new york city: Rhino Statue Installed At Astor Place in New York City - 03/26/18 10:08 AM
To those passing by the Rhino Statue at Astor Place in New York City, they may see it and think, Wow! Look how massive and beautiful the sculpture is! Or maybe, they think nothing at all and just scutter off to work. 
What if I told you, this statue is paying homage to the last three surviving (now two) Northern White Rhinos on EARTH. Sudan, the last living male white Rhino, passed away on March 19th, 2018. He was 45 years old. The two females, Najin and Fatu are housed in the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya, where they are under armed guard 24 hours a … (5 comments)

new york city: Embrace The Surroundings Of Outside To Enhance The Energy Within - 03/20/18 11:53 AM
The juxtaposition of two different environments can provide unique visuals and interestingly, harmonize the energetic frequencies of a space when composed in a balanced manner. This was the case for clients in New York City. Looking outside their window, they have an amazing view of beautiful architecture. On their window sill, they began to include a minimalist display of plants. This subtle combination seems to work really well and almost, looks like a painting. Utilizing the outside environment and highlighting that from the interior of your home, is another fun and creative way in how you could boost positive energy.
Naturally, pay … (2 comments)

new york city: First 100 Guests Receive a $1 Dollar Juice or Smoothie at Nekter Juice Bar - 02/15/18 10:02 AM
That's right! Only for today at Nekter Juice Bar, on February 15th, 2018, the first 100 guests who order any 16oz smoothie or juice only pays $1 Dollar!! This was for sure a pleasant surprise. Thanks Nekter Juice Bar, much appreciated! Nekter Juice Bar has expanded to over 70 locations throughout California, Arizona, Nevada and Colorado. Sorry New York City, the Nekter Juice Bar has not made it to the east coast just yet. 

new york city: Exploring New York City: The Public Theater - 11/27/17 09:01 AM
On Thanksgiving eve I visited The Public Theater in New York City for the first time and I have to say was pretty impressed!Conceived over 60 years ago, The public theater is one of the nation's first nonprofit theaters. The public has long operated on the principles that theater is an essential cultural force and that are and culture belong to everyone.  
The play I saw was called "Office Hour." Playwright Julia Cho returns to The Public with a taut new drama about a teacher and student desperate to change the narrative of who they are and how their story ends.
If you have never been to The public Theater, please do yourself a favor and go. 
425 Lafayette Street … (12 comments)

new york city: The Revitalization of Penn Station with a Twist of Energy Enhancements - 09/29/17 12:49 PM
How many of you Long Islander’s commute through Penn Station in New York City? Upon arrival and departure, how often do you observe your surroundings in Penn Station? If not often, I invite you to take a brief moment to witness the unique thought process behind the transformation. 
Gov. Andrew Cuomo gave the green light to revitalize Penn Station and the Farley Post Office across the street in 2016. He announced Vornado and Skanska won the bid for the redevelopment. Reviewing the proposed designs on-line and physically being in Penn Station, you get a very clear sense for where their sparks of inspiration … (12 comments)

new york city: March for Science April 22nd, 2017 in New York City and Worldwide - 04/02/17 05:06 AM
The March for Science and stands up to support and safeguard the scientific community. Recent policy changes have caused heightened worry among scientists. The incredible and immediate outpouring of support has made clear that these concerns are also shared by the support of hundreds of thousands of people around the world.Knowledge is power and science is one of many avenues to peacefully empower people to help positivity transform the world collectively. It is time for people who support scientific research and evidence-based policies to take a public stand and be counted.
"We are people who value science and recognize how science serves. We come from all races, all … (6 comments)

new york city: Inside the World Trade Center PATH Station in New York City - 03/09/17 01:04 AM
New York City downtown's newest architectural landmark designed by architect Santiago Calatrava. Some will refer to him as a 'visionary theorist, philosopher and a true artist in the craft of engineering and architectonic expressionism" - source
What was Calatrava's inspiration? 
His family and him moved to New York City after the events of September 11. Due to that, much of his inspiration was rooted in the permeation though the street of New York during that tragic moment in history, 9-11. This generated the deepest desire in Calatrava to build something exceptional, something that had the calming sense of peace and hope for future generations who walk though the space. 
He also wanted to make sure navigation though the … (9 comments)

new york city: Santa Monica California Concert with Lisa Hilton - Solo Pianist - 02/19/17 06:41 PM
Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of watching Lisa Hilton, world-renowned solo pianist/composer/producer and bandleader preform live at the Santa Monica College in an intimate concert.
She beautifully and effortlessly played allowing the audience a much needed break from the outside world that is full of drama. Before playing at the Santa Monica collage, she preformed at Carnegie Hall in New York City. When in your home town, she is not to be missed. 

new york city: 2016 Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center New York City - 12/17/16 09:08 AM
New York City lights up (literally) during the holiday seasons. If you have not been, its worth the trip! Be sure to stop by and view the 94-foot Norway Spruce at the world famous Rockefeller Center. This Christmas tree is noted to be the second largest to ever grace Rockefeller Center. It's dated to be around 90 - 95 years of age and 14 tons. I have to admit, its a bit of a shame the tree is sacrificed in such a way, yet the remains are said to be milled down and donated to Habitat for Humanity. 

new york city: Conor McGregor Makes History at the Garden in New York City - 11/13/16 12:16 AM
After a 20-year banned of MMA, New York has finally legalized the sport and last night's events were historic! 
To share the short of it, Conor McGregor is 28 years old and started his career in the UFC back in 2008. Hands down, he is said to be the most brilliant MMA fighter, and has achieved what was thought to be impossible. On Novebmer 12th, 2016, McGregor became the first UFC fighter to control two titles in two different weight classes at the same time. He is the 145 lb Feather Weight and 155 lb Light Weight champions. Let's see how this story continues. 

new york city: Winter Village in Bryant Park New York City - 10/31/16 05:02 AM
It's that season again! Time for shopping, ice skating, drinking hot coco, and enjoying all the sweet treats your taste buds can handle. So where can you go in New York City to experience all of this?....At the Winter Village in Bryant Park, of course! 
This is a magical place in that allows everyone an opportunity to get a taste of the holidays before they officially arrive. If you are in search of unique gifts and treats for yourself or to share, be sure to visit the Winter Village (you will not be disappointed). Even if you wish not to purchase anything, its a great location to people watch. 

new york city: Exploring New York City Artwork - Fancy Animal Carnival by Hung Yi - 10/28/16 04:49 AM
Walking the streets of New York City will never leave you bored. At ever turn, you are bound to come across something interesting. In between meetings with Feng Shui clients, I was walking from 36th to 41nd along Broadway and came across these playful creatures. 
Artist, Hung Yi was born in 1970 in Taichung, Taiwan.  Once the owner of nine restaurants, he shifted gears at the age of thirty, to follow his true love – art – with major exhibitions worldwide. this is Hung Yi’s first New York exhibition and its FREE to the public! The parade of vibrantly colored and playful animals have been inspired … (12 comments)

new york city: The San Gennaro Feast of Farmingdale New York September 18th, 2016 - 09/18/16 12:36 AM

The San Gennaro is held every September in Little Italy in NYC, an area with plenty of Italian heritage. For those who may not be able to travel into New York City, look no further then the Village of Farmingdale, NY. They will now be hosting a San Gennaro Feast! 
The event will attract thousands of people from across Long Island and the surrounding area to main street in Farmingdale to participate in the annual Salute to the Patron Saint of Naples. So be sure to bring your friends and family to enjoy a taste of Italian dishes and treats. 
Location for San Gennaro … (4 comments)

new york city: New York City Is Rebuilding - 09/11/16 12:37 PM

There are not many words that could be said about this date. For me, showing images of NYC being rebuilt and looking better then ever, is says more then enough. Sending prayers of peace, love and healing to all of NYC and really the entire world. Change needs to happen, and very soon. 

new york city: Loving Central Park In New York City During The Summer Time - 07/31/16 05:06 AM

In between a NYC feng shui consultation from Tribeca to Madison Ave, I stopped off in Central Park to enjoy lunch and take in some fun people watching time. Next to me, I was serenaded by two guitar players and enjoyed just being present and taking in a few moments of stillness from the hustle and bustle energy of New York City. 

new york city: Visit The Hearst Building In New York City - 06/29/16 01:31 AM

The Hearts if New York City's first landmark of the 21st century. 
It's a 46-story glass-and-steel skyscraper that establishes a number of design and environmental milestones. This is the first "LEED Green" office building in New York City history. 
The Hearst is home to some of the most iconic magazines and Television stations, such as with The Oprah Magazine, San Fransisco Chronicle, A&E,History, and ESPN. 
The building is named after William Randolph Hearts, founder of The Heart in 1926. The uniqueness of the building design combines past (through the foundation) and current (with the sky scraper). 
There is much more to learn and the best … (9 comments)

new york city: Visit New York City's World Famous Central Park! - 06/19/16 01:00 AM

Who doesn't love Central Park during the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter Seasons in New York City?! This amazing 843 acre natural oasis offers such a relief from the hustle and bustle of go-go attitudes. 
With 42 million visits each year, Central Park is the most frequently visited urban park in the United States. There are FREE events during the summer, while also offering the option to play ball games, row boats, run, stroll or just lounge on the grass and so much more! 
You are also steps away from world famous museums, such as with the MET and Museum of Natural History. 
If you are … (2 comments)

new york city: News China Interview With Laura Cerrano On Feng Shui - 06/14/16 02:13 AM
Feng Shui Expert Laura Cerrano was interviewed by News China on the topic of feng shui. This ancient Chinese art form involves much more than decluttering and rearranging furniture in your home and work environments. For Laura, Feng Shui is "a way of increasing self-confidence and environmental awareness, and of bridging the cultural divide between East and West." Stay tuned for her upcoming book.
Click on the photo to view the video. 

new york city: Visit New York City: The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum Complex - 06/11/16 01:22 PM

The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum is a non-profit, educational institution featuring the legendary aircraft carrier Intrepid, the space shuttle Enterprise, the world’s fastest jets and a guided missile submarine. Through exhibitions, educational programming and the foremost collection of technologically groundbreaking aircraft and vessels, visitors of all ages and abilities are taken on an interactive journey through history to learn about American innovation and bravery. 

I do not want to show any more photos then what you see above because you really need to visit this location in person to truly appreciate the historic value.
Address: Pier 86, W 46th St & 12th Ave, … (8 comments)

new york city: Visit New York City: Yankee Stadium - 06/10/16 10:35 PM

If you have never been to the "new" Yankee stadium, it's worth the trip at least once. No matter where you sit, that beautify of the stadium's design is that everyone has the best seat in the house. Tikets also range in price starting around $20.00. 
Fun facts about Yankee Stadium:
The Great Hall will not have air-conditioning, instead relying on natural cooling. The savings is about the same as 10,000 New York City apartments shutting off their air-conditioning for a summer day.
Implementing the feng shui principles, dirt from the Old Yankee Stadium was transferred to the "new" stadium as to honor the team's past … (2 comments)

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