michaelsdig: More Time On Their Hands... - 10/13/11 10:14 PM
More Time On Their Hands...     I often encounter things during my inspections that really make me wonder. I reckon there are some folks that have more time on their hands than they know what to do with.     Being the inquisitive type, I pondered, how long did it take some schlep to chisel the hole in the foundation pier vs how long would it have taken them to route the pipes around it? But then, maybe that is why plumbers make so much money...

michaelsdig: Just When I Think I've Seen it All... - 10/04/11 09:48 PM
  Just When I Think I've Seen it All,someone sets the limbo bar on creative and innovative ways of doing things to an alltime low. Need extra outlets in your room addition? Why bother with the hassle of having meddlesome codes inspectors or the expense of an electrician to do things right when you can do things the half-fast way and save a bundle with the handy-dandy "Jumper MY Circuit" expander.      Run as many extra outlets as you feel you need and plug one end of the "Jumper MY Circuit" expander in one outlet or is that inlet and the … (74 comments)

michaelsdig: A Few Bricks Short of a Happy Meal... - 10/01/11 09:44 PM
A Few Bricks Short of a Happy Meal...     I ♥ new construction - never a dull moment. You know the drill, the lowest bid gets the job. And, along with that comes the short cuts to profitise the project.     As we all know, home inspectors are not "Codes" inspectors; however, we must know and understand the "accepted trade practices" for the various professions in the municipalities in which we serve.     The HVAC contractor who installed the furnaces and air handling units for this property must have either been a few bricks short of a Happy Meal or was … (53 comments)

michaelsdig: Take the Money and Run... - 09/30/11 10:54 PM
Take the Money and Run...     It is not uncommon to have large, hail producing thunderstorms roll through the Middle Tennessee area. On occasions, some of these storms produce hail stones large enough to damage roof shingles and siding. While we have not had any real bad storms this year,  we have had several of them the past few years.     While inspecting a property in an area of known hail damaged roofs, I was taken by surprise to still see a hail damaged roof in this particular subdivision. Usually when a disaster like this hits an area, the insurance companies … (55 comments)

michaelsdig: Fridays Photos... - 09/22/11 10:36 PM
Fridays Photos...
     Wow! Friday already? Where does the time go? Yesterday, was one of those days where I kicked back a little and played hookey from work. Tennessee, with its abundant streams and forests is truly a remarkable place to live, work and play.     A friend of mine has this place about an hour out of town and I have a standing invitation to, "Come out and 'set' a spell". I did. Kinda nice to soak the tired puppies in the cool clear water and have the cobwebs washed away as well...


michaelsdig: WDO's... - 09/20/11 10:40 PM
     Unlike as in some states, home inspectors in the State of Tennessee do not have to be licensed for pest control and are not required to put the presence of WDO's (Wood Destroying Organisms) in their report unless physical damage has occurred. However; when inspecting a property, I do keep an eye out for these little critters that can literally eat you out of house and home and report accordingly.      While inspecting the crawl space in a property in the Spring Hill area of southern Williamson County, TN, I came across several shelter tubes indicating active WDO's. Why?There … (35 comments)

michaelsdig: What Would YOU Do? - 09/19/11 10:31 PM
What Would YOU Do?     The most critical characteristic of stairs is that every step be the same. Building codes officials should enforce this rule - some do; some don't. On average, falls on stairs kill 4,000 people a year and another 2 million are seriously injured in the United States.     Many different terms have been used in describing stairs and in this post, I will not get into detail about rise/run/spindle spacing etc.     In the home inspection world, if something doesn't look right, it probably isn't. Walking up this staircase, that little voice went off in my head raising a … (61 comments)

michaelsdig: What's Yer Gripe? It Works... - 08/26/11 10:47 PM
What's Yer Gripe? It Works...Home inspectors can be picky so and so's. Like certain parts of the anatomy, sometimes we raise a stink, but we do serve a purpose.      Having been in the home inspection industry as long as I have, I think I have seen just about everything - or at least new adaptations of the same 'ol same 'ol. That is, until I came across this ingenious plumbing issue in a flipper. What makes this plumbing issue not so common are the following:    1.    The nipple just below and above the plumbing stop under the sink is black … (66 comments)

michaelsdig: Looking for the not so Obvious... - 08/25/11 12:04 AM
Looking for the not so Obvious...     Like everything else on this planet, there is an expected service life for products. Older cast iron waste systems prevalent before the early 70's certainly fall in this category. Typically, this material rusts from the inside out, gets sclerosis (much like your arteries), and is prone to clogging as the system ages. However, rehabbers often overlook these aging systems as they are often expensive to replace - especially between the house and the main.      Service caps in the yard should be securely threaded into the pipe to prevent raw sewage from exiting the pipes … (19 comments)

michaelsdig: (not so) Wordless Wednesday ~ Moving Day... - 08/23/11 10:13 PM
(not so) Wordless Wednesday ~ Moving Day...     As real estate professionals, you have worked hard finding that perfect home, worked through the inspection contingencies, fought with the appraiser, and finally got the deal to the closing table. Success!!! How SWEET it IS!!! Now, it's time for the new home owners to pack up everything and move to the new house...
…Musta been watching too many reruns of the Clampett's…

michaelsdig: Things that Go BOOM in the Night... - 08/22/11 10:58 PM
Things that Go BOOM in the Night...     Gas is one of those commodities we bring into our homes, and like electricity, we take them for granted. Homeowners and sometimes service personnel often neglect simple safety features - that is until things go BOOM!!! in the night.      The property was no stranger to inspectors, having been inspected twice by two other local companies. As the reports were lying on the counter, I had to snoop. Much to my amazement, neither had anything to say about this potentially unsafe condition.      Even though there is a gas shut-off installed, shut-off valves can … (26 comments)

michaelsdig: What's Right with the Property? - 08/22/11 09:37 AM
What's Right with the Property?     As home inspectors, we are hired by agents and prospective owner alike to find what's wrong with the property. Far too many times, inspectors are quick to start the litany of what is wrong. This often leaves the buyer with a "bad taste" in their mouth and second thoughts about the dwelling. Every property, challenged or otherwise, has some good points too. It could be the neighborhood, new floor covering, or beautifully manicured landscape.      I have talked to many real estate professionals over the years searching for the number one reason why agents look elsewhere … (8 comments)

michaelsdig: Monday Morning Motivator & Some Points to Ponder... - 08/21/11 10:41 PM
Monday Morning Motivator & Some Points to Ponder...
     "People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.."           ~~ Dale Carnegie      The real underlying question of this message is: what do YOU consider fun and what do YOU define as success? People have differing opinions and definitions. Some relish in shades of mediocrity, while others go for the gusto and want it all.       We can enjoy what we are doing and make some money or a living at it. We can also hate what we are doing while earning wealth untold. Which is best? Ideally, … (26 comments)

michaelsdig: Oye Veh... - 08/17/11 10:54 PM
Oye Veh...      Sloppy is as sloppy does or at least that is what I have to say. And just because you can purchase something in a home improvement store, doesn't mean that it conforms to "codes" or acceptable trade practices either.      First of all, there would be a strong argument that the contractors first job must have been in a meat packing plant - words can ere express the the quality of the butchering job on the cabinetry.      The plumbing stops need to be readily accessible and operable. Well okay, they might if you have mighty small hands. … (40 comments)

michaelsdig: How to Read the Tonnage on Your AC Unit... - 08/10/11 10:04 PM
How to Read the Tonnage on Your AC Unit...     One of the questions that many folks asked on yesterday's post, was how does one know the tonnage of their air conditioning system. On the system's model number there will be a number: 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48, 60. Take this number and divide by 12. This will give the tonnage. i.e. 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 5.      The only variation in this numbering scheme will be the newer Puron units. The manufacturers decided to make the evenly divisible numbers one more or one less. i.e. a 2 ton … (37 comments)

michaelsdig: It Will Work, But... - 08/09/11 12:59 PM
It Will Work, But...     I get calls from folks that are selling properties about items that have been uncovered during the inspection, especially if it involves a rehab. For the sake of profitability, it is not unusual for rehabbers to "make do" with what they have or items that have been installed.      One of the items home inspectors check is make sure the size of the HVAC unit matches the foot print of the property. The "rule of thumb" guideline that inspectors need to use for cooling is approximately 650 square feet of living space per ton of unit.      … (45 comments)

michaelsdig: (unofficial) ActiveRain Blogging Stats - July 2011... - 08/02/11 10:37 PM
(unofficial) ActiveRain Blogging Stats - July 2011...     Another month has zipped by like a herd of wild tortoises, and a new month has begun. And we all know what that means, sports fans. Yes, it time for monthly reports and the unofficial ActiveRain Blogging report. We have our finger firmly on the pulse of what is happening on a daily basis here your most favorite web address in the blogisphere.     The numbers were down a bit as compared to last month which is understandable. 4th of July, vacations, time spent with the fam and all that razzmatazz. Hopefully, we will all … (25 comments)

michaelsdig: It's a Sign of the Times... - 08/02/11 07:58 AM
It's a Sign of the Times...     Being a product of the '60's, how well I remember the British Invasion, Petula Clark and the tile of this post being one of her hits. Today while driving past a fast food joint, I had to double back as I couldn't belive what I saw. Ever ready with one of several digital imaging devices, I had to take a picture of the sign below.        Today, with so many overweight Americans, I reckon the picture says it all. It IS a sign of the times...


michaelsdig: Lion... - 07/30/11 05:34 AM
Lion...     As most of you in the MAC world know, their new OS, Lion, was launched a week or so ago. Normally, I do not jump on the bandwagon to be the first kid on the block to get the latest and greatest OS especially when I was in the PC world. Apple is a little different, they usually do the development and debug on the front end before launching. Can't always say that for You Know Who.     There are several things that impress me about Lion. They have done away with "Spaces" and incorporated a different window management system … (16 comments)

michaelsdig: Road Rage... - 07/27/11 10:15 PM
Road Rage...     I have come to the distinct conclusion that, today, folks on the road are absolutely nuts. I noticed that a female was riding my bumper and flipping me. Stopping at a traffic light, she was giving me the evil eye and working those jaws. I rolled down the window and said, "What the problem?"      You.      Me?      Yes, You. You did...      So you're mad at me because I did not do what you wanted me to do?      Yes.      "Babe, get a life and grow up! Folks are not … (36 comments)

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