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Gosh, Here we are at the end of another week and tomorrow begins a new one. Is it already time to do the old vaudeville shuffle, say adios and boogie outta here? Me thinks that idea is all wet and needs to be sent to the showers. What do you think? Good night all.  The Complete Home Inspections T...
     Some years ago when “The Secret” was vogue, there was a segment about having an Attitude of Gratitude. In the segment, the authors talked about having Gratitude Stones. The Gratitude Stone is a special stone I held in my hand while expressing gratitude. Being somewhat new to the Law of Attra...
      As if on cue, my Thanksgiving Cactus started sending out buds and on Thanksgiving day was in full bloom. For the most part, the plants look very similar except for the foliage. The Thanksgiving cactus will have jagged leaves while the Christmas cactus will have more rounded leaves.      The...
     Days like this can be very challenging for me. For some reason, my internal clock goes off and I start tossing and turning. Rather than fight the insomnia, I drag my stinky butt out of bed, grab a cup of coffee and stare into the eye of the Cyclops. There is something different about visitin...
     Today starts another Friday. However, this Friday unlike its predecessors is special and has a special name - Black-Eye Friday. Soon, folks will be stampeding standing outside in the cold for hours on end will soon be stampeding through the opened doors to scarf up the “teasers” that the mer...
     Today, millions of Americans will be sitting down to a Thanksgiving meal with families or friends. All of us have much to be thankful and grateful for, I know I do. As I do march to the tune of a different drummer, I began to do some research into the word grateful for another post I was wri...
     A couple of days ago I had written a post about the broken Q & A feature here in ActiveRain. It really highly upset my urinary tract to see how people were taking advantage of a glitch in the programming in order to game the system and gain points. I got into quite a lengthy discussion about...
     Gosh, it is so hard to believe that we are in the main throes of the holiday season which means the year is quickly coming to an end. It seems as if the sands of time keep moving through the hourglass and as years end approaches, they begin to race. At the end of the year, the glass  is turn...
     Today has been one of those rainy days where it just feels good to snuggle under a blanket, snooze and watch some football. It has been a tough week and sometimes the bod just needs some downtime. After watching the local team stink up another stadium in a game that seemingly went on forever...
     As a home inspector, I am paid to notice things. However, there are some things that I notice that have noting to do with real estate transactions. I have long suspected that a member has found a way to “game the system” in an attempt to rack up points. So I started tracking. I noticed that ...

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