problems: It's Not Rocket Science - 07/31/09 05:17 AM
I'm talking about real estate.  The basic process of buying and selling a home is not rocket science, brain surgery, or astrophysics.  It doesn't even involve knowledge of Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion.  So why does the realtor you choose matter?  Heck, why not do it yourself?  See how tense Kepler looks in this picture?  He was probably in the middle of an escrow, had figured he was smart enough to handle it, and had just listed with someone who left a card on his door.
Most things in life are not rocket science.  When your car begins making a funny noise … (0 comments)

problems: The Current Fun With Appraisals - 05/09/09 02:48 AM
If you've been paying attention, you know that one of the "solutions" to the sub-prime/credit "crisis" as it relates to real estate (everything these days is a "crisis" don'tchya know -- gonna have to come up with a new word for those that really are, a sort of Label Inflation, but I digress) is a new set of rules for appraisers:  they can't be on the payroll of the lender making the loan, no one can talk to them, they tend to be based in other area codes (presumably to reduce the chances that they're dating the listing agent), and there … (0 comments)

problems: A Problem With Appraisals - 04/28/09 02:51 AM
Much has been written about the causes of the current economic situation, from the unqualified buyer, the predatory lender, and right on thru to the ultimate trusting investor.  Some has even addressed appraisals, but there is a problem with appraisals I've not seen discussed anywhere:
The purpose of the appraisal, of course, is to provide "independent" 3rd party verification that the property being loaned upon meets certain standards of value.  What this generally means in practice, for the purpose of this discussion, is that it must be worth at least the sale price.  The reliance put in the appraisal is not, … (0 comments)

problems: The Top Ten Reasons Escrows Fall Out - 02/17/09 02:14 AM
When I got into this business 25 years ago, my office couldn't help but notice that my escrows almost never fell out.  They were so impressed that they had me give a series of classes on the subject to the newer agents.  500+ escrows laters, my escrows still almost never fall out.  What follows are the Cliff Notes on why that is, without giving away all my trade secrets.
First, by way of general explanation, every buyer has a contingency period (normally 10-20 days) at the beginning of the 30-60 day escrow period during which they are expected to do their … (2 comments)

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