water cleanup: Myths of Mold - 04/01/11 02:58 AM
The Myths of Mold Removal
Cleveland, OH (Grassroots Newswire) April 1 2011 -- No property is ever safe from mold, and unfortunately the average property owner has limited knowledge on treatment methods when the fungus is discovered. PuroClean Professional Services of Northeast Ohio, part of the nation’s fastest growing property damage remediation franchise, is available 24/7 to relieve property owners when mold appears, preventing any further damage or health risks.
While it’s true that a mold appearance must be addressed immediately, there are many myths regarding mold treatment. Luckily for area property owners, PuroClean Professional Services, known as the "Paramedics … (0 comments)

water cleanup: Reduce Your Losses - 02/11/11 02:25 AM
Local Expert Offers Tips to Reduce Losses from Water and Storm Damage  
'Paramedics of Property Damage' Help Relieve Stress of Local Property Owners Suffering from Property Damage  
Cleveland, OH  (Grassroots Newswire) February 11 2011 --  Home owners suffering from water damage are faced with an extremely stressful experience. PuroClean Professional Services, part of the nation's fastest growing property damage remediation franchise, is prepared to immediately restore property, relieving the stress of  property owners during an extremely vulnerable time.
Water loss and damage is a real threat for property owners. In fact, according to the Insurance Information Institute in the last … (0 comments)

water cleanup: Local Experts Warn Homeowners, Business Owners of Winter Fire Risks - 12/27/10 05:45 AM
Brunswick, OH (Grassroots Newswire) 12/27/2010 -- During the winter months, the majority of the country experiences colder and wetter weather conditions, increasing the need for structural heating and causing the peak season for heating fires. According to FEMA, heating fires account for 36 percent of residential home fires in rural areas every year. When a fire occurs, PuroClean Professional Services is called to the scene, usually by a local insurance agent, to bring the situation under control, prevent it from becoming worse, and finally, to provide restoration services to help put the property back to pre-loss condition.
PuroClean, known as "The … (0 comments)

water cleanup: Prevent ice dams now before its too late! - 12/15/10 02:54 AM
Last year was a horrible winter for ice dams. Why was the winter of 2009-10 so bad? Several times over the winter, the weather would warm up and then the temperature would drop drastically...that is the formula for ice dams. They get so thick and heavy that they tear the gutters off of a home while also causing damage to the roof. Usually the water has nowhere to go, so then it leaks into the home and rooms below.
A sign of possible ice dams is if you have long icicles hanging from you gutters. Perform a visual inspection of your … (2 comments)

water cleanup: Water Damage Restoration - Some Important Guidelines - 10/05/10 03:15 AM
If you live in a place that is located in a low area or is near to the ocean, chances are when a powerful storm comes you will definitely be one of the unlucky persons who will be affected from water damage to your home. Most likely, your property will be fully ruined all that water. First, you must be organize your belongings and start cleaning any small debris.
1. Water Damage Restoration
People whose homes are passing through the restoration of water damage should be able to fully assess the value and importance of each items of the house. Unnecessary … (0 comments)

water cleanup: Selling A Home With Mold and Water Damage in a Crawl Space? - 09/30/10 03:54 AM
It is always important to control water entry into buildings - especially crawl spaces. Wet crawl spaces promote the growth of microbes, degrade structural members, attract harmful insects, and cause other types of property damage. If water does enter through a leak, flood, or accident, it should be removed immediately and the affected area completely dried.
As with many situations, an ounce of prevention can be worth a pound of cure. Planning to keep water from entering a crawl space - such as during heavy rains - can save on costly clean-ups later on. Here are some helpful prevention tips:

water cleanup: Sewer Line Problems That Stink, To a Homeowner's Wallet - 09/17/10 04:10 AM
Sewer Line ProblemsThe portion of the sewer line that extends out from a home and onto city property is often the homeowners' responsibility when it comes to repairs. Sewer line problems are most common in older neighborhoods, where the line may have sagged or has been damaged by tree roots. If you have slow running or gurgling drains, frequent backups in your plumbing system or sewage smells outside your home, these may be indications of a problem. Again, your home insurance policy may cover this cost, expect this doozy to cost anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 for a 100-foot sewer pipe.

water cleanup: Expensive Water Damage Issues That Arise With Homeowners - 09/17/10 04:03 AM
Water DamageIf your home isn't water tight, this isn't something you can ignore. Beyond the possibility of mold, long-term water damage can cause rot, which can lead to all kinds of expensive repairs to the structure of your home. It's difficult to estimate the cost of this type of repair, but it can easily run into the thousands depending on how much wood needs to be replaced and how intrusive the repairs are.
How to prevent it: Be vigilant about water damage in your home; if you find leaks or areas that tend to be damp, have them repaired before long-term … (0 comments)

water cleanup: Mold Issues That Can Be Pricey to a Homeowner or Seller - 09/17/10 04:00 AM
Unlike major water damage, such as that caused by flooding, minor or hidden water damage in your home, perhaps from a defective water pipe, hot water heater or window seal, can cause just as much damage -- and you may not notice it right away. Similarly, if your home suffered through a flood in the past and did not adequately dry out, mold can also thrive. (If you live in a flood-prone area, flood insurance is a must.)
A 2005 study by the National Resources Defense Council showed that New Orleans homes that had been flooded or were even near areas … (0 comments)

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