new owner was just moving in.
New York City has apartments that come in all sizes and shapes.  We often find what we think of as "missing pieces" of the Bagua (which we can correct) or apartments that may seem a bit off balance.  
This apartment was lovely but it had a long sweep of energy from the front to the back … (12 comments)

laura cerrano: Holiday Memories on Long Island NYC by a Long Island Feng Shui Consultant - 12/23/09 01:24 PM
Without fail, every year Santa pays a visit to our little Long Island New York Community of Farmingdale NY.  I don't know how he finds the time, honestly....
But come he does.  Blogging for ActiveRain has taught this Feng Shui consultant to keep my camera nearby at ALL times to capture those moments that pass in the blink of an eye.
This was the calm before what is being called the Blizzard of '09.  Many of us will remember this one for a VERY long time with record amounts of snowfall and people stranded everywhere.  We lost three Long Islander's to the cold--one … (26 comments)

laura cerrano: The SECRET -- The Law of Attraction -- FENG a Long Island NY Feng Shui Consultant - 12/19/09 03:54 AM
The SECRET - The Law of Attraction - FENG a Long Island Feng Shui Consultant
As a Feng Shui Consultant on Lovely Long Island New York, I often ask my clients if they have seen or read "The Secret."  I am surprised many are still not aware of it although for many people, when they saw it, it struck a nerve.  And propelled them to look at life a different way.
The principles of The Secret are the Principles of Feng Shui.  We use the word "Intention" instead of Law of Attraction but it is basically the same thing.  When … (33 comments)

laura cerrano: What Happened to Jones Beach?? by A Long Island Feng Shui Consultant - 12/16/09 03:22 PM
Jones Beach Long Island New York
Lovely Wantagh Long Island

What a rare sight.  I don't EVER recall coming to Jones Beach and finding it completely deserted....not ONE hearty soul out there taking a walk or braving winds.
Long Island's weather has certainly been brutal already....with a VERY long winter still ahead of us.  I'm trying to imagine when February comes.  My son was part of a record breaking Polar Bears Club last year.  I wonder if they'll be able to do it again.
Maybe that's what we miss so much in the Winter....the Energy!  This Feng Shui Long … (33 comments)

laura cerrano: All You Need is Love--And a Little Bit of Feng Shui in New York City - 12/13/09 10:13 AM
All you need is Love --  And a Little Bit of Feng Shui in New York City
Every season in New York City is special and unique.  The winter holds it's charms with Ice Skating, Fall is spectacular for the beautiful Autumn Colors, Spring makes you look ahead and see only Sunshine in your future.  Summer in Central Park for me is the BEST time. 
Long, LONG walks where you can choose the usual paths or ones not travelled very often. No matter what time of year you go, Love is always in the Air. 
I loved this photo.  It … (27 comments)

laura cerrano: Feng Shui on Long Island NY by Laura Cerrano -- Come to Ladypallooza! - 12/03/09 11:07 AM
It's Ladypallooza Time!  Join Feng Shui Consultant Laura Cerrano of Feng Shui Manhattan NY for this Long Island Event!
Ladypallooza?  Excuse me....what IS that?  If you haven't heard of Ladypalloza you might want to read this.  It is a Celebration of Life for Women that is held yearly on Long Island New York.  It features lectures, workshops and events as well as crafts and unique gift items.
On Saturday, December 5th, 2009 Feng Shui Consultant Laura Cerrano of Feng Shui Manhattan New York will be giving a free workshop/lecture on the Basics of Feng Shui...along with special tips for Feng Shui … (24 comments)

laura cerrano: The Feng Shui of a New York City Apartment by Feng Shui Long Island & NY - 11/28/09 10:30 AM
The Feng Shui of a New York City Apartment
New York City Apartments and Brownstones are very special places especially when applying Feng Shui Principles.  Feng Shui in NYC Apartments can be a bit of a challenge but they are ALWAYS fun. New York Feng Shui Consultants Laura Cerrano and Carole Provenzale recently went back in time in an old, beautiful brownstone in New York City.
This beautiful NYC Apartment was located near Central Park and is just over 100 years old according to its owner.  It rises to three levels and what we found most beautiful were the architectural details. … (17 comments)

laura cerrano: The Ups and Downs of Buying a Long Island NY Home...This isn't easy for NYC Feng Shui Consultants! - 11/07/09 10:49 AM
The Ups and Downs of Buying a Long Island NY Home.....This isn't for NYC Feng Shui Consultants!
After being on the fence so long about whether or not to purchase a different home on Long Island NY, it was a huge relief in itself to have made the decision to go ahead with it.  I'm thrilled and now I actually can't wait!
THIS is why my buyer's are calling for some Feng Shui to help get their home sold.  I'm probably feeling every emotion a homeowner who has been looking to buy (and sell) has felt at one time or another.  … (17 comments)

laura cerrano: Bet You Didn't Know THIS About New York City: by Feng Shui New York Consultants - 10/08/09 02:23 PM
Bet you didn't know THIS about New York City:  by Feng Shui New York Consultants
I love eating out in New York City.  I believe we have some of the finest restaurants in the world.  There are SO many choices, sometimes it's difficult to decide.  The Rainbow Room remains one of my all time favorites; the live music and the view are unparallel to any other. 
Tavern on the Green in Central Park is always a delight.  The recently re-opened Oak Room in the Plaza Hotel is another outstanding restaurant as well as The Boathouse Restaurant in Central Park.
I … (42 comments)

laura cerrano: Port Jefferson Long Island New York by Feng Shui Long Island & New York City - 09/26/09 11:03 AM
  As a New York Feng Shui Consultant I provide services to all of Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn and New York City.  I am fortunate to get to travel to places all over Long Island NY that I may not normally visit.
Port Jefferson Long Island New York --
On our way home from a Feng Shui Consultation on Long Island New York recently, Laura and I were passing by one of our favorite towns, Pt. Jefferson Long Island New York.
It's a waterfront town where you can catch the Ferry to Connecticut, find wonderful restaurants and those "different" types of … (19 comments)

laura cerrano: Feng Shui Apartment in Queens New York - 09/24/09 11:44 AM
Feng Shui Apartment in Queens New York 
I have been providing Feng Shui Consultations in Queens NY for many years now.  While not that far from Long Island New York, it's almost as if you're in another land.  Queens New York is SO diverse in every area that you go to.  This most recent Feng Shui Consultation took me to Springfield Gardens in Queens NY.
The Queens NY Apartments didn't appear nearly as lovely from the outside as they were once you stepped inside.  They were open and filled with light, something that is sometimes in short supply in apartments whether … (18 comments)

laura cerrano: Omni Martial Arts - Astoria Queens NY and Some New York Feng Shui in Queens New York - 09/21/09 01:22 PM
Omni Martial Arts Astoria Queens NY Business and Some New York Feng Shui
 Omni Martial Arts center is the newest Business to hit Astoria, Queens New York with a BANG.  Created by Julio Rivera and Maria Pagan, it was a dream come to life.  Now they seek to help others through Martial Arts and an overall sense of Well Being.
Omni Martial Arts in Queens New York is a "check your attitude" at the door type of place.  It is a place where people go to learn-AT their OWN pace.  There is no pressure here and it encompasses everyone including Children, … (22 comments)

laura cerrano: ART in the Park by Feng Shui New York Consultant - 09/02/09 01:14 AM
I loved this photo...there was no sign with it so it gave no Artists name or any indication of what it meant to the Artist.
It was also set back so if you hadn't been looking around, you likely would have passed it by.  This photo was taken about 25 miles North of Paris, France while climbing up to the site of Vincent Van Gogh's gravesite near the cornfields he used to paint.
His most famous pieces will all soon be placed in the Museum they are building next to the tiny room he occupied during his final days.  His work … (23 comments)

laura cerrano: Follow Your Own Heart---Wherever it May Lead - 08/07/09 12:19 PM
Someone special gave me a plaque not long ago; a plaque with a quote on it.
I wondered if they bought it for me because they felt that’s what I’d done or because they loved the quote.  I keep it right in front of me and every day I see it and hope that someday it fits me.  Who I was and what I wanted to accomplish.
Even in New York, Feng Shui was not well known at ALL in 1996. I still have many people who ask me what it is.  I remember people thinking it had to … (19 comments)

laura cerrano: The Milleridge Inn in Jericho Long Island New York....Welcome! - 08/02/09 11:07 AM
The Milleridge Inn in Jericho Long Island New York...Welcome!
There are some places on Long Island that are Landmarks; The Milleridge Inn in Jericho New York is one of them.  Chances are if you've ever lived on Long Island, you've had dinner at The Milleridge Inn; if you've remained on Long Island, you've grown up and brought your children to The Milleridge Inn in Jericho.
Welcome to the Milleridge Inn
The Milleridge Inn is an elegant dining spot that is a Landmark.  It is also the place for parities, weddings and just spending a day viewing the lovely little shops adjacent … (18 comments)

laura cerrano: West Hills Day Camp in Huntington Long Island: A Review........ - 07/31/09 01:37 PM
 West Hills Day Camp in Huntington Long Island New York-A Review
The year was 1989.  I was looking for a Summer Camp for my children and had toured many of our local Long Island Camps.  I'd heard about West Hills Day Camp and had saved it for last.
I was enchanted from the moment I stepped on the grounds.  It took my breath away.  Before I even spoke to the director I thought I'd want my children to go HERE.

West Hills Day Camp is located in Huntington Long Island New York.  We saw chipmunks scattering about, squirrels, frogs hopping … (12 comments)

laura cerrano: A Master of Creativity: Marti Garaughty----THANK YOU! - 06/23/09 03:04 PM
A Master of Creativity:  Marti Garaughty,     THANK YOU!
When I am working with a client on a Feng Shui Consultation, my Energy is focused on THEM.  I want them to be happy with the recommendations, I want them to understand why I am suggesting them, I want them to know that my intent and energy is focused on THEM and THEIR needs.
I would estimate that about 35 % of my clients at this time are from REFERRALS from happy clients.  I’ve built a name and a good reputation. 
When the thought to have a website built … (47 comments)

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