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Often, buyers and sellers are under the impression that it is simple to price a house by its square footage. Nothing is further from the truth, unless of course, all the comparable properties considered are within a couple square feet of each other and have the same quality and condition and are ...
4/1/19 Good day Ann Arbor area agents!! Mixing up my monthly run related to how the market is doing (not looking at prices, only supply and absorption).  The current monthly stats, run today, show most markets with limited inventory compared to the past 12-months sales, with only Dexter and Salin...
Belser Estates and Chelsea Ridge DescriptionBelser Estates and Chelsea Ridge are connected to each other through common streets, and tend to function as one neighborhood. The neighborhood is made up of two phases of Belser, plus Chelsea Ridge site condominiums. Belser Estates had 28 sites in the ...
  Every town seems to have a neighborhood which has broad appeal. In Saline, Wildwood is one such neighborhood. Here occupants find wooded lots, walkout basements and proximity to many area amenities. What I thought my readers would find interesting is how this specific market has changed over ti...
Mixing up the way I do the monthly report a bit. In addition to the normal information about the absorption rates and where activity is as of a certain date, I have also included a two-year summary of price changes in each area. Hope that you all find this interesting, and as always, if you have ...
You love your location, but you are growing to hate your home. It is simply too small, awkward and out of date, so you consider moving. After looking at what is available, and the hassle of picking up to ready your house for sale, let alone finding a suitable house in the price range you are comf...
On 12/27/18, I was assigned an appraisal order from an Appraisal Management Company (AMC) I am not registered with. This order was for an FHA foreclosure assignment with “as is” value and repair estimate requirements. First, this is not an area I cover, second, the fee was about $75 below what is...
Consumers see only a small portion of the appraisal process. What consumers often see is the appraisers visit to the property, and the written communication. They do not see the process that the appraiser goes through in developing their opinion of value. My hope is that this piece will help cons...
    As always, this data is one appraiser's interpretation of the market at a given point in time and should be used with caution as just one opinion.  Hopefully the Realtors active in the market agree with my assessment, as well as the other professional appraisers in my market :) Enjoy: I ran m...
As always, this data is my interpretation of what was happening in the market on a given date and should be used with caution. That noted, here are recent findings for a property   The first grouping of data is a three year run of all sales in the Ann Arbor school district through the MLS, regard...

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