complete home inspections inc: 'Tis the Beginning of a New Day... - 05/16/14 07:39 PM
     Every now and then, I wake up and my mind is really engaged and there are days when my mind just seems to go through the motions of the mundane. Mindlessly, I roll out of the sack, meander into the kitchen and pour a cup of the elixir of life. I shuffle up the staircase to the ‘man cave’, stir the sleeping cyclops and gaze into its all-seeing eye. 3 o’clock and all is well with my world.
     Slowly but surely, the synapse begin to fire as the warm elixir seeps into the bloodstream and rejuvenates the still slumbering … (10 comments)

complete home inspections inc: The Spring Selling Season - Off to a Great Start - 04/02/14 07:07 PM
     It seems as if the spring selling season has started with a vengeance here in Middle Tennessee. Monday, we started the week with only three inspections on the books. Come to think of it, John and I only had one inspection a piece on Monday. Monday and Tuesday, activity started to pick up and we were able to schedule several jobs that would keep us busy through Wednesday. Yesterday, the pent up demand was in full force.
     Poor Jane, she did not get a moments rest. It seems as if every time she laid the phone down it would ring … (33 comments)

complete home inspections inc: Annelle's Chocolate Wodka Brownies... - 04/01/14 07:21 PM
      At Complete Home Inspections, Inc. we are constantly looking for ways to improve our services and increase market share. We do this by creating a constant presence in the offices. We do this in several ways, however; the most successful one is the candy bowl that either sets by the gate keeper’s desk or in the kitchen.
    This week, we are giving our agents a treat - not a treatment by giving them some of Annelle’s Chocolate Wodka Brownies. Oh! Talk about something to die for. Needless to say, they were gone in a heartbeat. All that was left was … (18 comments)

complete home inspections inc: Sha-Sha, Ta-Ta, Bebe - 03/25/14 08:20 PM
     I like the Creole folks in Louisiana. They have a culture and dialect that is as unique as the people. While there a few years back, I picked up on some sayings. Annelle, my marketing person/Realtor liaison, reminded me of one I had forgotten; ‘Sha-Sha, Ta-Ta, Bebe’.  ‘Sha-Sha, Ta-Ta, Bebe’ is one of those bastardized phrases that is a mixture of words that by themselves mean one thing and when put together mean something else. That is what I love about the language and culture of the good ‘ol USA. Loosely translated, ‘Sha-Sha, Ta-Ta, Bebe’ is something that we all … (22 comments)

complete home inspections inc: AATP!!! - 03/24/14 07:07 PM
     As most of you know, one of my pet peeves are real estate professions who do not answer their phones or return calls in a timely manner. Such was the case last Saturday when I was inspecting ‘The Pig’. The buyer’s agent was out of town and they failed to give me the combo code. (shame on them!) As soon as I realized the property was on a combo not a Sentry lock there was the AW $hit moment. A quick call to the listing agent got - you guessed it! The dreaded voice mail.
     Drop back to Plan … (48 comments)

complete home inspections inc: Shim-shimmery, shim-shimmery... - 03/23/14 06:57 PM
      🎵Shim-shimmery, shim-shimmery, shim, shim scheroo, I am a shimmer, yes, that’s what I do 🎵
      🎵Shim-shimmery, shim-shimmery, shim, shim schree, I’m as lucky, as lucky, as lucky can be…🎵
     Although I was not whistling while I worked the other day, there must have been some rehabbers that where singing and dancing to another tune while making improvements to the pig. Yes, there are those who just love to do whimsical, crazy things and gloss it over as just another day’s work in the coal mines. Yes, the quality is going down, down, down.
     Yes, I am making light of some … (23 comments)

complete home inspections inc: New FB Page - Check it Out 👍 - 03/14/14 07:39 PM
     In keeping with My Personal Weltanschauung - Inspect, protect, educate and serve, I am launching a new Corporate FaceBook page. I have been spending the past few days designing the new banner. Although I am not completely finished with it, I am keeping with my policy to get the project to 70%, launch it, and then continue to tweak it. I worked on it again this morning and will continue to tweak the logo/banner.
     I have a direct link to the page Check it out and let me know what you think.
P.S. If you are so inclined, like … (19 comments)

complete home inspections inc: Due To Excess Personal Storage… - 03/12/14 07:23 PM
     Some people are hoarders. Like pack rats, they have more crap stuffed into every nook and cranny than they know what to do with. Despite what their real estate advisor tells them, they refuse to remove the junk and clutter. Albeit despite all, someone looks past the bad case of stuffitis, falls in love with the property and writes an offer.
     Home inspections are evaluations of readily accessible areas of the property. It is not up to the home inspector to wade through piles of personal belongings looking for defects. When it gets this bad, the only thing one can … (25 comments)

complete home inspections inc: We ♥ Our Clients... - 03/07/14 06:43 AM
I am lucky to have some great employees. This is Annelle’s posting on her Face Book page:
Today is "stay at home" Friday! The team at Complete Home Inspections loves our clients! I made chex mix to label, package and deliver to all of the real estate offices of our clients next week!! Not only are we the BEST home inspectors, we really care about those who choose us for one of the most important components in buying and selling houses!!

The Complete Home Inspections, Team

complete home inspections inc: Dripping with Cute... - 02/09/14 05:57 AM
     My business is driven by real estate agents and I want them to know how much I appreciate them. Tomorrow, I will be launching the company’s Valentines week marketing campaign. My staff and I have been taking pages out of Marth Stuart and working all week to create something special for those ’Special Someones’ who provide us our livelihood. I will write more about what I am doing in my post tomorrow. It will be decadent and dripping with cute…
The Complete Home Inspections, Team

complete home inspections inc: Monday Morning Motivator ~ 01.27.14 - 01/26/14 06:39 PM
If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.
     ~ Jim Rohn
     Somewhere in my life I read or heard someone say, ‘Most people do not plan to fail, they just fail to plan.’ I can relate to that and the above quote in that for many years, I just went with the flow. However, as I have gotten older and wiser, I now have a written plan my personal and business life. I feel that it is better to be the master … (9 comments)

complete home inspections inc: Gee How I Love Windows - Yeah! Right! - 12/09/13 05:52 PM
     Windows. The operating system designed by Microsoft. There are many Mac users like myself that abhor the operating system and avoid it like the plague. I often laugh and joke with my friends saying that I now type on my keyboard with formerly Microsoft stained finger tips. But that's not to say that I don't use the system occasionally. The software that I used to do my inspection reports is a Windows-based program.
     Sadly, the Windows XP program operating system that I have used, for what seems like centuries, will no longer be supported by Microsoft. Hence the change and … (19 comments)

complete home inspections inc: USA Victory Tour - 09/05/13 08:05 PM
There are 3 Keys for Small Business Success
1. Sales
2. Marketing
3. Mindset
Are you tired of competition, being taken advantage of or taken for granted?
 Do you want to work with clients who love you, make a lot more money, work with clients you love, and have new clients automatically come in?
Today it's not enough to be good or even excellent at your business. Today you have to know the secrets of positioning and marketing so people choose you first. It is important for you to have the tools of communication so your prospective clients will choose to work with you!

Join … (10 comments)

complete home inspections inc: Time is Fun... - 05/11/13 07:55 PM
Time is Fun...

      Jeremiah the Bullfrog said, time is fun when you are eating flies. While not exactly one of my cullinary delights, I have been on the fly and time has gone by quickly.
      But then, time is really all I have. Every day, I have choices. Do I trade my time for money or trade my money for time? I find it a queer balancing act. Like waltzing with a partner with two left feet, I lumber across the floor. Twirling and whirling I hesitate momentarily to reagin balance before resuming my Odyssey in 3 quarter … (15 comments)

complete home inspections inc: Don't Cheat Fate... - 04/24/13 06:32 PM
Cheating Fate...

      Every now and then, I run across someone who either likes to cheat fate or doesn't have the brains to bell a buzzard.
      Garage doors are the largest moving object in your home and they can be deadly. Today, garage door openers are equipped with two safety features. One is the mechanical reversing. When the downward moving door encounters 8 pounds of resistance, it is supposed to stop and reverse direction. 
        The second safety feature is the photo eye beam. These are to be placed between 3 - 6 inches above the level of … (40 comments)

complete home inspections inc: Spring, Sprang, Sprung... - 03/20/13 06:43 PM
Spring, Sprang, Sprung...

      Yesterday at 7:10 Spring sprang upon us. Almost, as if on cue, these flowers suddenly sprung up!
      See? My elementary grade schooling has paid off handsomely. I can still remember how to conjugate!
        Okay; I will put my head back on my desk and go back to sleep now...

The Complete Home Inspections Team


complete home inspections inc: My Fitness Pal... - 03/07/12 05:45 PM
My Fitness Pal...                  There are many of us here in the 'Rain that are becoming more aware of our health and are doing something about it. While Rodger Mucci's group "Take it off in the Rain" is a step in the right direction, I was turned on to an App that adds accountability and more. It is called MyFitnessPal.     MyFitnessPal gives you the online convenience to access your daily fitness goals from your MAC, PC, Droid, iPhone or iPad. You can track everything from your daily food intake, wight loss/gain, exercise routines and there is even an online … (25 comments)

complete home inspections inc: Fuse Boxes - Are They Safe? - 02/09/12 08:11 PM
Fuse Boxes - Are They Safe?            
     Many older properties still have fuse boxes. While, these antiquated devices are okay, fuse panels, unless altered can be deemed safe. I consult my clients to consider replacing these with modern devices. Here's why:
     Older style fuse boxes serve the same purpose as circuit breaker boxes in that the fuse controls the amount of electrical current from appliances within a home. However; fuse boxes are outdated by modern standards. The advantage to having circuit breakers in a home is that instead of replacing a fuse each time it is used, circuit … (25 comments)

complete home inspections inc: Plastic Dryer Vents - A Fire Waiting for a Place to Happen... - 01/31/12 09:05 PM
Plastic Dryer Vents - A Fire Waiting for a Place to Happen...          Plastic dryer venting has been banned from residential usage for several years now. However; I still run into this material from time-to-time in newer and older properties. This product is considered a fire safety hazard and should be replaced if you have this present in your home.      Most households use flexible foil as the connector between the dryer and the exterior discharge. Although not much better than it's plastic counterpart, it has been approved for residential use by Fire Marshal's in many municipalities.      Optimally, the better … (56 comments)

complete home inspections inc: Coming Soon... - 01/19/12 11:15 PM
Coming Soon...     This week I made the decision to forgo my weekly edition of Dielh Killerz. Not that I have run out of blog fodder, but work on getting the websites for and have taken front burner for the time being.
     With real estate home inspections on the rise and video jobs coming in, I have to work on what is important or never get it done. My goal is to have the site live by the end of the month and start publishing weekly episodes to the site and here in the rain...

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