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       Most all of us have heard or used the terms ‘brain fart’ when referring to an abnormal brain activity or memory lapse when making an attempt to remember something or the term ‘old fart’ when describing or referring to someone who acts or is acting like older person. ‘Just farting around’ o...
     Earlier today, James Dray wrote a post about the ubiquitous symbol red standing for the heart. Barbara Torado commented and mentioned the word blue bloods which got me thinking of the entomology of the word. Naturally, I had to do a search. Here is what I found:     Meaning:     The blood th...
     Memorial Day weekend has always been a season of mixed emotions for me. Having done 2-1/2 tours in Vietnam and seeing first hand the horrors of war, this is a weekend filled with trepidation. Not so much that anything will happen to me now, it is reliving that gut feeling I had every time I ...
     This has been the hottest real estate market that I have seen in years. It is very reminiscent of the ‘pre-bubble’ market. Agents are pulling their licenses out of retirement, new ones are graduating from school and Agencies are recruiting like crazy. So what does this mean to the Nashville,...
     In real estate transactions, the home inspector is supposed to remain a neutral to the transaction. State and report what you see and keep your emotions and opinions to yourself. This is the golden rule that runs this business. However, there are exceptions to every rule. The exception? Let ...
     While most of the western hemisphere was checking their eyelids out for holes and having visions of whatever dance in their heads, the ActiveRain geeks were hard at work behind the curtains doing stuff to the system. Let's all hope that what they were doing was fixing bugs and finding ways t...
Crazy in a Good Way!     This is been the craziest real estate market that I have seen in several years. Not only is the Nashville area market hot, it is smoking hot! This past week, I've had the opportunity to meet two of the sellers during an inspection. Both of these were wonderfully nice peop...
     Every now and then, I wake up and my mind is really engaged and there are days when my mind just seems to go through the motions of the mundane. Mindlessly, I roll out of the sack, meander into the kitchen and pour a cup of the elixir of life. I shuffle up the staircase to the ‘man cave’, st...
     Make no bones about it, I hate doing re-inspections. In my reports I clearly state that it is recommended that all work be performed by appropriate licensed professionals. I also state for the buyer to obtain all receipts for the performed work. Nevertheless, homeowners often want to take th...
     The other day, Debbie Reynolds wrote a post entitled 'My Love Hate Relationship with Home Inspectors'. I do have to agree with her in that there are very few home inspectors out there that have been licensed in other trades such as plumbing, electrical, roofing or HVAC. Some home inspectors,...

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