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All About Building Real Estate Wealth Like You've Always Dreamed of, But Never Believed You Can Afford, with Little or Nothing Down; Even With Less Than Perfect Credit! Guaranteed. Focus Areas Include: -Credit Improvement -Buying Homes With Little or No Money Down -Investment Property Opportunities for Savvy Investors
First thing, let me be right up front that I have a financial interest in  . OK, now that's off my chest... let's roll... One of my many interests is in the area of search engine optimization (SEO). It's a game, and games have always intrigued me. Especially one like credit impr...
Live-Blogging from the Real Estate Investors Expo 2008 . I've been looking at, investigating and talking to a number of companies that purport to specialize in Loan Modification or Mortgage Relief, in other words; re-negotiating a loan that is in default or is in danger of going seriously past du...
I've gone round and round with a number of people both on and off ActiveRain, about the various approaches to accelerated mortgage payoff. I think people are pretty familiar with the more straightforward approaches like bi-weekly paymnets, or simply making extra payments to principal when funds a...
A lot of people are aware of the CalHFA program, which provides 100% financing for first time home buyers (or those who have not owned for at least three years) for those who can go full doc and have a 620 fico (soo to be bumped to 680). And a lot of people are aware of FHA financing, which can d...
For Low Interest Rate FHA Mortgages.For Low Interest Rate VA Mortgages.For Low Interest Rate Conforming Mortgages.For Low Interest Rate FNMA Mortgages.For Low Interest Rate Freddie Mac Mortgages.For Low Interest Rate Fannie Mae Mortgages.For Low Interest Rate Conventional Mortgages.For Low Intere...
words fail me...  I know we all waste a little too much time in our lives, but that absolutely takes the cake... Hard not to watch though, isn't it? PS   If you are listing bank owned properties, and the bank is ready to start working with investors, touch base with me. I may be able to introduce...
Normally I have only one or two, so I just leave them in the newsletter. This month's collection was exceptional, so I thought deserved their own special place...Craziest Runway Ever20 Great Comebacks-My Favorite: "I've had a perfectly wonderful evening. But this wasn't it. "- Groucho MarxHow'd D...
Hey All!   Finally something hopeful to chew on...   The economic stimulus plan worked out last week in Washington will provide nearly a year of larger, lower cost loans for people buying or refinancing higher-cost homes. It also allows for larger loan amounts on Reverse Mortgages for seniors try...
My partners and I have been talking up, emailing out, and posting these cute (and profitable) little Jackson, MS rehab properties for a while. I thought I'd post a case study that shows what a value we've really put together.Here's a property we sold a while back in Jackson (click on image for fu...
Things are tough... We all know it... very few will say it out loud...values are falling and many lenders are cutting back on LTV's in our area... But some aren't. If you still need that 100% Full Doc Purchase or 95% SISA loan for one of your clients, I can still get it done at a VERY decent rate...

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