michaelsdig: (not so) Speechless Sundae... - 06/18/11 10:33 PM
(not so) Speechless Sundae...Sunday finds me somewhere between where I was and home. Batteries recharged, I am ready to hit the ground running when I return. Although I wasn't able to see and do all I wanted, I was still able to have those quiet morning walks. The ones that inspire my creative juices.This will be my last post for the week. I hope to see you all bright and early tomorrow. Happy Father's Day to all you Dad's out there...


michaelsdig: Parting Thoughts for Saturday... - 06/18/11 08:28 AM
Parting Thoughts for Saturday...Photography is a unique blend of subject, composition, lighting and technical knowledge. Mastering these techniques takes time, persistence and willingness to take a bunch of bad shots. But it through the trial and error process and the help of others we learn and begin to master our art.For me, low light and night shots were my nemesis, especially, taking shots "on the fly" without the aid of a tripod. While this technique will not work on point-and-shoot cameras, it will work on most dSLR's. ISO settings are how the camera film or sensor reacts to light. The lower … (17 comments)

michaelsdig: The Wow Effect... - 06/17/11 11:13 PM
The Wow Effect...This week I have the opportunity to visit a lot of attractions. Some good and some not so good. The difference between the really great and the mediocre boiled down to detail and the experience; whether expressed or implied.Reflecting back, this is what separates the really good from the rest of the pack in the real estate business. I liken this to the "Wow" effect. I am guilty of falling into the trap of giving "good" service. This holiday week has left me with thoughts of; If my business was a theme park attraction, what would my customers say … (34 comments)

michaelsdig: Friday's Thoughts... - 06/17/11 11:54 AM
Friday's Thoughts...I like the Britt's and some of the verbiage they use especially when it comes to taking time off from the normal, grinding, rat race, that we refer to as our "Work-a-day World", they go on Holiday. Makes perfect sense to me. After all, it is a holiday from all the afore mentioned and then some; but we here in the States, we go on vacation. How boring and mundane. However, most of us cannot take a holiday from those thousands of horrible pictures we take to remind us of all the fun we had, or were supposed to, and memories we … (30 comments)

michaelsdig: Friday's Photos... - 06/17/11 12:06 AM
Friday's Photos...What I find interesting is how we look upon and perceive an object. We can all look at the same objects and see them totally different. But then, that is what makes the human race to the finish line so interesting. Our colors, tastes, opinions, viewpoints and how we see the ordinary we encounter.  I often get envious, when I gaze upon the artistic works of others and wish I could be more so. I reckon we all have our talents. Walking through the entrance of the Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando, I had to stop and take this shot. … (37 comments)

michaelsdig: Good Night ActiveRain... - 06/16/11 01:57 PM
Good Night ActiveRain...Wow! Today was a stark contrast from all the hustling, jostling and mayhem. The order of the day was to lay back, chill, and enjoy. Gone were the groping, pressing, shoving long lines. Instead, Sea World was a breath of fresh air as compared to Universal Studios. At times, I felt as if I almost had the park to myself, as lines were short, and the attractions were really cool.  The high light of the day was seeing One Ocean. To me, there is nothing more impressive than seeing those big wales jump out of the water, turn somersaults … (21 comments)

michaelsdig: Thankful Thursday... - 06/15/11 10:58 PM
Thankful Thursday...'Tis the calm before the storm. Having survived the swirling, ebbing and flowing tides in the mass sea of humanity at Universal, it is off to see Flipper and Friends as I trek onward to Sea World.  Yesterday, I said good bye to the colorful, surrealistic colors of Tune World, Dr. Suess, Jurassic Park, the Marvel Comic Characters and of course Harry Potter, Hogwarts, and Hogsmeade. It will take some time to sort through all the pictures, as I took many on the fly. And like so many "tourist type" shots, they suc but then, what the heck. I'm on … (36 comments)

michaelsdig: (not so) Wordless Wednesday... - 06/15/11 12:41 PM
(not so) Wordless Wednesday...Have you ever had one of those days were everything is a blur? These past few days have been for me. But then, it  seems that when one has a week to do nothing but goof off; time seems to move in an accelerated pace. Who knows. Could be that one is hell bent on packing 30 hours of activities in a 24 hour day. Then too, maybe the time gods trick us. You know, they speed time up; giving us 20 hours and saying, "Dude, I just gave you 24." What ever the case, time moves way … (20 comments)

michaelsdig: Life is Hard... - 06/13/11 10:30 PM
Life is Hard...Hard Rock, that is. Yesterday while most of you were hard at it, doing the daily grind bit, I arrived at my destination. It was a real bear I tell you, sitting under one of the palms by the pool, sipping the Nectar of the gods from the golden goblet on the table, not having to think about the "W" word. Yes, life is hard when you are on Holiday. I did pack my camera, and today I will be wearing it out as I will be visiting Universal Studios, mainly to see the Adventure Island side of the … (32 comments)

michaelsdig: Good Morning, ActiveRain... - 06/12/11 10:43 PM
Good Morning, ActiveRain...While not my usual Monday morning post, I just thought I'd pop in for a few. I am somewhere between where I left and where I want to be later today. I did the major portion of the trek yesterday while the traffic was light. All was good, save for the typical road construction in Atlanta. Will they EVER have all the roadwork done in Atlanta? Gawd only knows. Anyway, I will make every attempt to post something daily, however pitiful it may be, (kinda like this one) and comment as much as I can. If I don't make … (32 comments)

michaelsdig: (not so) Speechless Sundae... - 06/11/11 10:29 PM
(not so) Speechless Sundae...There's nothing like a beautiful sunrise to start the day. Somewhere in this world, both a Sunrise and a Sunset is happening. How grand it would be, if one could zip across the heavens, and forever witness a beautiful sunrise or an awe inspiring sunset. Talk about a gift too beautiful to describe.Every day dawns with a sunrise. Celebrate! New hope, a new beginning is on the rise.Today, yesterday's tomorrow is here.Yesterday and whatever you didn’t like is behind you.Make the change; reach into your unfathomable depths; greatness is within.Today, is a gift; laugh, learn, love.Make someone happy; … (43 comments)

michaelsdig: Water Gardening... - 06/10/11 10:32 PM
Water Gardening...  I had posted the picture below and had gotten several comments, most asking what it was. The salmon colored flower is blooming on canna lilies that fall into a group of foliage called marginals. Simply put, marginals are aquatic plants that like to have their feet wet. Aquatic plants, like normal garden plants, do better if placed in the correct environment in your water garden. Some water garden plants are happy when grown in the bog (muddy) area of your garden while others, like water lilies and lotus, are deep water plants and are best grown in 18-36" of … (14 comments)

michaelsdig: How Much Money is in the Pot? - 06/10/11 01:07 PM
How Much Money is in the Pot?  So how lucky do you feel? Any guesses as to how much money is in the pot?  For years, I take all my loose change at the end of the day, and throw it into this old honey jar. When it is full, I count the change and do something useful with it. Seeing as how I will be going out of town soon, I thought that it just might make some cool spending money.So how lucky do you feel? Any guesses? The closest guess without going over will win accolades from me and … (47 comments)

michaelsdig: Friday's Fotos ~ Up a Lazy River... - 06/09/11 11:09 PM
Friday's Fotos ~ Up a Lazy River...  Can you believe it? It's finally Friday. After last week's short week, activities and the busy schedule made this week seem even shorter. Time is really fun when you are on the fly. Kinda makes it go by quicker too.  Needless to say, the Nation has been in the grips of an unusually hot spell for this time of the year. Seems like the dog days of summer have arrived and summer didn't get the message that it is supposed to be here. Strange weather. If you don't have to work, do like I … (39 comments)

michaelsdig: Good Night ActiveRain... - 06/09/11 01:57 PM
Good Night ActiveRain...  There is something about hummers that is endearing. How can the tiniest of all birds capture the hears of so many. They have mine. In all my years of taking photos I rarely stumble upon a hummer nest. And I can only count on one hand the number of times the nest was active. The photo below is one. With this post I bid you all ado. I started today with a frumpy hummer, and I end the day with one chillin'. Good night ActiveRain, Mañana...


michaelsdig: (not quite) Thankful Thursday... - 06/08/11 11:25 PM
(not quite) Thankful Thursday...  I know that today is not Frumpy Friday, those days when you go about looking quite disheveled, but what the heck, it's hot, I'm already tired and I'm in just one of THOSE moods. If I were virtual, I would most likely be best described as WYSIWYG. Why? I have to spend the morning getting month ends off to the accountant. <shudder> To me, counting beans is about is as much fun as a sharp stick in the eye. Why can't accounting be as much fun as taking pictures? If I were to able to capture a … (35 comments)

michaelsdig: Here's a Picture You Don't See Every Day... - 06/08/11 02:22 PM
Here's a Picture You Don't See Every Day...  There is something about space that fascinates some of us. I will admit it, I am a techie and a trekie and there is something about space, voyages to other planets and solar systems that really fascinates me. I really don't know where he got it, but a friend of mine from CA sent me this picture of the shuttle Endeavour as docked with the International Space station. My only question is how did they snap the picture? No matter how they did it, it is neat. Talk about technology at it's finest... … (16 comments)

michaelsdig: (not so) Wordless Wednesday... - 06/08/11 02:00 AM
(not so) Wordless Wednesday...
Gosh! Where has the morning gone? It seems as if I have been up forever and still don't feel as if I have gotten much accomplished, (although I have been busier than a one legged person in a butt-kickin' contest). Sometimes it is just nice to find a nice quiet relaxing spot and take a breather from the grind. Work will always find a way to creep back into the schedule...


michaelsdig: Where's My Cookie? - 06/07/11 01:31 AM
Where's My Cookie?Either something must have gone "bump" in the night at ActiveRain headquarters or the cookie monster crept into my computer and ate my cookie. I hate it when I loose my cookies ~ I mean, when someone eats my cookies. I can remember eons ago, one had to submit a graphic for every comment. I can understand spam control, but when you submit 10-30 comments along with graphics, it does get to be a royal pain. This was eventually corrected; a cookie was placed and one only had to submit one graphic for commenting long as they remained logged … (43 comments)

michaelsdig: Points to Ponder ~ I'm Already Motivated… - 06/05/11 11:25 PM
Points to Ponder ~ I'm Already Motivated…I do not really like vacations.  I much prefer the occasional day when I can totally goof off when I do not feel like working.  When I am confronted with the thought of having a whole week in which I have nothing to do but kick back and enjoy myself,  I do not know where to begin.  It is an overwhelming thought.
To me, enjoyment comes in fleeting and unheralded moments. Those moments that on a whim, I can close shop, grab the camera bag and pop out the door and be gone for … (39 comments)

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