amston: Have you Lost Your Mojo? - 09/10/11 03:09 AM
Urban Dictionary defines mojo as charm or talent. This word stuck in my grey matter when I saw the the funny movie whose title I could not capture right now.. Ahh. Memory lapse. Time is a passing and so is my age.
 In my lingo, I referred to it as the ultimate drive or dynamism. When I started to plunge in the real estate business, I was full of force that nothing seemed to stop me from prospecting expired and for sale by owner listings. I would put together a material with fervent ardor and dropped them off by the prospects' doors. I … (11 comments)

amston: Kickback and Referral Fees could be Ethical? - 09/07/11 12:18 AM
The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) and Code of Ethics stipulated the prohibition of referral fees or payment of referral fees from individuals other than from Real Estate Brokers, kickbacks and sponsored co-branding. They are formulated and implemented because the need for them arises, presumably.
RESPA was enacted because Congress felt that consumers needed protection. It is illegal under RESPA for anyone to pay or receive a fee or kickback of anything of value because they agree to refer settlement service business to a particular person or organization. For example, your mortgage lender may not pay your real estate broker $250 for … (4 comments)

amston: Giving Value to What we Have - 08/14/11 11:38 PM
As I look back at the years 2007 and 2008 with extreme disappointment because of the changes and challenges which unfolded after the better times, I hold on to aphorisms and words of wisdom to infuse positive energy in my daily dealings. Here is one that crossed my way.  The source of which is unknown. To quote:
"To realize
the value of a sister/brother,
ask someone
who doesn't have one.
To realize
the value of ten years:
ask a newly
divorced couple.
To realize
the value of four years:
ask a graduate.
To realize
the value of one year:
ask a student who
has failed a final exam.
To realize
the value of nine months:
ask a mother … (3 comments)

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