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Article publised March 23, 2008 in the 5 Treasure Coast Newspapers with circulation greater than 250,000Water Heater Drips and Tips          Last week, a wet spot developed under my Aunt Helen's carpeting just outside her utility closet.  I went to investigate and sure enough the carpet was soaki...
Article published Sunday March 30,in the 5 newspapers on the Treasure Coast with circulation more than 250,000. Mold - a friend, a foe, a fungi          Before the dawn of man, mold was present on earth.  With more than 100,000 species, it is everywhere and can be both beneficial and hazardous.  ...
Reflections on a Cathedral Ceiling          When I was fifteen and an exchange student, I stepped unprepared into Strasburg Cathedral, the tallest building in the world from 1647 until 1874.  Hushed quiet filled the cathedral as dappled light flowed down from above.  I lifted my eyes and followed...
Article as published in Scripp's Treasure Coast newspapers reaching more than 250,000 readers.To keep ourselves and our fur-laden Eskimo dog comfortable during the summer, my wife and I set our thermostat at 74 degrees.   When we first moved to Florida, my wife adjusted the Humidistat to get rid ...
Article as published in Scripp's Treasure Coast newspapers serving more than 250,000 readersWe live in a Material World                                                            Material science explains how different materials behave under varying environmental conditions.  As a home owner, it ...
Top Three Wind Inspection Factors  Last month I wrote how every home owner can save money off their insurance by ordering a "Wind Inspection".  The article was well received but generated a universal question:  "How much will I save on my home?"  The most direct answer is, it depends on your insu...
Article as published in Scripp's Treasure Coast newspapers reaching more than 250,000 people.Working as an engineer many years ago in Kansas City, I managed the construction of a new building.   During construction, I had a temporary set of stairs and decking built for workers to reach the second...
Article as published in Scripp's Treasure Coast Newspaper serving more than 250,000 readers.Your best investment in '08 guaranteed:  A Mitigation Verification Inspection.So far, 2008 has not been a happy new year for my wife and me.  The value of our home and stocks have decreased, and our taxes ...
Article as published in Scripps Treasure coast newspapers reaching more than 250,000 readers.Make it Count - Choose a Qualified Home Inspector   The process of searching for and purchasing a home that fulfills your dreams can be one of the most trying, stressful and rewarding episodes of your lif...
This News article was published March 2, 2008 in Scripp's Treasure Coast newspapers with circulation of more than 250,000 papers in Sebastian, Vero Beach, Ft. Pierce, Port St. Lucie, Stuart, and Jupiter Florida. Living in Florida is wonderful.  We have warm temperatures and a lot of natural moist...


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