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It's Only Tuesday... What's that? Tuesday? Is it really Tuesday? Wh-a-a- What happened to Monday? Did I get short changed this week? I thought I paid for 7 days, not 6. Oh, that's right, yesterday WAS Monday. Silly me, here I was thinking it was Sunday on steroids. Alright then! It's the dreaded ...
No Greater Love... Memorial day is a day when we celebrate and honor the lives our servicemen and women. A day to reflect those ever faithful servants who, like the faithful Shepard, laid down their lives so that we can enjoy the freedoms that we have today. Let us remember as well, the love that...
Here's a Palindrome You Won't Ever See Again... Palindromes. Those words, phrases, numbers or other sequences of units that can be read the same way in either direction. This morning when I logged into ActiveRain this morning, I saw this palindrome that I suspect that I, or anyone else, will ever...
(not so) Speechless Sundae... There is something special about roses that really appeal to me. Yes, they are challenging to grow, constantly augmenting the soil, spraying for black spot, mites and gawd only knows what else. Kinda reminds me of some folks that I know; can we say the words, "high m...
Cross Another Day Off the Calendar... I hate to say it, but today has been one of those days. Yesterday, I peaked. Today? Quite a different story. It must be one of those anticlimactic things, but today, I have been riding the emotional roller coaster and just have a bad case of brain drain. I c...
How Sweet it IS... This evening as I wind down from the day's activities and take another sip of "the fruit of the vine", I look up and out at the peak of my Everest, my last milestone here in the Rain. The final step of going where few ActiveRain blogger have gone. The journey is so close, one c...
Friday's Fotos... There is something nostalgic about seeing old Jukeboxes that takes me for a drive down memory lane in my red '64-1/2 Mustang and cruising the drive-in's with my buds. Simpler days, when we would hang out, order cherry cokes, burgers and fries and listen to the thumping sounds bo...
Images of Days Gone By... Fellow ActivRainer Rob Thomas has written several posts with accompanying photos of barns. Verdant fields that were once put under plow, are now being put under the 'dozer's blade to make room for our ever expanding population. I, like Rob, feel that these images of our...
Doing Things Bass Ackwards...I like my job. As long as there are fix-er-uppers, unhandymen, and folks to buy, I will never run out of blog fodder.I just love it when I get a call from an agent or buyer and they say, "This house is immaculate. We couldn't find anything wrong, I'm sure you won't ei...
Good Night ActiveRain... As the sun goes down on another day here in the Middle Tennessee area, my thoughts reflect forward on the busy schedule I have over the next few days. Thankfully, real estate activity is still robust in this area, and market activity is holding steady. That being said, t...

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