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Monday Morning Motivator & Some Points to Ponder… Don't go around saying the world owes you a living; the world owes you nothing; it was here first.      - Mark Twain Sadly, there are too many folks that go around feeling as if the world owes them something; in reality, they are indebted to the p...
The gods Smiled…What's there not to like about vintage cars? These snapshots of days gone by, with their voluptuous curves, brilliant coats of hand-rubbed lacquer, and dazzling chrome are rolling works of art that, IMHO, rival any paintings by the Masters. While presenting at at a first-time home...
(not so) Speechless Sundae…Let's face it, us folks south of the Mason/Dickson ain't used to the all the white fluff, cold temps and bouts of cabin fever that Y'all north of "the line" are 'useta'. The past week of glorious spring-like weather has been a real god-send. While grubbing in the garden...
One Person's American can be Another Person's Nightmare… Being affiliated with the real estate industry, I can fully understand how ecstatic one must feel when a buyer finally signs an intent to purchase contract and issues an earnest money check. For some buyers, the gambit of emotions leaves a ...
The Kodak/ActiveRain Paperless Challenge - Making Progress...I have long been conservation minded. Maybe it's because some of my ancestors were the indigenous species that inhabited this country. Having studied and learned their customs, I now understand why Native Americans have a deep reverence...
Deadly Sins of Indoor Photography - Part 1...Being in the real estate profession, it is imperative that good, high-quality photos be taken in order to effectively market your product. Shooting the exterior is easy with its constant light source, the challenge is indoors. Natural light, bouncing o...
Surviving Your Serengeti: An ActiveRain Challenge...Life on the Serengeti and the life of your business are tenuous at best. Like the herds that migrate from one savannah to another, we too are on the constant search for our ideal feeding grounds. We, like thousands of others in our industry, mak...
Friday's Fotos ~ Early Songs of Spring...I'm not one to wish my life away but I'm counting the days to when I can say "BUH-Bye" to Old Man Winter for awhile. The unusually warm days we have been treated to here in the middle Tennessee area has me thinking about the first harbingers of spring - Cr...
I Got a Treat ~ Not the Treatment...I like vintage cars. To me, there is something about the lines, the curves, the shapes that is so marvelous about these rolling marvels of metallic art. It's neat to see your face being reflected in the coats of hand-rubbed lacquer or the brilliantly polished c...
Barely Legal...As we all know, there is a minimum standard which allows one to engage in certain activities or items that barely conform to allowable standards. Although marginally within the confines of accepted standards, some barely legal issues can cause problems for the home owner. Most muni...

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