predecessor energy: Feng Shui Tip: Become Familiar with the Predecessor History of Your Land and Home - 08/12/19 08:57 AM
Being a Feng Shui Consultant requires the development of deep listening. Of course there’s a dialogue between you and the client, yet the conversation extends beyond verbal words. It’s understood in the practice of Feng Shui there is an unspoken exchange between the ‘unseen’ environment of the land and home to the consultant. This is referred to as investigating predecessor energy; becoming familiar with the previous life force energy from recent or past events that create a multidimensional cross wiring of frequencies.
     Through this type of investigation, the Feng Shui consultant can reveal pockets of energy that could either be … (1 comments)

predecessor energy: Predecessor Energy of the Pollock-Krasner House from a Feng Shui Perspective - 08/06/17 04:54 AM
Over the weekend I had the pleasure of visiting the Pollock-Krasner House in East Hampton, NY.  Having a Bachelor's in Fine Arts, this was truly a treat to see their home and barn in-person as this is where some of their most famous paintings were created.
What does the Pollock-Krasner House have to do with Feng Shui and predecessor energy? It's a great example for sharing how Feng Shui goes beyond just moving furniture and artwork selection. Predecessor energy referrers to the history of a space and investigate the type of energetic imprint placed onto the aura of a home, workspace, and objects.   
Stepping into the farm home and barn of Pollock and Krasner, … (2 comments)

predecessor energy: Taking Advantage of Death To Increase Real Estate Sales - 09/17/16 12:24 AM

"Many Chinese residents of Hong Kong believe that a death in an apartment creates bad Feng Shui, and are typically reluctant to rent or buy it after wards. Those who don’t believe in Feng Shui, including most expats, can benefit from that drop in demand and land a unit on the (relatively) cheap." ~The Real Deal 
In this article from The Real Deal, they spoke about two people who where murdered in an apartment and due to that situation the asking price was dramatically cut almost in half.  This is an extreme example (yet this is part of our worlds reality at times). Yet it's also important to note, … (5 comments)

predecessor energy: Feng Shui The Series Pt. 3: PREDECESSOR ENERGY IN FENG SHUI by a Feng Shui New York Consultant - 08/17/09 08:02 AM
 Feng Shui---The Series Pt 3:  PREDECESSOR ENERGY in Feng Shui by A Feng Shui New York Consultant
As a Feng Shui Consultant in New York, I have written about this before; it bears repeating.  PREDECESSOR ENERGY AND FENG SHUI is an important first topic we cover with our clients. Real Estate Blog - Let's Talk About Predecessor Energy: A Feng ...
Chances are if you're a Real Estate Agent, a Home Stager, a Home Inspector or anyone who works closely with homes, you've felt it at one time or another.  A certain ENERGY seems to come from some homes and businesses … (20 comments)

predecessor energy: A Feng Shui Haunting on Long Island--part two - 11/01/08 03:48 PM
For part one:  A Feng Shui Haunting in Long Island
I had chills just being NEAR that room.  Although he had tried his best to clean it, you could see bits of tin foil, towels, boards and apparently anything else she could find to try to avoid the cameras she was sure were "spying" on her.  She was truly very ill.....her clothes and personal items remained and were scattered about.  My client explained that she now lived in an apartment and could not fit her things.  She also did not take the medicine prescribed for her.
Clearly, this man was … (28 comments)

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