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Good Morning Y'all…Yesterday, the Sun gods smiled on my area of middle Tennessee and today promises to be more of the same. Yeah!!! Today, I will be a little scarce around the hallowed halls of blogdom as I hear outside chores calling my name. There is much to do before the next round of showers ...
Friday's Photos…The photo pictured below is nothing new. I posted a similar photo about a year or so ago when I returned from a seminar in Vegas where I had the opportunity to meet fellow Rainers - Robert (Vegas Bob) A.Swetz and John Novak. If you look closely, there are three things unique about...
Water Water Everywhere…The storms of the past few days have finally moved out the middle Tennessee. While scenes, reminiscent of last May's floods, flashed on the TV, lightning streaked across the sky and water continued to fall from the heavens. So how much rain did we get? A bunch. Sunday eveni...
Wednesday Morning Ramblings…Ever since the wee hours of the AM, (Yes, Martha, there is 0130) I have been listening to the rain rapping on my window pane like thousands of tiny fists. Safe from the tempest that blows a mere few feet away, I have been working on developing a website and outside blo...
ActiveRain & Reliability ~ My 2¢'s Worth… Back years ago when I first joined ActiveRain, the site was simple and reliable. You logged on, you posted, wrote your comments and went on your merry way. Life was easy, times were good, and ActiveRain was fast and online 99.99% of the time. Change is in...
EASTER...Easter. Soon folks will be stirring. They may be getting ready to go off to sunrise service or just enjoying the few minutes of peace and quiet; the calm before the storm, if you will, before the tykes get their sugar high from the bounty in the baskets and start bouncing off the walls....
Active Resuscitator Patch...Needless to say, yesterday was one of THOSE days. I have a full day, I get up early, submit my post, write the reports on the fiasco's I inspected Thursday, log back into the rain and - WT...??? I'm greeted by our old April Fools Day friend... Once again, sporadic outa...
Friday's Fotos...Sometimes, the photography gods smile and I get lucky. IMHO, photography boils down to: 10% skill. i.e. knowing which end of the camera points in which direction. 05% subject matter. I, like many of you, have been to places and events we all want to capture. "Click". 15% inspira...
Thankful Thursday...In the Thankful Thursday department for this week, I am just that, thankful. After what seemed to be a brutally harsh Winter in more ways than one, the warmth of Spring seems to be bringing with it a thawing in the real estate market here in the middle Tennessee area. While th...
(not so) Wordless Wednesday...As if I don't already have enough things to do, I spend much of my down time pondering while tinkering and futzing around in my Koi ponds. As in any garden, there is maintenance. In the cool of the evenings, I don my waders and go about the enjoyable, brainless, mind...

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