ritu desai samson properties: Real Estate Alphabet Soup: T for Title Insurance - 10/22/21 04:25 PM

Happy Friday! The weekend is waving, and so here's another episode for our Real Estate Alphabet Soup series. We're now at letter T, and we will be discussing how you can protect yourself as a home buyer. 
T for Title InsuranceThink about title insurance as your life insurance; in the event that there are any issues or defects with the title or lien that comes up during the ownership or even after you sell the home, insurance will cover for those issues. 
There are two portions to title insurance -- the lender portion, which is mandatory as a home buyer, and the owner's … (0 comments)

ritu desai samson properties: Real Estate Alphabet Soup: S for Sale - 10/19/21 12:11 PM

Hey there! Here's another entry for our Real Estate Alphabet Soup, where we learn more about the real estate industry one letter at a time. This word appears a lot not just in real estate, but also in a lot of fields and places like malls, boutiques, restaurants, fastfood chains, e-commerce stores, and many more. Without further ado, let's welcome today's letter...
S for SaleIn real estate, we have a lot of property types that we can put into sale. With that comes the different types of sales as well, such as (1) the standard sale, which is a traditional buyer and … (1 comments)

ritu desai samson properties: Real Estate Alphabet Soup: H for Hazard Insurance Policy - 10/08/21 02:36 PM

Here we are with yet another entry for our Real Estate Alphabet Soup, where I give you more knowledge and terms you need to know about real estate. Let's wrap up this week with our 8th letter, H! 
H for Hazard Insurance PolicyAs a home owner, you do want to secure your interest, God forbid, in the event that something happens, pretty much like car insurance. The Hazard Insurance Policy will cover you in the event of any natural disaster causing damage to your home. For the most part,. this only cover structural damage, however, and not the personal items inside your … (1 comments)

ritu desai samson properties: Real Estate Alphabet Soup: G for Gov't Back Incentives - 10/08/21 02:23 PM

Happy Friday! Real Estate Alphabet Soup is back with another load of steaming knowledge for all home buyers and sellers. We're now at letter G, and we now talk about the incentives provided by the government.
G for Government Backed Incentives for First Time Home BuyersDo you know that there are actually a lot of options for our first time home buyers? It doesn't matter where you are located in the DMV area, as there are grounds, buy down interest rates, and down payment assistance for our first time home buyers.
There are, of course, some requirements and qualifications for it and a … (0 comments)

ritu desai samson properties: Back by Popular Demand! Top 5 Hiking Trails and Parks in the DMV Area - 10/08/21 11:46 AM
Happy Friday to everyone! Most of you are excited for the weekend, and are looking for things to do. Beautiful weather so far great time for the approaching holidays, too. Last week, we talked about my top 5 picks for the best hiking destinations around the DMV area. By popular demand, I'm back and will be adding 5 more hiking trails and parks that you, your friends, and your family can enjoy. 
1. Massanutten Ridge Trail See the best views of Massanutten with your own eyes by going through their ridge trail! About more or less two hours away from the Loudoun … (1 comments)

ritu desai samson properties: Real Estate Market Predictions 4th Quarter 2021 - 10/01/21 11:18 AM

It's the 4th quarter of 2021! We just officially entered October, and I hope this month's going to be good for everyone. What are we expecting in the DMV area housing market this quarter? Is the market cooling down? What about the interest rates? We'll answer that question together today, and give my buyers and sellers some tips to consider when buying or selling a home. 
(Photo by energepic.com from Pexels)
Interest RateOne of the biggest stories for this quarter is the interest rate. As we enter Q4, there was an increase in the rates from around 2.8%, to now at around 3-3.25%. This might … (2 comments)

ritu desai samson properties: What is Actually Going On? Northern Virginia Real Estate Market Update - 09/23/21 11:57 AM

It's that time of the week again! For this week's real estate market update, how are things looking in Northern Virginia? 
So let me paint you a picture: I have one buyer and we submitted an offer, but lost it because of the multiple offers in the market. On the other side, I've got a call from a listing agent telling me that we should submit an offer and they're willing to work with it. It seems that there's a lot of things going on, which begs the question -- what is really going on in the market right now? 
For Home BuyersBeen … (3 comments)

ritu desai samson properties: Moving in Northern Virginia with HuberWilmot - 09/14/21 01:39 PM

Moving can be very stressful. from planning, to packing things up, to all of the unexpected delays, you have to be ready in all sorts of situations, especially in these times amidst the pandemic where a lot of things have changed. And what better way of doing this but with experienced and reliable movers, of course!
Being in the real estate industry for almost two decades, I've always been a supporter of local businesses around the DMV area where most of my clients are. I want to make sure that the people I'm working with are accessible at any time, and have … (0 comments)

ritu desai samson properties: Why You Shouldn't Move To Loudoun County, VA - 09/08/21 11:20 AM

If you're considering to move to a certain place, say, Loudoun County in Northern Virginia, it is important to do your research and see what you'd expect to get out of the area that you'll be living in. Being a Loudoun County resident for over 20 years, I can definitely call this my home. I can describe how good the Loudoun County is all day, but you probably know that already if you're reading my blog. However, this time, here are 5 reasons why you shouldn't move to Loudoun County in Northern Virginia.
Jet NoiseThe Loudoun County is home to the Dulles … (1 comments)

ritu desai samson properties: Best Way to Start a Weekend? Trip to One Loudoun Farmer's Market! - 09/07/21 12:37 PM

Hooray for the long weekend! With all of the things happening right now, we deserve things that we love doing over long weekends. As for me, I love waking up my husband a little early over the weekend to go to the local farmer's market. 
As a long-time Northern Virginian and a Loudoun County resident, it is great and refreshing to meet locals and buy local stuff. I love checking out wineries, breweries, fruit and veggie stalls, and baked goods and bring some home for the whole family to enjoy. 
And so, I did exactly that -- I went to One Loudoun Farmers … (0 comments)

ritu desai samson properties: Having A Healthy & Successful School Year in Northern Virginia - 09/03/21 12:00 PM

The start of the school year is here! A lot of things have to be prepared, especially when we need to adjust to the new normal due to COVID-19, with some people working from home in a back to work setting. With all of these changes dropped upon us, it's easy to get anxious and nervous coping up. 
As a real estate agent and a parent, I also get nervous and anxious from time to time, and can use a bit of help. So I am with my dear friend Neelam, a health and nutritional expert, and yoga coach to give the … (0 comments)

ritu desai samson properties: Just Listed! Rental - 21844 Kelsey Square Ashburn, VA 20147 - 09/02/21 12:32 PM
Coming in hot! Are you moving to Loudoun county this fall? I got just what you need! This bright and spacious townhome stye condo located at 21844 Kelsey Square Ashburn, VA 20147 is all ready for move in and at a super covenient place.
MLS Number: VALO2007040
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
FeaturesThe main level includes a wood flooring installed with new carpets, a kitchen with a large island, and tons of cabinets and patry space. An oversized dining room awaits just off the kitchen for easy access. It also includes a spacious family room with wall of windows, an elegant fan, and a gas fireplace, … (1 comments)

ritu desai samson properties: Northern Virginia Fall 2021 Housing Market Predictions - 08/31/21 01:01 PM
One thing about me is that fall is my favorite time of the year. Trees are changing their colors, and the weather is not too hot but not too cold -- the perfect balance of everything. With all of the falling leaves, it's like a second sping where every leaf is a flower. With fall fast approaching, will the housing market continue to rise like the cooling wind? Or will it fall like the leaves from the supposed wilting trees? Here are my five predictions about the housing market in fall.
PricingLots of my buyers have questions due to the supposed changes … (1 comments)

ritu desai samson properties: Five Real Estate Home Buying Myths You Should Avoid - 08/27/21 12:02 PM
Real estate is one of the best forms of investment, and houses are always in demand. You can buy a home and sell it right away, or keep it long term and sell it for later. It of course starts in buying the property, and there are a lot of things to consider when buying a home. 
However, just like any other investment or basically anything that you spend your money on, there are myths that people still believe in that are not true and just might put you to jeopardy.
Last time, I provided the myths that you should avoid as a … (1 comments)

ritu desai samson properties: Just Listed: 22576 Welborne Manor Square, Ashburn, VA 20148 for Rent! - 08/23/21 01:36 PM
Looking forward to move in to a beautiful home in Northern Virginia? Look further no more! Take a look at this magnificent home ready for move-in at 22576 Welborne Manor Square, Ashburn VA 20148 and witness its beauty for yourself. 
Main Level This thing of beauty has a living and dining room combo, a gourmet kitchen, breakfast room, family room, and a very convenient powder room all architecturally designed for your convenience and easy access to everything.
Upper LevelFeel like a royalty with the primary suite with his & her private closet and a private luxurious bath, along with oversized secondary bedrooms and a … (2 comments)

ritu desai samson properties: What's the Housing Market like in Iceland? Let's Learn - 08/23/21 12:02 PM
I'm a passionate traveler and always intrigued by the real estate world. Two weeks ago,  I was in Iceland and I've got to say, this country is one of a kind. On top of that, I took the opportunity to learn more about how real estate works there. Here's a bit about Iceland, the land of fire and ice, and how different and unique their housing market is.
Rent vs. Owning a HomeMost people in Iceland would prefer to own their property instead of renting. About 80% of Icelanders own their housing, and that's a higher number compared to the US, which … (3 comments)

ritu desai samson properties: Interest Rates in Northern Virginia -- Are They Any Good? - 08/23/21 10:41 AM
So you're looking forward to buy a home this summer and one of the things that come across your mind is the interest rate. Then you start googling up some information and numbers are just flying all over you and might need a little more understanding how things are holding up for now. Don't worry, I got you covered. 
A little throwback -- back in the 80s and 90s, the interest rates can go up to 14-18%. That sounds significantly high. No need to worry about it today, as we're currently at 3% for the past year until now. Right now will … (0 comments)

ritu desai samson properties: Northern Virginia Real Estate Market Update - August Week 1 - 08/06/21 12:52 PM
It's that time of the week again! (Well, a few days late, but better than never.) What does the housing market look like in Northern Virginia? Is everything still okay? Do you need to worry about anything? I'll be answering these questions for today's market update.
What's going on with the marketplace?Every time I open up my news front and people say things like "the market's going to crash" or "it's not crashing, just softening in the market", and it seems like no one knows what's going on. So what's actually going on?
Always In DemandI have a simple analogy here: think of … (1 comments)

ritu desai samson properties: 5 Home Selling Myths in Northern Virginia that You Should Know - 08/04/21 05:21 PM
Thinking about selling at a super high list price? Or perhaps selling on your own just because the market is hot? How about thinking if you should pass on that first offer? These are the things that you may have in mind that have been influenced by myths and hearsays around the real estate market in Northern Virginia. 
In my long real estate career, I've heard a lot of these and sometimes it would cost a buyer or a seller the best deals of their lifetime. So let's' take jump right into my top 5 home selling myths that you should know.
1. … (0 comments)

ritu desai samson properties: Who to Partner with when Selling your Home? - 08/02/21 11:19 AM

There are a lot of moving parts in buying and selling a home, and one of the biggest things that you have to consider is to getting the home improved. It is important that you have the right team that can help you improve your beautiful home and take it to the next level. With lots of options out there, you might be asking yourself, "which one can help me renovate the homeowner's property with great quality, real-time updates, excellent service, and at a reasonable cost?"
Enter Curbio.
Founded in late 2017, Curbio is a general contractor for real estate that makes smart … (0 comments)

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