ritu desai samson properties dmv realtor: Know Your City - Manassas, VA - 05/19/22 07:37 PM

Just one more day towards the weekend! Going to bars and to the movies is nice and all to hang out with your friends and family this coming Saturday, but why not check this beautiful city and what it has to offer for a change? I am, of course, talking about Manassas, VA!
Known for its Civil War history, the city of Manassas has a lot of landmarks and places to offer when it comes to sightseeing and a bit of a teaser about what it's like in the past. For starters, you may check out these places:
- Liberia House Historic Site 

ritu desai samson properties dmv realtor: WORST ADVICE: Reject that lowball offer! - 03/18/22 12:20 PM

TGIF everyone! Here's one more edition to our Worst Advice series, where we discuss the absolute worst advices about real estate you can ever hear from anyone and what to do about it.
So you're trying to sell your home, and you want to get the most out of it when you close the deal. Suddenly, you get an offer which you don't really like due to the price. Then a friend tells you, "you're not gonna make that much money, just move to the next person that will make you an offer in, well, I don't know how many days, just … (2 comments)

ritu desai samson properties dmv realtor: Just Listed! 2755 Mansway Dr, Herndon, VA 20171 - 03/10/22 12:41 PM

Looking for a nice, spacious, beautiful home situated in a prime location in Northern Virginia? This is your lucky day! We just listed this property at 2755 Mansway Dr, Herndon, VA 20171, and it has all of the things I just mentioned and more!
The whole home offers two hardwood flooring (except for the kitchen), natural lighting, and so much more. The main level offers a formal living & dining room with wall to ceiling windows, a must-have home office, an oversized family room with a cozy woodburning fireplace, and an updated ceramic tiled kitchen with ample storage.
The upper level offers a … (3 comments)

ritu desai samson properties dmv realtor: Sold: 1325 18th St NW Washington, DC 20036 - 01/13/22 12:04 PM
Happy #ThrowbackThursday, everyone! It's always nice go to on a trip down memory lane, but this time, I'd like to remind myself and everyone of the achievements we've accomplished and will accomplish in the future.
This reminds me of one of the closed deals that I had last year at 1325 18th St NW #606, Washington, DC! For a price of $457,500, this home is all about the combination of simplicity, location, and elegance. This 1 bed and 1 bath condo in Dupont Circle is not only spacious and filled with oversized windows to get that sun-filled, quiet corner residence. It also … (2 comments)

ritu desai samson properties dmv realtor: Unique Things to Do in DC: Spy Museum - 12/28/21 11:52 AM
Looking for a unique and interactive experience with all things about spying and espionage? Have you ever watched one of those spy films and wonder if all of those action-packed scenes are in some way accurate to how spies do it in real life? Well, this museum is for you! 
The Spy Museum, located in Washington, DC, an interactive museum that gives you all things about spying and espionage. They have exhibits talking about how spying shaped history, the different tools spies used and how they are made, intel gathering, and more. They also offer classes, field trips, seminars, puzzles and games … (1 comments)

ritu desai samson properties dmv realtor: Stressing for Presents? Top 5 Go-To Last Minute Gift Ideas - 12/17/21 12:53 PM
Have you been busy for the past couple of weeks, and have no time to think of any presents? It is not too late! With just a few days left, the holidays are officially upon us. And that means last-minute presents! Without further ado, here are my 5 go-to holiday presents!⁣
⁣1. Cozy blanket - one can never have enough of these. I say go for the blankets that feel like fur -- luxurious and plush, sure to become family favorites. Not only that this feels elegant, it's all good for the winter, too! 
⁣2. Food gifts - It can be a basket … (1 comments)

ritu desai samson properties dmv realtor: Unique Things to Do in Northern Virginia: Workhouse Arts Center - 12/07/21 12:34 PM
Art is everywhere -- from the desktop pictures on your laptop, to the prints in your t-shirt,, even to the mug that you're currently drinking your coffee from right now -- is art. It takes many forms too, and is a great source of inspiration to many people. Today, we'll talk about one of the places in Northern Virginia that gives art the appreciation it needs. 
The Workhouse Arts Center, located in Lorton, VA, a reuse project, repurposing the former Lorton Prison into a remarkable arts center providing performances, exhibits, gallery spaces, and art classes for supports local artists. The mission of … (0 comments)

ritu desai samson properties dmv realtor: Omicron Virus and Its Effect in the DC Metro Area Housing Market - 12/01/21 11:47 AM

With the recent discovery and potential rise of the new COVID-19 Omicron variant, a lot of my buyers and sellers are asking, "Hey RItu, what's going to happen from this point forward? How should we approach this situation?" We'll answer these questions today.
For Buyers So for my buyers that are planning to purchase a home in Spring, it will be highly recommended to do the purchase instead at an earlier date, simply because there just might be the fear of the virus and expecting the worst case scenario being the lockdown affecting the buying process, not to mention that the prices just … (1 comments)

ritu desai samson properties dmv realtor: Real Estate Alphabet Soup: Z for Zoning - 11/01/21 11:28 AM

And now at last, we finally come down to the last letter of our Real Estate Alphabet Soup -- letter Z! 
Z for ZoningZoning refers to a number of things, but in real estate, it's all about the laws and regulations that states how a property can or can't be used in certain areas. This includes demolishing a home for renovation, converting it to a land, or other purposes. 
If you are considering buying a home that needs to be knocked down or if it's a raw land and you want to build a property with, or if it is an existing structure … (0 comments)

ritu desai samson properties dmv realtor: Real Estate Alphabet Soup: Y for Yield - 11/01/21 11:17 AM

Hey there! Here's yet another hot steaming Real Estate Alphabet Soup, where we learn about real estate one letter at a time. We are now down at the second-to-the-last letter, letter Y! This is specifically for investors who wants to make money with real estate. Do you ever wonder about the anticipated income you might get in a specific amount of time? Let's talk about it today!
Y for YieldYield is essentially the return of your investment that the investor wants to get. Essentially, it could be the mortgage holder who wants certain yield over the interest that they are letting you … (0 comments)

ritu desai samson properties dmv realtor: Thankful Thursday Series with Local: Estate Planning & LLC - 10/22/21 01:45 PM

Life, as we celebrate it, is too short. Planning for it is very important, and the legacy can live on towards the next generation if done right. With this, it is my honor and privilege to introduce to you our local partner for this week's Thankful Thursday series -- locals S&T Law Group with Sarah and Toula in Fairfax, Virginia to talk about estate planning and buying a home under LLC in planning for the future.
What is Estate PlanningFirst off, we need to identify what estate planning is. Estate planning is the preparation of tasks that serve to manage an individual's … (0 comments)

ritu desai samson properties dmv realtor: Real Estate Mid-Week DMV Area Market Report | October Week 3 - 10/20/21 01:44 PM

What's happening in the housing market this week in the DMV Area? What's that thing with iBuyer that people are talking about recently? Should you buy/sell your home in the upcoming holiday season? We'll answer all of these questions in this week's real estate market report!
Zillow's iBuyer Program Halted -- What's in it for us?On Monday Oct 18th, 2021 Zillow announced that they will be pausing the iBuyer Program due to backlogs, labor, and supply shortage. They said that the program will be suspended until the end of the year to deal with all the backlogs. As a result of this … (1 comments)

ritu desai samson properties dmv realtor: Real Estate Alphabet Soup: R for Realtor - 10/18/21 04:00 PM

Another one for today! Welcome to another episode of Real Estate Alphabet Soup. This time, we'll be talking about my profession, something that I really take pride of. I've met a lot of wonderful people in my line of work and I can never be more proud of saying that I am a...
R for Realtor®This is my favorite letter so far, and I am so proud of being a realtor. Realtors like me belong in the National Association of Realtors, which is a huge umbrella with a lot of local-level realtor associations under it. At the local level, I belong to … (1 comments)

ritu desai samson properties dmv realtor: Real Estate Alphabet Soup: O for Open House - 10/15/21 02:49 PM

Hey there! Here we are back at it again with another episode of the Real Estate Alphabet Soup, where we learn more about the real estaste world one letter at a time. Today's topic involves one of the strategies in looking for potential buyers and maybe sellers as well in the future. Without further ado, here's the next letter in this Alphabet Soup:
O for Open HouseAn open house is a scheduled time when the house will be open for public viewing by potential buyers. It is an opportunity for a prospect -- even if you are under a buyer broker agreement … (1 comments)

ritu desai samson properties dmv realtor: Top Five Weekend Events to Watch Out this October - 10/15/21 01:56 PM
Just a few hours before we finally hit the weekend once again! October weekends mean hanging out, beer, and wine, too. This month, you probably have noticed a number of breweries and wineries hosting events here and there, and a long-time tradition in Germany is to thank for this.
A little bit of history -- back in October 1810, the crown prince of the Kingdom of Bavaria in Germany married a princess and invited all the citizens of Munich to a festival and horse races. Then people find it fun, and so they decided to hold the event annually. By 1818, booths … (0 comments)

ritu desai samson properties dmv realtor: Real Estate Alphabet Soup: D for Downpayment - 10/06/21 12:24 PM

Happy Wednesday! And this is yet another entry for our Real Estate Alphabet Soup. Today's word is being used not only in real estate but also in other things as well. Without further ado, here's letter D!
D for DownpaymentA downpayment is an initial payment from the buyer that is paid to the seller, which is a part of the whole amount of the property that both the buyer and seller agreed upon.
The source of your downpayment will be very important for the lender. They would usually like to know if it's a gift money, grant money, or coming from a different … (0 comments)

ritu desai samson properties dmv realtor: Real Estate Alphabet Soup: C for Cash Flow - 10/05/21 01:07 PM

Two letters in the same day? I'll take it! Here's another letter for our Real Estate Alphabet Soup this Tuesday, and we are now in the letter C! 
C for Cash FlowI mean, no one hates hearing the word ka-ching, especially if it's something that's going in their pockets! As an investor, if you are thinking about purchasing a home, this is a must-know. Cash flow is basically the difference between a property's income and expenses (including debts). One of the ways of possibly increasing your cash flow is to have your property rented (if you haven't done it yet) but make … (1 comments)

ritu desai samson properties dmv realtor: Real Estate Alphabet Soup: B for Backup Offer - 10/05/21 12:08 PM

Happy Tuesday! Today we continue with the Real Estate Alphabet Soup, where we will be discussing terms all about real estate, from A to Z. Today's letter is B!
B for Backup OfferIf you're a home buyer, sometimes, the tides might not be in your favor. Say that you really love to take this home for yourself, and your offer isn't winning -- like, perhaps, the second best offer out there. Like in most situations, things are much better when you plan ahead -- this is when backup offers come into play.
Basically, what you can do is to ratify the offer to … (0 comments)

ritu desai samson properties dmv realtor: Guaranteed Sale -- How true is it? Marketing Gimmicks in Real Estate - 10/05/21 11:44 AM

"We guarantee the sale of your home!" "I can buy your home for cash!" You might be seeing online posts or hearing these words once in a while from some realtor when selling your home, especially in the DMV area. How true is it? How do we know if it's actually a good deal? What's in it for you? Let's all find out what and what not to do when promised with a guaranteed sale on your home.
(Image by Dreamer21 from Pixabay) 
First of all, shoutouts to one of my clients who asked me this question, concerned about the market shift. My client has … (2 comments)

ritu desai samson properties dmv realtor: Unique Things to do in DC: Carter G. Woodson Memorial Park - 10/05/21 10:49 AM
Happy Tuesday! And you know what that means -- it's History Tuesday, your weekly dose of tapping back to the past and visiting the places you can visit today to celebrate history.
(Photo by Clarisse Meyer on Unsplash)
Ever wonder how people knew how history is actually recorded so that we can pass it down to the generations to come? It is by the people that are witnesses of the events that happened in the past, preserving the things that they observed, collecting information, so that historians of today can collect them and make it so that it's as accurate as it is. 
Now … (1 comments)

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