flooding: State of Emergency Declared Ohio - 07/22/11 08:17 AM
Help for Flood Victims
Thousands of people have had their lives turned upside down by the serious storms this week and the flooding that has ensued.   Summit County was hit especially hard and declared a state of emergency.  We are honored to be able to come to the aid of families during this frustrating time when their homes, belongings, and sense of normalcy are all at risk.   Because of the sheer magnitude of this event, we have been heartbroken that we have not been able to help every homeowner in need.  We have our technicians working 16 hours per day scrambling … (0 comments)

flooding: Don't Hate Your Basement - 07/18/11 09:02 AM
Considering the extensive flooding in the Midwest this last spring, it would be easy to curse the day your basement was born.
It’s a dank pit below your feet, in some cases constantly flooding, growing mold and smelling foul.  Condensation forms on pipes and walls, sump pumps get overwhelmed or fail and your precious belongings stored below get ruined….arrgh!
You may swear that you’ll never own a basement again.   BUT… consider the alternatives.  The grass is not necessarily greener without a basement.
Alternative #1 - Crawlspace:  
 A crawlspace has all the same characteristics of a basement with 3-5 feet less … (1 comments)

flooding: Hilarious Remedy to Halt Flooding - 05/20/11 06:28 AM
Look at this guy, trying to end flooding single handedly. While this is surely not the recommended action when heavy rains start hitting your neighborhood, I can definitely understand why this guy would go to such lengths to stop water from entering his home. Either way, it is an interesting tidbit.
PARMA, Ohio - A Parma man was arrested after police say he stuffed carpet into a sewer during Thursday night's rain storm.
The incident happened in the 2700 block of Fortune Avenue in Parma when a neighbor confronted 56-year-old John Kish for blocking the sewer with pieces of … (0 comments)

flooding: Sewer Line Problems That Stink, To a Homeowner's Wallet - 09/17/10 04:10 AM
Sewer Line ProblemsThe portion of the sewer line that extends out from a home and onto city property is often the homeowners' responsibility when it comes to repairs. Sewer line problems are most common in older neighborhoods, where the line may have sagged or has been damaged by tree roots. If you have slow running or gurgling drains, frequent backups in your plumbing system or sewage smells outside your home, these may be indications of a problem. Again, your home insurance policy may cover this cost, expect this doozy to cost anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 for a 100-foot sewer pipe.

flooding: Expensive Water Damage Issues That Arise With Homeowners - 09/17/10 04:03 AM
Water DamageIf your home isn't water tight, this isn't something you can ignore. Beyond the possibility of mold, long-term water damage can cause rot, which can lead to all kinds of expensive repairs to the structure of your home. It's difficult to estimate the cost of this type of repair, but it can easily run into the thousands depending on how much wood needs to be replaced and how intrusive the repairs are.
How to prevent it: Be vigilant about water damage in your home; if you find leaks or areas that tend to be damp, have them repaired before long-term … (0 comments)

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