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     Typically on Mondays, I do my Monday Morning Motivator. This morning I am going to forego this until a little later in the day. I am already motivated as my mind must have been churning overtime as when my feet hit the floor, a flood of ideas, like the rain outside my window, kept falling in...
    Tanking a page out of Nicole's book, I want to end this week on an attitude of gratitude. This past week, almost all of us spent time with family and/or friends giving thanks. Like most Americans, I have a lot to be thankful for. I have a paid-for roof over my head. I drive a descent car that...
     Let’s face it, if something was built by the human species, it will eventually break, spring a leak or go south for one reason or another. We live in a faulty world.     As a business owner, I do my best to teach the inspectors who work for this company to note any appliance that may be at o...
     Good Saturday morning y’all. I did check and, yes, today is Saturday. I could have sworn that yesterday was Saturday or at least it felt like it. It is rare that I take a day off during the week and when I do, it is usually on a Saturday.    I thoroughly enjoyed my sporadic my day off. It wa...
    Good Friday evening Y’all. Having been reared south of the Mason-Dixon line, the terms ‘Y’all’ and “all y’all’ have been a part of my vocabulary forever.  Yes, I know that y’all is plural and ‘all y’all is plural as well. So for y’all that ain’t accustomed to Southern or even Texan, there is ...
     Some folks have a lot of time on their hands. A whole lot! During an upgrade to the plumbing system, one of the main support piers for the property had gotten in the way of the way of the plumbing contractor. Instead of making a slight correction in the grey water line, they opted to weaken ...
    What can be better than Thanksgiving and Thursday football? It is a day when families get together eat, fellowship and then the men-folk migrate in front of the tube, watch football and talk manly-man stuff and the women migrate wherever and jibber-jabber about, well, female stuff. Of course ...
Today is Thanksgiving Day 2015. A day when we reflect back on the bountiful harvest that we have been given. In this country, we all have much to be thankful for. Food, power, running water, good roadways, shelter, vehicles in good repair, clothing and the list goes on. Today, I challenge all of ...
    The term ‘Hot’ can refer to a lot of stuff such as; a ‘hot’ babe, being physically ‘hot’ or in the electrical world, ‘hot’ meaning energized. As appliances age, it is not unusual to see the male terminals to work loose from the molded plugs especially ones that draw a lot of current. Occasion...
    Plumbers! Ya gotta love 'em as it appears as if there are only two things they must know: (1) What flows downhill? (2) How much butt cleavage is appropriate to show when on a job site?     Just because you have an appliance or new pipes installed by a ‘licensed’ contractor, it does not always...

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