linden: "Pay it forward and pet lovers you will be touched" - 09/28/11 05:45 AM
Today as I was reading the Active rain blogs I was inspired by two of them “Pay if forward by Russel Ray” and “Pet Lovers- You will be touched by Kwee Hust”.  I had every intention to blog about an experience I had on September 20th but as of this morning had still not done so. So thank you Russel and Kwee for inspiring me to do it.
My day started hectic as normal, I left my house at 6:45 so I could drop off my grandson at school by 7:30. I had lots of paper work to do before the … (3 comments)

linden: What will I be adapting to in the future? - 09/18/11 11:22 AM
As I was reading the article Keep Your Cyber Image Polished by Dinah Eng in the September issue of California Real Estate, I thought it would be fun to add up the hours I spend on my online image.
I have two websites and belong to several social networks including LinkedIn, twitter, face book and active rain. As I started to tally up all my hours, I was shocked by what I found; it looks like I spend an average of four hours every day researching, blogging or updating. On a monthly basis that comes out to 120 hours or … (5 comments)

linden: No one messes with Mother Nature… - 09/10/11 02:45 PM
Yesterday when I left my house it was already warm so I dressed accordantly. I made my rounds to Lockeford, Linden and Valley Springs.  As I was leaving my last stop in Valley Springs I noticed sprinkles on my windshield.  A mile down the road and it looked like a flash flood had occurred. I still had two stops to make in Burson and by the time I arrived in Acampo I was soaking wet.

Today I was ready for the open house signs every few blocks, balloons for the signs, no vehicles in the driveway or in front … (5 comments)

linden: Country Driving.................. - 09/01/11 12:54 PM
Every Thursday I travel through three counties and eight towns to check on my rural properties. I always look forward to the day and the break in my usual routine. Thursday is a lot of drive time and I use it to reflect on various things in my life, a true mediation day.
Today was no different I left Herald heading for Lockeford then Linden, Wallace, Burson, Valley Springs, Acampo and Ione. On my drive I am held up by a group of grape tractors so I relax and enjoy the herd of Long horns and horses grazing in the field. … (6 comments)

linden: A day in the country - 08/03/11 03:46 PM
Today I have several tasks to do so I will start early. As I begin my drive I am surrounded by vineyards, orchards, Farm houses, ranches, cattle, horses and fields of corn. The oak trees that run throughout the land are magical giant shadows.
As I pass through Lockeford on my way to Valley Springs I am reminded of the history that has taken place on this land and of the pioneers that settled here looking for gold in the rivers of the Sierras. . I feel blessed as I travel through the countryside doing my weekly home inspections.

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