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     I wonder what else has been “tweaked”?Early this morning I logged into AR and made a few comments while waiting for the concoction that sets on the desk by the corner of my Mac to work its magic - blow the cobwebs out of my mind. Talk about blow! Well blow my mind, it seems as if the geeks h...
     20 Posts - 0 Comments…     Earlier this morning I logged into my ActiveRain account and saw that someone had posted ActiveRain’s maximum number of 20 posts. I also noticed that no one had commented on any of them. Sure, it is the wee hours of the morning and not too many rainers are stirring...
       This afternoon, I did a little more ‘tweaking’ on the pond. While koi ponds are enjoyable, there is a lot of maintenance. Koi, depending upon their size, are constantly eating. What goes in one end goes out the other. The larger they get, the more they eat and the better the filtration or ...
      As most of you who follow my blog know that I drive a Chevrolet Volt. I do the bulk of my driving on the system’s battery power so driving habits are paramount in order for me to maximize the most out of the battery. So far, I am averaging around 330MPG. I do this by maximizing the use of r...
        Yesterday was one of those rare Saturday’s that I had off. The long, unfinished project of finishing the koi pond that I started last year, like the 800# gorilla, kept staring me in the face. Yesterday, I worked almost all day finishing installing the rock along the sides and installing t...
       Poor Rodger. It seems as if he is having another bad hair day with his PC and his connectivity to the ActiveRain servers. I made the switch several years ago when I purchased my first MacBook Pro - the second generation 17 inch laptop with the aluminum keys. I have used this machine almost...
    What do you say to a naked lady? Well, being a man, I could probably say a lot. However, since this is a family platform I will keep it civil. However this is the time of the year when the naked ladies come out in my backyard. These are so named because they bloom with no foliage.     Like mo...
    One of our forefathers came up with the expression, "Early to bed early to rise…". You know the rest of the drill. This morning I woke up late after going to bed somewhat early having had an exhausting day. My normal wake-up time is sometime around 3 o'clock. This morning, I woke up around 43...
As we all know, active rain has recently raised their blog tally to 20 week. While I know that there are some out there who can easily reach this number and then some; for me, it is not going to happen this week! This week my priorities have been working in the business and on the business. There...
     During our formidable years, there are those, whom through the grace of God, have graced our paths and have helped shape our destiny. While many come to mind; parents, siblings and relatives just to name a few, there are two, who like cream, rise to the top.1. An unknown Catholic priest.    ...

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