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You are viewing a Blog that pertains to the Real Estate business, marketing strategies, personal opinions, REIA's, local market conditions, and property for sale. Call or email me with ANY comments or questions that you may have! Thank You! PS ~ Don't let the Picture above fool you.....I'm not 17 years old anymore, in fact, I am now 10 years older than that! :)
Goals We should all have one or two or ten.  We all have dreams, don't we?  So why not have goals too?  Written goals.  I admit, I too have slacked in this area.  But we can all change.  Why not start to change right now?  Seems perfect to me?  Start out by visualizing your goals.  What would you...
I took my g/f out to the movies last night.  It was just like any other time......get there 10 minutes before the movie actually starts.  Get the tickets, get the popcorn and drinks, and go relax and let the flick take you away from reality.  This movie was different from the rest.  It WAS someon...
**If you could, please give us your honest answer**Who's buying right now.....?  And why?Who's not....?  And why not?I'm looking for ways to identify my client a little more clearer.  I have many properties for sale right now but my cliental are slow to act right now.  Maybe you guys could help m...
For those of you who don't know, legendary Michigan Wolverine football coach died earlier today.  This is definately a sad day for college football fans matter who you support.  GO BLUE !!!!  Legendary football coachBo Schembechler stood tall"Ex-Michigan coach Bo Schembechler, wh...
From my other post in this blog......I wrote, "Be Wealthy......AND Healthy!!"And look what's now on the front home page of I hate to say it but.....I told you so!   Ha!  Just kidding.  But, this article brings up some very good points.1.  He...
Here's food for thought: Homebuilders are slashing prices. Hot markets are cooling down. Real estate flippers are flipped out, cashed out and knocked out.You'd think that housing was crashing. It is not.Stop, for a moment the fixation on what's wrong with housing and focus on what's right with ho...
Hi all,About 2 weeks ago I was watching my local news channel.  A very, very interesting topic was being covered.SIGNS!My local Sherrif's office is calling the month of October, "Sign Sweep Month."  Where their goal is to basically take every single sign down that has to do with selling a home an...
What's the best strategy to become a full time operating business?ALL opinion's welcome!
WHO LIVES NEXT DOOR TO THE PROPERTY YOUR THINKING ABOUT INVESTING IN?We can never be diligent enough when considering our investment in real estate.  Do your homework, is the mantra of the professionals.  Unfortunately, today there is a new threat to the potential value of real eatate. As with al...
We all know that nobody has a crystal ball to find out what our local Real Estate market will do in the near and distance future. But what we can do is take a look back at our History, keeping in mind, that Yesturday is now a part of that History.QUESTION:What do you think about tomorrow's Real E...

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