highlands ranch: Private Pheasant Hunt Offer - 01/13/14 10:13 AM

Let's Go Hunting... 
And Then Sell Your Home
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So you're thinking about selling your home in Highlands Ranch, and you love to hunt pheasant? Perfect!  I'd like to invite you to a private pheasant hunt at my hunting club to discuss listing your home.
I like investing money in doing the things I love.  If you are serious about listing your home and don't have a real estate professional to help you, let's spend the day hunting and decide if we would work well together.
The Offer 
My commitment to you:
1 Day of pheasant hunting at my … (0 comments)

highlands ranch: Highlands Ranch Christmas Events - 10/24/13 04:07 AM
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Whether you are considering a move to Highlands Ranch or currently a resident of our great community, you'll want to mark your calendar for these "don't miss" Highlands Ranch Christmas events (or as some may prefer: Highlands Ranch Holiday Events).
The Events
Don't miss the premiere Highlands Ranch Christmas event, the Hometown Holiday, which kicks off on Friday, December 6th, from 4:30 PM - 7:30 PM at Town Center.  Dress warmly and make sure you are there by 5 PM to see the Tree Lighting ceremony.  Then stick around and visit the many … (1 comments)

highlands ranch: Highlands Ranch Weather - 10/14/13 04:03 AM

Highlands Ranch Weather
Courtesy of Moving To Highlands Ranch.com
Everyone always wants to know about the weather.  Highlands Ranch weather is quite unique.  Located at 5700 feet and nestled close to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, you really get all seasons in Highlands Ranch without the extremes.  As they say here in the late fall, "it snows one day and you are out in shorts washing your car the next."
As stated, the elevation for Highlands Ranch is roughly 5700 feet.  It's a bit higher than Denver proper at approximately 5280 feet.  There are two nice things about sitting … (0 comments)

highlands ranch: Nursing Home Facilities in Highlands Ranch - 09/24/13 10:44 PM
Nursing Home Facilities in Highlands Ranch
Courtesy of Moving To Highlands Ranch.com
Caring for the elderly is a big topic to try and cover in a blog so today we are going to simply stick with nursing home facilities in Highlands Ranch. The differences between Medicare, Medicaid, private pay, long term care, assisted living and skilled nursing care are too broad.  Maybe a ten-part series might cover it.  However, the purpose of today's post is to identify nursing home facilities in Highlands Ranch and also provide some resources to research this issue in Colorado.
The State of Colorado, like most … (0 comments)

highlands ranch: Highlands Ranch Oktoberfest - 09/23/13 04:08 AM
Highlands Ranch Oktoberfest
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Highlands Ranch Oktoberfest took place this past weekend. Turnout was great!  The event took place at Town Center and contrary to popular belief about a beer festival, Highlands Ranch has done a fantastic job turning this into a family event.  I can say unequivocally that Highlands Ranch Oktoberfest is a "don't miss" annual event.  We witnessed a lot of people having fun and there were no fights or displays of public drunkenness that we observed between 5 PM - 10 PM.
Let's start with the obvious...beer.  Paulaner USA was the … (0 comments)

highlands ranch: Highlands Ranch Real Estate Agent - 09/05/13 01:44 AM
Highlands Ranch Real Estate Agent
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How do you find a good Highlands Ranch real estate agent?  Congratulations, you just found one!  That was easy.  In all seriousness, finding a Highlands Ranch real estate agent isn't too hard.  However, what makes a good agent or better yet, what makes a great real estate professional?  Allow me to offer some thoughts on the subject and you can certainly feel free to agree or disagree.
Does character really matter?  To me it does.  However, for many people, results are more important than character.  You hear it all the … (2 comments)

highlands ranch: July Highlands Ranch Housing Report - 08/07/13 07:13 AM
July Highlands Ranch Housing Statistics
Courtesy of MovingToHighlandsRanch.com

Very little has changed based on the July Highlands Ranch housing statistics: high demand but very low supply.  It is still a seller's market!
I met with three prospective sellers this month in Highlands Ranch.  When we run comparables to determine a listing price, we are now seeing a trend. Virtually everyone has gained back the value in home price that they lost when the market crashed in 2007.  
It's also time for updating and finishing basements. With many of the homes in Highlands Ranch having been built in the … (2 comments)

highlands ranch: Security At Douglas County Schools - 07/17/13 01:45 AM
Security At Douglas County Schools

Given the history of the Columbine and Aurora mass shootings in Colorado, improved security at Douglas County schools is a hot-button topic. Since the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, this topic was pushed to the front of the school board agenda.  For anyone moving to Highlands Ranch, this is important information a parent would want to know.
Currently for schools in Highlands Ranch, all exterior doors are locked from the outside.  Teachers are provided with an electronic key granting them access back into the building for their students following any outside activity.  This includes … (0 comments)

highlands ranch: Highlands Ranch Housing Statistics - 07/14/13 12:55 AM

Highlands Ranch Housing Statistics
The Highlands Ranch housing statistics are out for the second quarter of 2013. I'm hearing the same thing from most agents in most areas of the country right now: high demand but very low supply.  There are a lot of people still looking to buy homes but not a whole lot of homes for sale.  This creates what we've seen for the past year now, a seller's market.  
Last summer, we put our home on the market and it was sold at full price with no concessions in 3 days.  The problem was, … (0 comments)

highlands ranch: Do I Need Four Wheel Drive If Moving To Highlands Ranch - 07/12/13 01:14 AM
Do I Need Four Wheel Drive In Highlands Ranch?
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"Do I need four wheel drive in Highlands Ranch?"
This is a popular question from those moving from a non-snow region of the state or country.  If I had to answer "yes" or "no", I would say "no".  Is it a helpful feature to have on your vehicle during the winter?  Absolutely.  
Keep in mind that winter conditions vary from year to year.  During a light to moderate storm (I would define as less than 10 inches), the snow typically melts within 24 … (0 comments)

highlands ranch: Moving To Highlands Ranch - 07/10/13 07:37 AM

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My passion is to help others find what I've found in moving to Highlands Ranch...a fantastic place to raise a family!  Moving to Highlands Ranch was the best decision we've ever made.
Like most people, we started our search on the internet.  In 2011, Money Magazine ranked Highlands Ranch the #12 best small city in America and #21 in 2012.  Once we got turned on to Highlands Ranch, we started absorbing as much information as we could.  What really worked for us was talking to people that had connections … (3 comments)

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