winchester va real estate: $1,500 Tax Credit for Home Improvements? GET SOME GREEN FOR GOING GREEN! - 03/11/10 10:04 PM
 What's this?   Free money for those individuals who own a home and want to improve it?  YES!!!   If you were already planning to do a little remodeling this spring make sure to include a few projects that will not only make your home more EYE-ppealing but more energy efficient as well.   Uncle Sam says that if you choose projects that make your home GREEN, he will send you a little GREEN in return!    You can get up to $1,500.00 back or 30% of your improvement costs in the form of a nice little tax return!   SO what is on the list?   Windows, … (0 comments)

winchester va real estate: HOUSING CRISIS? Think RETIREMENT CRISIS! I HOPE YOU LIKE RAMEN NOODLES! - 03/09/10 10:24 PM
Uncle Sam has launched a new campaign to boost up, educate out, and encourage us to rebuild our retirement savings through 401K's, IRA's etc.     Great Right?  Well here is the problem!  How many of us took a huge hit on our savings? How many of us took money out of savings because things are so tight?  How many of us didn't have savings to begin with but thought our HOUSE would offer security? How many of us are just thankful to have a minimum wage job????   
 Every morning my two year old wakes up and comes running into my living room … (2 comments)

winchester va real estate: MAN BULLDOZES HOUSE WHEN SENT TO FORECLOSURE! - 03/07/10 09:47 PM
 Something special for Monday!   We have all wanted to do it, and yes some of the houses NEED IT, but to go ahead and push over your house so the bank cannot get it . . . well perhaps the message will get through LOUD AND CLEAR!   Peoples backs are against the wall and sitting on HOLD to talk to customer service representatives who a. DO NOT CARE, b. DO NOT UNDERSTAND YOU, c. HANG UP ON YOU BECAUSE THEY CANNOT OPERATE THE PHONE SYSTEM . . are driving people to extreme measures. 
Check out the video below and see how one man took matters … (2 comments)

winchester va real estate: HAMP&HARP: If your BANK is calling PICK UP! IT COULD SAVE YOUR HOUSE! - 03/02/10 10:27 PM
 Home Afordable Modification Program vs. Home Affordable Refinance Program:   Ready or not these programs are going to be in effect full force in the coming months.   President Obama is rquesting that all Americans that are struggling to make their payments are evaluated for one of these programs BEFORE being sent to foreclosure.   Great IDEA, but are we factoring in the statistics that several of the  modified payments are still to high for consumers and have the potential to fail 6 to 12 months down the road.
WHO IT CAN HELP: If you have a job and can readjust your budget to … (0 comments)

winchester va real estate: "HOW MUCH DO I OWE IN TAXES???!!!!!!" - 02/16/10 09:46 PM
2009 was a rough year . . . many people lost their jobs, their homes and still face a tough road ahead.    Tax time after bankruptcy, foreclosures, or short sales can be complicated.   Make sure you go the extra mile to find a reputable CPA to protect your best interest when filing.  Some lenders are sending out different types of tax forms trying to collect back taxes or the difference in taxes on what is owed on the property.   There are government programs in place to provide individuals tax relief.   Please take time out to read this article from the IRS … (0 comments)

winchester va real estate: Bankruptcy: Part III - 02/14/10 10:33 PM
Life After Bankruptcy
OK so you made it through the system. Now What?   Start to rebuild and make reasonable goals for yourself in the future.   One of my favorite financial websites has a TON of information about credit, interest rates, all kinds of financial calculators and much more.   Check out this article on Bankruptcy.
You will find a step by step guide to getting on track with your finances.  I think its important to keep your budget and your goals in the forefront of your mind.  If your goals are to find a home in the next two years, … (0 comments)

winchester va real estate: Bankruptcy: Part I - 02/08/10 07:06 AM
Millions of Americans are considering this option because of the current state of the economy and the effect it has had on their wallets AND their credit.   Bankruptcy may seem like the easy answer, but IT is a long process that will stay with you and your family for years to come.   In my next few posts I will be going over basic information, but ALWAYS check with a local attorney for state specific details. 
1.) HOW DID I GET HERE?  You will need to seriously think this out and document it in a time line fashion.  This will not only … (0 comments)

winchester va real estate: Winchester VA Real Estate for Sale, Frederick County Real Estate for Sale Follow Me on Twitter! - 08/12/09 02:10 AM
Quick post on the whole twitter idea. OK so I'm actually new to twitter. I get the idea micro blog what you are doing through out the day, network with associates, catch up on news and blah blah blah. Its another avenue to let the public know what you do (SHORT SALES!) I like to announce new listings, updates on files, fun places for lunch, what I had for breakfast, and my personal favorite . . "RATIFIED CONTRACT!" Twitter Updates follow me on Twitter Please join me . . I promise to say something interesting AT LEAST once a week! I … (0 comments)

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