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Cracker Barrel & EV Charging Stations...      Since I purchased my Chevy Volt a few months ago, I have realized a new freedom. Freedom from the pump. It has been 5 weeks now since I filled the auxiliary fuel tank on the car. At the time of this post, I have driven about 1,600 miles and have burne...
Making A Statement & Then Some...      People never cease to fascinate me. They are unique, colorful and are constantly making a statement. Sometimes their statements are verbal. They articulate their spoken words to convey to others how they feel. At other times, they put their musings or theori...
GFI Devices...     It is not uncommon for home inspectors to put in their reports issues found with non-GFI protected outlets. Today, GFI protection is required in all wet locations such as around kitchen sinks, wash basins and other wet locations. But this was not always the case. Codes official...
(Not So) Wordless Wednesday     Every now and then, I run across something at a property that, well, peaks my interest. Always ready with camera in hand, I could not resist snapping a few photos of this item. Although a tad sun bleached and weathered, the message is conveyed none the same. And to...
Coming Soon (to a blog close to you)     I am in the process of completely revamping my website. Because there are so many inspectors in this area that are "Full of themselves", my thought process is to use a video Word Press theme to generate a series of short videos showing many of the items I ...
Monday Morning Motivator & Some Points to Ponder...      On a scale of 1 - 10, be an 11.      ~ Unknown      I can only speak for myself, but when I saw this on a young man's shirt in church the other day, it got the wheels turning. How many times have I delivered, less than stellar work, got the...
Dang It!      Since I have gotten my extended range EV, when it comes to burning gas, I make Scrooge look like a real spendthrift. I do all the tricks I know about hypermiling, plug-in where ever I can cop some juice, even stop by the free "quick charge" stations, but there are those rare days wh...
MIA...        Good morning, all. Over the past few weeks, I have been getting emails about being MIA. There is no real excuse other than a serious case of burn-out. 5+ years of blogging here on AR left me with a mix of bewilderment and brain strain.      Last month was not the best for me health ...

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