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During the course of the real eastae transaction, you could have both a Full Service home Inspection and a Radon Measurement taken. You would be covering both bases at the same time.  The advantage of hiring a licensed radon measurement professional is that you have a certified measurement with a...
Most radon enter homes due to air pressure differences between inside air and outside air. When air is vented from a building by natural or powered ventilation, radon and other soil gases are drawn in from surrounding soil through opening between the house and soil. The potential hazard of high l...
Test your home today for radon. Radon an indoor pollutant, is a colorless, odorless radioactive gas.  Radon comes from naturally occuring uranium in the soil. The only way to tell how much radon you have in your home is to test. In Illinois to have someone test radon for you they need to be licen...
The time to properly inspect a home as well as the fee charged, varies according to size, age, type of foundation, and several other factors. However you can expect to spend two or three hours for an average three bedroom home. During the course of your home inspector, the inspector should look f...
The primary purpose of an inspection is to educate the buyer, to help make an informed decision.  I always encourage the buyer to attend the inspection.  There are certain aspects of the house that just won't be included in the written report, that will be valuable information to the home owner. ...
BUYERS MARKETWhen the housing market becomes a "buyers market", it is time for sellers to become pro-active.   That is why I recommend for sellers to have a pre-listing inspection for their home they are placing on the market.  Instead of being reactive to what potential buyers "find" when they h...

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