new york city: Visit Grand Central Terminal in New York City - 06/05/16 10:36 AM

Grand Central Terminal is for sure one of the biggest landmarks in New York City. 
Pop Quiz: Which is correct?
Is this building properly refred to as the Grand Central Depot, Grand Central Station, or Grand Central Terminal?
The asnwer is, Yes. All three are correct…depending on the year. The original 1871 building was Grand Central Depot. It became Grand Central Station after renovation and expansion in 1901. The new building unveiled in 1913—whose centennial we’re celebrating—is Grand Central Terminal.
To read more histoy visit: History of Grand Central

new york city: Visit The New Museum in New York City - 06/03/16 01:53 AM
Marcia Tucker officially founded the New Museum on January 1, 1977, it was the first museum devoted toestablished in New York City since the Second World War. The New Museum’s stated mission was to be a catalyst for a broad dialogue between artists and the public by establishing “an exhibition, information, and documentation center for contemporary art made within a period of approximately ten years prior to the present.” The Museum presented the work of living artists who did not yet have wide public exposure or critical acceptance to a broader public.
There is so much rich history and to read more … (6 comments)

new york city: Visit The High Line Along The West Side Of Manhattan - 05/29/16 11:42 AM
Brief History through words and photos...
First established in 1934
As part of the West Side Improvement Project, the High Line opens to trains. It runs from 34th Street to St John's Park Terminal, at Spring Street. It is designed to go through the center of blocks, rather than over the avenue, carrying goods to and from Manhattan's largest industrial district.
Following decades-long growth in the interstate trucking industry, the last train runs on the High Line in 1980, pulling three carloads of frozen turkeys. A group of property owners lobbies for demolition while Peter Obletz, a Chelsea resident, activist, and railroad enthusiast, challenges demolition efforts … (3 comments)

new york city: The Sun Finally Shines On New York City! - 05/08/16 09:56 AM
This was some week. For just about 7 days straight, NYC, Long Island all five boroughs lacked much needed sunlight. I have to say it felt a tad bit depressing at time. Yet on Mother's Day, the sun came shining through and the city was bustling with activity!
After I gave the Feng Shui Walking Tour, I took a self guided tour of Times Square, checking out various street fairs and food vendors along the way and stopping off for lunch in Bryant Park. 
Bryant Park, NYC
During the Summer, Bryant Park offers free public classes. They range from Tai Chi to Salsa!
Times Square New York City
Tis … (5 comments)

new york city: The 2016 Macy's Flower Show In New York City - 03/27/16 11:43 AM

Will you be visiting New York City between March 20th - April 3rd? If so, for two weeks outside in Broadway Plaza, beautifully bright floral arrangements will announce this year's Macy's Flower Show. Special events including live music, kids' activities and seminars will take place throughout the show. For more information and a full schedule of events, visit
Macys Herald Square151 W. 34th St. Manhattan, NY 10001 … (13 comments)

new york city: Sights Of New York City - 02/06/16 08:03 AM
I always enjoy giving myself a tour of New York City after completing a feng shui consultation. This city never ceases to amaze me! The image above is of a building passed by on my way to an east side consultation. The building caught my attention for a few reasons. One, it's unique architecture. Two, the backdrop of more modern buildings and three, the name of the building (Art is Work). I would live there ;)
Do you have intresting New York Sight seeing photos? 

new york city: Feng Shui Building Wars in New York City? - 01/17/16 10:32 AM
The Bank Of China has a new home in New York City, located by Bryant Park. I remember observing this building as it was being constructed over the past year or so. I took immediate notice to the front entrance and thought, there must be some feng shui principles integrated into the design.
I did some research to look up any facts about the architectural design and have not come across anything just yet. So what I share in this post is from my observation with feng shui in mind.
Looking to the front entrance, you'll see it has a unique design of a disc like overhead cover. This could have been … (0 comments)

new york city: Exploring New York City: The New York Public Library - 01/17/16 10:10 AM

A wonderful place to explore, conduct research, do work, view exhibits and attend lectures is at the New York Public Library located by Bryant Park. 
Before heading to a networking event, I decided to stop off at the NYPL. After completing some work I walked the hallways of the library and was pleasantly surprised.  Besides checking out some amazing architect and intricately designed library rooms, I also viewed an art exhibit that featured female print-makers. 
And by the way, all this is free!

new york city: Make The Best Of Stressful Situations - 12/13/15 12:22 PM
Yesterday evening, as I was returning from New York City to Long Island, the train service became suspended. We had already left Penn Station and was held at Jamaica station for about 45 minutes. I have to say, even I felt a bit irritated because it was late and the day was long.  I just wanted to rest.
What changed my tune and the tune of so many others on board? Surprisingly, (or maybe not) a group of Santa Con goers. They helped shift the energy by putting on some Christmas tunes that created a sing along with passengers in our train car. It didn't take me long to jump in, sign … (7 comments)

new york city: Get Into the Holiday Spirit By Walking The Streets of New York City - 11/29/15 10:37 AM

New York is always alive and full of thriving energy. During the Holiday's it seems to carry even more vibrancy that flows through the streets. If you are looking for something fun to do on a budget, take a stroll along 5th avenue to check out the Holiday window decorations. 
Planning your visit to see the holiday window displays at night is even better. Here is a link (Walking Tour for Holiday Window Displays) to help you along a self-guided tour. 

new york city: Celebrating Halloween California Style - West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval - 11/01/15 04:55 AM

I hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween celebration! This was my first time celebrating Halloween in California and it was a great treat. Like New York City, Los Angeles closes off a few blocks on Santa Monica Blvd for various which becomes home to various musical stages, food trucks and a platform for people to showcase their unique costumes. This is called "Halloween Carnaval." It's free to attend and word to the wise,... if you plan on attending, arrive early because parking will require great patience in finding a none full lot or free spot. We drove away from the carnaval to … (5 comments)

new york city: New York City Subway Musicians - 10/18/15 11:27 AM

Looking for great entertainment while traveling around New York City? The subway is a great option, believe it or not. These gentleman put on a great show that stopped people, including myself, in our tracks. My worries of making my train on time left my mind and I allowed myself to slow down and just take in the moment. Life moves so fast already. When a moment such as this is presented, don't be so quick to rush by. 

new york city: Walking The Streets of New York City...Part 2 - 09/20/15 10:43 AM

Here are more photos of lower Manhattan I was unable to post earlier this week. NYC never seizes to amaze me with it's urban beauty and people who add energy to the thriving streets. If you slow down and take a moment to really look, you will find amazing artwork and interesting scenery all around. 
For those who are planning to visit the Sea Port in NYC, keep in mind the location is under a renovation for about two years. You can still check out the old ships and some shops and restaurants, but the majority of it has been closed off to the public. 
You can see the amazing combination of … (8 comments)

new york city: NEW YORK CITY! - 09/17/15 03:37 AM
Who doesn't love New York City! I do! I love its energy, diversity, and cultural melting pot.  There is no other place like it on earth. I had a Feng Shui consultation in lower Manhattan and have come across some amazing views and people watching. It's always go time in New York. 

new york city: Explore The Met In Manhattan! - 09/10/15 11:37 PM

New York City is an amazing place to explore. There is so much to do, to see and taste; it's a melting pot of culinary delight! The Met is constantly refreshing exhibits and displays while honoring the classic collections. 
I had the pleasure of visiting the Met after a Feng Shui consultation along the Upper East Side of NYC. Below are some past and current exhibits on display.

This made me laugh. My grandma Rose used to use this type of kitchen ware to give my brother and I nice cold glasses of water after running around outside.
Great sight to see, children learning about Jackson Pollock.
You cannot … (4 comments)

new york city: Great Shots of New York City By Miss Feng Shui - 06/06/15 09:10 PM
Great Shots of New York City By Miss Feng Shui: Rubin Museum Staircase
Taking a day to explore New York City I visited the Rubin museum. It has been 3 years since last exploring this museum that is dedicated to the displaying of Himalayan art. There are 6 levels and the layout is of a perfect square with a spiral staircase in the center. 
The photo above is what I captured from the 6th level looking down. If you are ever in NYC, it is recommended to stop by the Rubin Museum (be sure to take a full tour) and enjoy all the amazing artwork they have to offer. Every Wednesday and Friday … (17 comments)

new york city: Great Eats In New York City: Lillie's Times Square - 05/18/15 06:00 AM
Great Eats In New York City: Lillie's Times Square 
 After completing a Feng Shui Blessing ceremony for a local theater, I stopped off at Lillie's Times Square to grab lunch. The price for lunch at Lillie's was very reasonable, paired with fresh and tasty menu options, sided with great service and interesting decor. 
You are surrounded by Victorian paintings, stained glass and more. This was truly a treat for the eyes. Lillie's has two locations to choose from. One being steps away from Broadway theater productions in Times Square, while the other is located in Union Square.  
The images above are all from the Times Square locaiton. When in town, be sure … (8 comments)

new york city: Exploring Central Park In New York City During The Spring time - 05/04/15 04:10 AM
Exploring Central Park In New York City During The Spring Time
Who doesn't love New York City during the Spring Time?! I'll admit, usually I am in a mad dash to get out  of NYC after a consultation or event, but when Spring comes around and the temperature is at a perfect 75, trees are blooming and NYC has a peaceful atmosphere, I am more then happy to kick around. After the Feng Shui Tour I provided, I wondered into Central park. 
I had no agenda but to just relax and enjoy. I treated myself to some mild rock climbing on the "Big Rock." 
Some of the local children found a new way to get down the rock by riding it … (12 comments)

new york city: Sharing The Streets Of New York City : Photo Tour - 04/12/15 12:52 AM
Sharing The Streets Of New York City: Photo Tour
Simply put, here is a little tour of our amazing New York City. You get a taste of it during the day and evening. I especially love the city in the early morning hours and at night after rain fall. The city lights reflecting off the wet pavement make for some great photography. Enjoy!
Nick Walker, NYC Street Artist
FlatIorn Building

new york city: Building Designs Can Tell a Story - 01/12/15 11:16 PM
Building Designs Can Tell a Story
When visiting Philadelphia, I came across the historic Eastern State Penitentiary.
For the short time I was there, I was able to listen in on some audio commentary about the history of this location. But what really captured my interest was the building's design. 
Through out our time as humans, everything we have ever created has always held a deeper meaning then what is presented on the surface (Sacred Geometry/Alchemy). 
I wanted to show images of the Eastern State Penitentiary and other penitentiaries compared to a couple of our Nations Iconic buildings in Washington D.C.  (and this could also be with any other buildings with similar … (4 comments)

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