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"Broker Price Opinions", on the face of it they appear to be just an opinion or quasi CMA being put together by a licensed real estate agent. one would expect this agent to utilize the normal standards for assembling, analyzing the data and coming to a conclusion about a property's value. The sam...
I'm sure this will generate lots of strong opinions from all sides, and that's good. First, let me say, I applaud and congratulate those agents investing their time and financial resources in attaining that extra level of knowledge and skill. Even I have gone the extra mile to get a certification...
Foreclosure filings are clearly a regional phenomenon. All of the "real estate experts' and articles of 2009 and 2010 focused on the continuing increase in filings. However, it would appear to be where you are looking. The general indicators so far in look promising. Today's local Florida paper c...
Finally the news is beginning to be positive regarding the real estate market. The other good news is the "Press" is beginning to write about it. Yes, the "Press", those folks who love to highlight the doom and gloom of everyday life can no longer keep the negitive day after day headlines about r...
This guy is right on! Here's how we remind those up North that there is a better way to experince the effects of "Deep Winter". Oh, I know the counter argument..... Florida had temps in the forties last week. I'll take it.Okay I know how much all of you Northerners just love all that snow. And, o...
I encounter many Realtor that have 2 sets of rules, although none are willing to admit it. One set for themselves and one for Clients. I'm sure many of you disagree with my conclusions and I certainly understamd. I think if you look at it objectively, even in your own experiences, you will see th...
Recently I've had many conversation with agents regarding the benefits/advantages of working at the big franchise Brokers or the smaller independent RE Brokers. As one who has experience at both, I beleive the cost involved with the franchise brokerages are high and your final net is low. Sure, y...
When Realtors start buying property, that's when you know the market has leveled off and the prices have pretty much hit the bottom. That's what I'm starting to see as a positive trend in my market area. Lots of showing to Realtors looking for themselves. The problem then is many will attempt to ...
I've been away from posting on My Blog for a while. However, I'm back and will be update this regularly. So much happens each day in this real estate business it's important to dedicate the time. The market continues to be uncertain. There are lots of would be buyers waiting for the signal to buy...

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