rogue valley: Southern Oregon Economic Summit May 2013 - 05/23/13 09:10 AM
The Rogue Valley Association of Realtors and the Homebuilders Association of Jackson County presented the Southern Oregon Economic Summit today. Dr. Lawrence Yun the NAR Chief Economist, Dr. David Crowe the NAHB Chief Economist and Josh Lehner Senior Economist with the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis all brought valuable statistics based on what is happening in our local area. Good information was provided, all pointing toward slow overall improvement in the housing market here in Southern Oregon, albeit reliant upon the migration to our area from out of state (California). I was sitting next to a recent immigrant who arrived a … (2 comments)

rogue valley: Really? Door-to-Door Purchase? - 04/22/13 07:04 AM
There have been many instances of door-to-door sales in the Rogue Valley, the stories which I've heard are usually relayed with regret associated with the experience. “Just say no” is not always the easiest thing for some people to do. Homeowners have experienced home repair and remodel sellers who come along with some pretty hard-core tactics, intimidating the homeowner into agreeing to a purchase without checking in to the reliability or validity of the product/service/supplier. I spoke with someone who told me after 3 ½ hours of a salesman in her living room she signed a contract for siding replacement – … (4 comments)

rogue valley: 45th Annual Children’s Festival in Jacksonville Oregon Coming July 10-11-12 2011 - 06/14/11 11:31 PM
It’s that time of year again, one that many Rogue Valley families and visitors have enjoyed over the past 45 years. The Jacksonville Children’s Festival held at the Britt Garden County Park is a wonderful family event that every kid enjoys.Not only do you get to experience the many different hands-on activities, but our kids throughout the Rogue Valley come out to show their talents and put on shows for you on the Britt Stage .

An amazing group of volunteers comes together to put this on for Our Children every year, giving the kids … (2 comments)

rogue valley: "Right of Offset' Strikes Again! - 05/19/11 03:24 AM
In my role as housing counselor, I see people facing financial hardship - LOT's of them right now with the high unemployment rate and foreclosure rate we see here in Southern Oregon. There is a rule out there that I try to make people aware of, especially when their mortgage and checking/savings accounts are with the same banking institution. That rule is the "Right of Offset" which gives the bank the right to "sweep" the balance out of a person's checking/savings account when that person has a delinquent debt with that same institution. I just heard about it happening again recently … (7 comments)

rogue valley: The Reality of the Hunt - 07/31/10 08:39 AM
We look at this trophy we now have. It wasn’t long ago we were filled with trepidation, determined to make a go of reaching our goal. We spent time preparing, educating ourselves, readying for this new, big adventure. Then the hunt was on. It was a tough hunt, an endless search for just the right prize to bring home. We were so nervous…so determined. Hours and hours we looked for you. Once, we had our prize in our sights only to lose you to fellow hunters, hunters who entered the hunt earlier, who were quicker and more prepared than us. Patience … (0 comments)

rogue valley: Hidden "Costs" - Refinancing from a 30 Year to a 15 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage - 07/22/10 07:07 PM
Are you thinking about refinancing from your 30 year mortgage in to a 15 year fixed at today's REALLY  AMAZINGLY LOW INTEREST RATES? You aren't alone if you are. Most people pick up the phone when they are headed down this path and ask "what's your rate?". In today's world, you very well may find many inexperienced loan officers who will spout off an answer to that question without going in the myriad of other variables that might need to be explored.
What's your rate? Isn't going to cut it! Even adding "how much are the closing costs?" to the equation … (6 comments)

rogue valley: 15 yr vs 30 yr mortgage - 07/22/10 06:55 PM
With all the focus on declining equity we are seeing in many housing markets, it brings up the focus on considering a shorter term mortgage than homeowners typically choose. In my 27 years, a LOT of my clients have chosen the 15 year mortgage, often times through refinancing. They may have needed the lower payments in order to be able to afford/qualify for the pricing they were finding in the real estate markets they bought in, so they got in to the home and qualified on a 30 year mortgage, waiting for great interest rate opportunities like we are seeing … (9 comments)

rogue valley: Have You Been To Pomodori Ristaurante in Medford Oregon? - 07/20/10 06:08 PM
Mamma Mia, what a meal we had tonight at Pomodori Ristaurante in Medford Oregon! If you haven’t been to this wonderfully fresh and invitingly unique Italian restaurant right here in our little corner of the world, you are so missing out.
We started off with the Caesar Salad that has of very generous proportions with a great flavor. From there, we went straight to the Seafood Pomodori for my husband and I ordered the Ratatouille Ravioli from the special menu. The sauces on these two dishes were fresh, flavorful and very unique – a great heat in the Pomodori from … (2 comments)

rogue valley: Preview Credit BEFORE Starting The Homebuying Process! - 05/27/10 03:34 AM
In the ABC’s of Homebuying class, a HUD approved homebuyer education course taught at our local community college, we instructors press the point that buyers need to be educated and prepared before they buy a home. We go through the basics of what they should expect during the process, make suggestions on the inspections they should anticipate getting under various circumstances, show them how to establish their household budget, and so on.
One of the things we very strongly emphasize is pulling their credit report to see if there is anything on their credit report they may need to work … (2 comments)

rogue valley: Have You Heard of Rogue Valley Local Foods? - 05/18/10 05:11 PM
Facing time constraints and not getting your food garden in this season? I know I am! Thank God for a local resource about to go online June 12, 2010, the Rogue Valley Local Foods organization. June 11th, we’ll be able to go online at and place our order for fresh, in-season produce, meats, dairy and eggs online. I was so happy to hear about when the first of May rolled around and the only thing growing in our vegetable plots was three foot tall weeds and last year’s strawberries! Of course, if the deer mosey along and help themselves … (5 comments)

rogue valley: Have You Heard of Buy Local Buy Rogue? - 05/18/10 05:04 PM
There is a fast growing movement here in the Rogue Valley in beautiful Southern Oregon. Buy Local – Buy Rogue is a non-profit organization that is all about supporting local independent businesses here in the Rogue Valley. I first hear about them when my husband had a meeting with them about becoming a sponsor of this worthy cause. It seems like I just blinked, and all of a sudden, their membership is pushing 200 local Rogue Valley businesses wanting to help get the word out about supporting each other.
This initiative goes … (3 comments)

rogue valley: It Ain't Over 'Til ... Tales of the $8,000 First Time Buyer Tax Credit 3 - 04/17/10 05:00 PM
Is the game up as far the $8,000 tax credit goes if an eligible first time home buyer isn't under contract on a home by April 30th and escrow closed by June 30th? Not if they are an eligible US servicemember like the many Southern Oregon Guardsmen and active military personnel bravely fighting for us in Iraq and Afganistan and are on active duty at least 90 days between 1/1/2009 - 4/30/2010 (or injured while on active duty). These brave souls will have an extra year to take advantage of the $8,000 first time buyer tax credit if they are eligible.

rogue valley: It Ain't Over 'Til ... Tales of the $8,000 First Time Buyer Tax Credit 2 - 04/17/10 04:46 PM
What does a home buyer do who was hoping to take the USDA Guaranteed Rural Housing loan when the USDA funding source dried up temporarily? Well, two of the Southern Oregon first time home buyers I am working with switched from the USDA program to an FHA loan. Thankfully, both were able to arrange for a gift from family members to help meet the current minimum FHA down payment requirement of 3.5%. If all goes well with their inspections, two more Rogue Valley families will be on the road to homeownership – AND have $8,000 to help them right out of … (2 comments)

rogue valley: Mortgage Industry vs. Long Term Care Industry - 04/17/10 04:40 PM
A project I work on each year gives me insight in to a section of the healthcare industry, namely long-term care, skilled nursing care and assisted living. I just read a comment along the lines of “one of the healthcare industry’s biggest challenges is delivering quality services while operating in an environment where compensation is reduced while regulations increase”. Boy…doesn’t THAT sound familiar? Welcome to the Mortgage Industry in 2010!
See you at the closing table!

rogue valley: Pear Blossom Festival Time Means Howard Prairie Lake Is Opening Soon! - 04/11/10 12:58 PM
One of our favorite local getaway spots is Howard Prairie Lake, only 20 minutes outside of Ashland Oregon. Opening day for the resort is April 15th, and we can hardly wait until it warms up a bit more and we can put our boat on the lake for the season. We'll still be up there checking things out again in the meantime, and maybe even the Trout Fishing Season Opener on April 24th.
See you out there!

rogue valley: End of a Saga - We Sold Our "2nd Home"! - 04/08/10 03:25 PM
My family and I are big "get out there" kind of people. We work hard, and we've learned how to balance out that hard work with relaxation time.  We love to explore our world around us, and have done so many times via RV since our youngest was born. That kid has been with us while we put over 60,000 miles on that RV, plus more on the one we had before this RV.
Since moving from Southern California to Southern Oregon, we've done our fair share of exploring our new homeland in the RV, and also by car on day … (12 comments)

rogue valley: Welcome to My Mortgage World - One Exam Down, One To Go, One Exempt - 03/24/10 02:23 PM
Wow...I've had my nose to the grindstone for so long, it seems I looked up and all of a sudden it's Spring. And, BOY do I love Spring in Southern Oregon. The Rogue Valley is just gorgeous with all the Pear Blossoms and other Spring blooms right now.
Having passed my first try at the National component of the National Mortgage Licensing System & Registry exam bright and early this morning, I'm plowing through to prepare for the California State Component I have coming up. Although I was somewhat frustrated in 2008 about a snafu I experienced with my Oregon … (8 comments)

rogue valley: Have You Been To Tin-Tin Buffet in Medford Oregon? - 01/23/10 02:07 PM
When it comes to eating out with our family, our varied tastes lead us toward different choices in local restaurants. Buffet style dining is not usually my first choice, although I’ve experienced some amazing buffets in my time, like those on cruise ships, one on the American River in Sacramento and another in Granada Hills that had such a wonderful Sunday Brunch in a gorgeous setting, we chose that location for our wedding & reception many moons ago.
Tonight, we went to Tin-Tin Buffet in Medford for the first time.  We had heard from family and friends that Tin-Tin Buffet … (0 comments)

rogue valley: Almost Speechless Sunday - Transitions... - 11/16/09 12:37 AM

From the roses in full bloom to the winter berries... from the still turning autumn leaves to the bare branches of winter. There is no doubt that fall has arrived here in Southern Oregon. And Winter isn't far behind...
See you out there...even if I am all bundled up!

rogue valley: The Road To Homeownership – 5k, 10k, Marathon, Triathlon… - 11/13/09 07:19 AM
The road to homeownership is different for each buyer. For some, it may be a walk in the park filled with wonder and beautiful sights along the way – a quick, uneventful, on-time closing. An experience, learning about the various species found, or re-visiting a favored path– learning about loan programs, different types of inspections involved, insurance policies, etc. for the first time home buyer; re-familiarizing themselves with the process and up-to-date changes for the move-up buyer and investors.
Some home buyers, they may find their road to homeownership is like a 5k run. A bit of effort involved to … (4 comments)

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