seller tips: How to Maximize the Sale of your Home- Part 3 of 5 - 11/16/09 05:28 AM
 IF you missed Part 1 or Part 2 of this series feel free to review and come back!
Step 5:  Take the U out of your HOUSE
Earlier in this series I mentioned that selling can be emotional.  The home you’ve lived in has memories, your belongings and it’s your safe haven.  Realtors know this, but it’s not our job to sell you; it’s our job to sell your home.  Don’t take offense if we’re harsh or insistent on asking you to take down photos or remove belongings.  We are trying to help you detach from your home … (2 comments)

seller tips: How to Maximize the Sale of your Home- Part 2 of 5 - 11/15/09 12:55 AM
In case you missed part 1:  Here it is
Step 3:  Qualifying for a Mortgage
You may think I’m jumping the gun here but I’m not.  Here’s why…if you want to upgrade or purchase another home you need to review your credit and down payment requirements.  I’ve often heard sellers say,
“Well, this place was no money down and easy to get a mortgage on so it shouldn’t be a problem to buy again…”
WRONG!!  If it’s been several years since you’ve purchased a home, times have changed.  You watch the news or see it all over … (6 comments)

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