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      As 2015 winds down and 2016 event is on the horizon, what will your new year look like? Most all of you, like me, hope that the challenges and successes we experienced this year will be the catalyst for an even better year. This year I had a plethora of challenges and I learned what didn’t ...
     It would be nice if more folks would get pre-drywall or framing inspections during on new construction during the framing phase but many do not feel the need to spend the money as they feel the Codes Department is doing their job. Because they are human and their work load is incredible, the...
     One thing I can say with all certainty, there is never a dull moment in the home inspection business. Just when I think that I have seen it all, someone comes up with a new twist. All I can say is ‘Bless their hearts . . . there is a right way and a wrong way to install smoke detectors and t...
     Let’s face it, when we first started blogging, we wrote some good content but it did not seem to get much traction in the way of clicks or comments. So all your effort winds up in the blogging bargain basement bin to be lost forever in the digital archives of the Internet. Repurposing conten...
          We all need encouragement as life is not easy and the path to success can be challenging. It is for that reason that we all need encouragement, a spouse or friend to be our cheerleader and uplift us when the going gets tough.     How you start your day also makes a difference. What you ...
         One of the things that I want to do from here on out, is to end my week here in the ‘Rain on a positive note. Every week I do my best to read something that will create something positive for the members of the team as well as myself. Today, this week I have a lot to be grateful for. Thi...
     NFL Sunday saw much action today as surprisingly, the Pats lost to Baltimore. Although the Packers have secured a play-off birth, they are having a tough time against the Cardinals and St Lewis it taking it to Seattle. In what might be his last home game in New Orleans, Drew Breeze and compa...
      There is the right way to do something, the wrong way and then . . . there are the ways that some folks here in Tennessee do things. I know, some folks across the country berate Tennesseans as being “One of those Redneck States” but with the steady influx of "Feriners", 'Good 'ol Boys' are ...
      I do not believe that God intended that we live in a tenement as we all have been blessed with the ability to pick and choose our lifestyles and what we spend our money on. I am constantly amazed at how much stuff we, as a society, accumulates. I go into attics, basements and garages that a...
      Some two thousand years ago, hope was born. Hope for all mankind in the form of a babe given birth by a virgin. For eons, man wandered in the darkness of superstition and ignorance. There was no master plan, death was finite and that his very existence was guided by the winds of chance and ...

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