ny feng shui: Feng Shui Crystal Tip: How to Use Rose Quartz - 03/15/18 07:12 AM
Rose Quartz is not just for attracting romance and cultivating a stronger connection with your partner, it also promotes inner healing with your divine self. Rose quartz could also assist in releasing toxic emotions that have become trapped within you. Holding a raw piece of rose quartz is suggested during meditation.

ny feng shui: Women's & Men's Spa Day at the Great Neck Synagogue on March 11th, 2018 - 03/09/18 04:42 PM
Meet 20+ Wellness experts from New York all in one place! Explore fitness, Essential Oils, Feng Shui, Reiki, Yoga and so much more! If you can't attend, please spread the word! It's going to be a wonderful event, filled with great company, energy, learning and sharing! 
When: March 11th, 2018
Where: Great Neck Synagogue, Great Neck, NY 11023
Time: 10am - 2pm
Cost: FREEEE!! All are welcome to join in!

ny feng shui: Feng Shui Manhattan Presents: 27 Day Feng Shui Transformational Challenge - 02/07/18 05:58 PM
Welcome to the 27 Day Feng Shui Transformation Challenge!
I post one daily Feng Shui Tip from January 22nd, 2018 to February 18, 2018.The tips will vary from practical changes for your home while also delving a bit deeper into self awareness.
By choosing to accept this challenge you will intentionally and actively commit to transforming the energy of your home and self.
During your process of transformation, feel free to share before and after photos with the areas of your home that you changed. Also be observed if you notice any other changes in regard to your mindset, emotions, how you connect with … (4 comments)

ny feng shui: Feng Shui Ecopsychology: We're Not As Separate From Our Surroundings As We Think - 01/08/18 08:34 AM
Have you heard of American author, Stephen King? He has written more than fifty books within the genre of horror, supernatural fiction, suspense, science fiction, and fantasy. And all of his books are worldwide bestsellers. So, how does Mr. King get into the FLOW of writing and stay there? 
From an Ecological Feng Shui perspective he INTENTIONALLY establishes an ENVIRONMENT that works best for him. All the details are there, right down to the placement of his desk, the amount of light he allows into his writing room, to the type of music played that helps maintain his focus (AC/DC and Metallica). … (8 comments)

ny feng shui: Great Neck Feng Shui Workshop Presented by NY Feng Shui Consultant - 12/10/17 04:43 PM
We're expanding into a time of consciousness of knowing and understanding that every person’s behaviors, habits, thoughts, emotions and environment at some point in time interconnect and affect one another. Feng Shui is a lifestyle practice that offers you an opportunity to awaken and step into this awareness with your eyes and heart wide open though expanding your knowledge with; the metaphysics, psychology, neurology, emotional intelligence and much more. The teachings of Feng Shui express these dynamic collaborations through Yin and Yang principles, the five elements, Ba-gua map readings and transcendental principles as to name a few methods. During the workshop, New … (5 comments)

ny feng shui: Witness The Supermoon (Perigee Syzygy) of 2017 on December 3rd - 12/03/17 06:10 AM
"On Sunday, December 3rd stargazers, astronomers and curious sky-watchers will get a chance to witness the first and only supermoon of 2017." - Alaa Elassar, CNN Reporter, December, 2017
The term supermoon was coined by astrologer, Richard Nolle in 1979. The official scientific term is called "perigee syzygy of the earth-moon-sun system." This refers to three celestial bodies in one straight line. The moon will appear 14% larger and 30% brighter than a full moon. Tides are about 2 inches more than regular tides. According to National Geographic, technically this will be the fourth supermoon of the year, but its' the only one we'll been able to see with the naked eyes.   When to see it? Officially, it started on December 3rd. In the … (11 comments)

ny feng shui: Feng Shui Manhattan Customer Review - 11/28/17 05:08 PM
It's always great to hear from customers and check in with them to see how they are progressing. Kathy shares a unique observation with her behavior, mindset and emotions after implementing the feng shui changes to her home.
"The most interesting aspect of the journey for me was that, once our home felt more supportive and comforting, my perspective change to approach life and people a little differently. Idotn' sweat the small stuff, let a lot roll off my shoulder, and I feel like I have more to give to others both physically and emotionally. I think the Feng Shui process goes deeper than we realize." - Kathy Sager  
Thank you … (4 comments)

ny feng shui: Feng Shui Manhattan Client Shares Her Experience of A Home Consultation - 09/30/17 05:15 AM
I am happy to share my Feng Shui client from New Rochelle, NY took a moment to express her experience during and after her home Feng Shui consultation. Its always an honor to hear how this physical, emotional, mental and energetic work is helping to transform people's lives. Thank you for the opportunity, Irene!

ny feng shui: The New York Minnewaska Mountains Called and I Answered - 09/24/17 01:07 PM
Over the weekend I had back to back feng shui consultations within Ulster County and Westchester County, New York. After my consultation in Marlboro, NY I headed over to Minnewaska State park Sam's Point to get in a full days worth of hiking. In total, it added up to 5 hours. That’s a lot of exploring! 
I started off exploring the Ice Caves which were pretty cool! Literally. Maneuvering though them allowed you to have a sense of great curiously, while your mind tended to drift into a touch of horror movie thinking, LOL! 
I hope your not afraid of tight spaces.
After, I … (5 comments)

ny feng shui: Visit Ralphie's Cafe & Deli in Monsey New York - 09/22/17 02:12 AM
Before starting an early morning Feng Shui Consultation in Spring Valley, NY I Googled local diners within the area and Ralphie's Cafe and Deli came up with 5 star Yelp reviews. For those who know me, I love grabbing a quick meal at local spots.   
The Cafe/Deli had a wonderful 'old town' feel. The breakfast meals to choose from were super simple, eggs, bacon, pancakes, etc. It was the perfect quick pick-me-up breakfast after a two hour drive (courtesy of NYC traffic). If I recall, the gentleman who made my breakfast that day said the diner opened in 1959.  So, if you ever in Monsey New York, be sure to stop on by Ralphie's Cafe and Deli. The food is tasty, the staff is friendly, and the … (3 comments)

ny feng shui: Feng Shui Co-Panel Discussion for Douglas Elliman Alexander Team NYC - 05/29/17 08:11 AM
Last week I had the pleasure of teaming up with fellow New York Feng Shui Consultant Judith Wendell of Sacred Currents. We were invited by Douglas and Elliman Real Estate Alexander Team to conduct a co-panel discussion at 230 Central Park South in New York City offering an rich overview of the benefits to knowing Feng Shui in real estate.   

ny feng shui: Understanding the Psychology of Feng Shui Workshop on May 15th, 2017 - 05/11/17 05:06 AM
Join Certified Feng Shui Expert Laura Cerrano and discover how your home and surroundings can affect your mindset, emotions, behavior and overall health. You will learn how to combine several forms of Feng Shui and intuitive thinking to create powerful practical solutions. She will guide you through the various dynamics of Feng Shui, including Yin and Yang principles, the Five Elements, understanding how to read and understand the Ba-gua map, implementing Transcendental Cures and much more! Laura is the second generation of Certified Feng Shui Experts and a graduate from SUNY New Paltz with a double Bachelors’s Degree in Art Education and … (1 comments)

ny feng shui: Wishing You all a Happy Easter from Feng Shui Manhattan - 04/16/17 05:17 AM
Taking a moment to wish those who celebrate, a Happy Easter. And in general, have a happy and peaceful Sunday. What will you be doing today to honor today? For me, I have a wonderful day planned out to just rest up (after writing this post), exploring the aquarium with family out in Riverhead, NY and then enjoying a delicious meal. 

ny feng shui: Feng Shui for Romance Workshop May 3rd, 2017 at A Time for Karma - 04/09/17 01:26 PM
Learn how to combine several forms of Feng Shui and discover how to prepare your home and shift your mindset with an open heart to attract romance into your life. Receive practical tools to enhance your romantic connection and install the foundations for manifesting new and uplifting relationships with the teachings of Feng Shui. This workshop will be moderated by Laura Cerrano, second-generation Feng Shui expert. As a full-time certified Feng Shui consultant, Laura provides bi-coastal consultations and workshops in New York and California. She was featured in The New York Times, PBS, The Real Deal, Newsday and seen on "Watch … (1 comments)

ny feng shui: Halfway There! You Can Still Join the FREE 27 Day Feng Shui Challenge - 03/14/17 06:28 AM
Welcome to the 27 Day Feng Shui Transformation Challenge! 
Starting March 1st to March 27th I will post one daily Feng Shui Tip On:
 FREE to participate! 
We already started, yet its never too late to jump in!
The tips will vary from practical changes for your home while also delving a bit deeper into self awareness. By choosing to accept this challenge you will intentionally and actively commit to transforming the energy of your home and self. 
During your process of transformation, feel free to share before and after photos with the areas of your home that you changed. Also be observed if you notice any other … (3 comments)

ny feng shui: Happy Year of the Rooster! - 01/28/17 07:35 AM
Happy Chinese New Year of the Rooster! In case you missed the previous post, check out 2017 Chinese New Year Tips to Welcome the year of the Fire (red) Rooster. There are tons of celebrations taking place all throughout New York City, Long Island, Queens and beyond! This evening I'll be joining a few friends to celebrate the new year's energy and take the time to write intentions for 2017. 
If you would like to partake in the festivities, below are links to events in the tri-state area:
Long Island Events 
New York City Events

ny feng shui: "Go With the Flow"- What Does That Even Mean? - 01/15/17 06:25 PM
The best way I can illustrate my understating of this common saying is though words of my mother, Carole Provenzale. 
She said, think of "going with the flow" as planting seeds (ideas). After planting your seeds and knowing you have done everything possible in your power (taking action) to help them grow, and eventually the seeds that are ready to be harvest will crop up. I could not comprehend what she was talking about until about 4 years ago.
I began to understand "Going with the flow" requires patience, creative thinking and taking action as needed while also being keen on knowing when to step back and not … (13 comments)

ny feng shui: Feng Shui Tip: Become Comfortable With Death - 01/03/17 02:05 PM
Ironically, Feng Shui promotes death on a constant basis though the use of positive language. "Create new beginnings," let go of the past," "change your environment," "transform who you are," etc.  In order to welcome in new opportunities and energy, there must be an ending or in other words, a death.
Discussing death from a Feng Shui perspective views certain stages throughout your life as having opportunities to change patterns of behaviors and thoughts that no longer serve your best and highest interest. How death is metaphorically and/or spiritually translated will vary from person to person. In the world of Feng Shui, with each "death" in your life, … (6 comments)

ny feng shui: Easy Unique Feng Shui Tips to do Before the 2017 New Year Arrives! - 12/25/16 09:11 AM
Below are some easy unique Feng Shui tips you can implement before the 2017 New Year arrives!
1. Clean your car. I don't know about you, but for me I spend a good amount of time in my car traveling from one client to another. That means, if the environment of my car is not organized I tend to become easily distracted and flustered. A clean car can also help keep you calm when dealing with traffic. 
2. Clean the refrigerator. When it comes to the discussion of Feng Shui, we tend to focus on the grander scale of things, like how to Feng … (0 comments)

ny feng shui: I Have My Master Bedroom Door Open Into the Bathroom - Is That Bad? - 10/28/16 06:10 AM
This is a common question in Feng Shui and its fair to say, how each Feng Shui Consultant responds may differ.  For now, the insights shared below offer a general overview. 
Remember, Feng Shui speaks in metaphors and symbols.
Bathrooms in Feng Shui are said to associated with drain or 'sha chi.' When the water is done being used, it drains away. Is this anything to fear? No. It's just something to be mindful of. 
In general, when the architect is designing the floor plan for a home, its strongly suggested to avoid the placement of bathroom doors opening up into any bedroom because of drain energy. Its believed your sleep could be interrupted, thus impacting your health. 
Are there ways to negotiate this principles? Absolutely. 
The diagram above helps to illustrate 
You will see two … (9 comments)

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