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Information for folks interested in Durango, Bayfield, Mancos, Hesperus, Ignacio and Vallecito. Everything is here from areas to live to places to eat to entertainment and shopping, we've got it all plus the experience to help you.



OK.  I've got 5 of these machines only one has been placed and used.  I know one of my Activerain friends would like to start a little side business.  Load them up with candy and set them out with businesses you trust and make a little pocket money.  You can buy the candy in big bags at places li...
A couple of weeks ago we thought it was hot and posted a photo of the thermometer on our patio..... it was right at 100 degrees. Well.......... here's today's look at the old temperature teller.....  108 degrees plus the heat index. This is just crazy hot!!  And when you add humidity.... well.......
When I was a child there was a tallow tree in the back yard.   It was large and dropped a lot of berries and leaves on the yard.   My Dad always called it a "trash" tree.   Yesterday in the brutal Houston heat,  we enjoyed shade from a large tree whose spreading branches provided spectators of a...
If you have ever tried to conquer the use of skis, this photo may speak to your inner child.   Skis usually involve water or snow.  This one has a unique angle and use.   The previous owner of our house had a very creative mind.  He thought way outside the box and did not believe in wasting anyth...
As we drove around Montgomery Texas a couple of days ago we happened upon a piece of local history.   This statue and placard are about a well loved goat!  Goat?  Doesn't everyone love them?   Having attempted to own two in the past, I am well aware that most are extremely hard headed, destructi...
Our friend Peggy has written a good piece on the frustrations you may experience when using a "door opener".  There is tremendous benefit in using a full service Realtor to help you find and purchase a home.  Even though Peggy is out in VA the advice and information will apply where you are and c...
If you are only going to look good for a couple of weeks, you may be related to this usually ordinary looking flower.   It is a plumaria.  Brings new meaning to the word dull until it blooms forth with magnificent bracts and color.   This week was its time to make every other plant in the garden...
Today it has a reason to be as hot as it has been since March!   Today is the summer solstice!   Summer is a hot season in many ways.  It is one of the most active selling times.   People covet more time for sun and fun.  This means longer traffic times than usual as we all attempt to get to leis...
Under the unexpected blessing category came this never seen by us beauty.   We are not sure if he is a moth or a butterfly but we think he is a butterfly. What we do know is that he fluttered in and took up a space under our patio cover. When he was first sighted, we were not sure if he was a ba...
This photo is of a red headed woodpecker who for an entire season insisted upon attempting to gain nourishment from this hummer feeder.   The entire situation was awkward.  He was way too large to fit on the perch.  He was also too heavy.  He regularly knocked the bottom off.   That was annoying...

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