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     Wow! Where did time go? It is the end of the first quarter and like the wise sage once said, ‘Time waits on no one’. That being said, it is time for me to review what has been accomplished and the numbers to see where to make improvements.     In January, I hired a full time marketing person...
     Although a real estate agent is the linchpin, there are several other businesses vital to the property transaction. From the moment the initial contact is made to list and until the time the property closes at escrow, 3 little words are constantly in play. Even though they may not be verbali...
     Wowzers! What an end to the week! While I am grateful to have work coming in, the last few houses were, what we call down south, ‘tragic’! Up north of the Mason/Dixon, they are often referred to as ‘POS’ - Pieces of (yeah! that stuff!). However, I will keep to the more subtile southernism.  ...
Yesterday was the spring meet-up for ActiveRain’s middle Tennessee bloggers. Who could ask for more? There was a great place to hang… Plenty of good food… Fun… Foto ops… and of course - Friends… Annelle Tubb, Jill Winchell & Debbie Reynolds Connie Harvey and Barry Owen Tom White, Jill Winchell, T...
     Good morning, fellow ‘Rainers. I really hate to blog and go, however; today is one of those days where I have 18,492 things to do and so little time. My feet hit the floor at 0230 hours. After putting on a pot of the ‘elixir of life’, its on to the tasks of wading through the job jar to get ...
     I like the Creole folks in Louisiana. They have a culture and dialect that is as unique as the people. While there a few years back, I picked up on some sayings. Annelle, my marketing person/Realtor liaison, reminded me of one I had forgotten; ‘Sha-Sha, Ta-Ta, Bebe’.  ‘Sha-Sha, Ta-Ta, Bebe’ ...
     As most of you know, one of my pet peeves are real estate professions who do not answer their phones or return calls in a timely manner. Such was the case last Saturday when I was inspecting ‘The Pig’. The buyer’s agent was out of town and they failed to give me the combo code. (shame on the...
      🎵Shim-shimmery, shim-shimmery, shim, shim scheroo, I am a shimmer, yes, that’s what I do 🎵      🎵Shim-shimmery, shim-shimmery, shim, shim schree, I’m as lucky, as lucky, as lucky can be…🎵     Although I was not whistling while I worked the other day, there must have been some rehabbers that...
     Yesterday, was just one of THOSE days. Houses 2 - Inspector 0. I knew the first inspection was off to an auspicious start when my foot went through the floor as soon as I stepped in to the kitchen. Taking a deep breath and mumbling a few choice words, I pulled my foot and ankle out of the da...
     One of the items that have been on my vision board and my to do list for some time was to get the company car wrapped. Yesterday, but all came to fruition when I had members of the office staff deliver the car to Daniel Garth at SureMark signs in Nashville, Tennessee. I really think that Dan...

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