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Information for folks interested in Durango, Bayfield, Mancos, Hesperus, Ignacio and Vallecito. Everything is here from areas to live to places to eat to entertainment and shopping, we've got it all plus the experience to help you.



With all eyes on the Storm Issac, my memories of another storm have surfaced.     As I young child/teen we were visited by Hurricane Carla.    I believe it was in 1961.  School was out for days as the storm sat out in the Gulf and gained in intensity.   Once ashore, she caused a lot of damage in ...
Everyone has one neighbor who stands out as memorable.  Memories good and bad make impacts upon us .   When my now grown children were small,  we had a new neighbor.   As was my custom in those days,  I prepared dinner to take to them as soon as I saw the moving truck.   Imagine my surprise when ...
We frequently learn lessons from the wildlife in and around our home.  Case in point well illustrated!   Bathroom rugs have to be removed when cleaning the floors.   Yesterday after I achieved the completion of the task, I became distracted before putting things back in order.   When I returned ...
Into every Real Estate practice a little "down " time will come.   How you utilize it will effect how long it stays!   Look carefully at the good times.  What made them more productive.  Make changes accordingly.     Go through the closed files and remove unnecessary papers.  Also check your mail...
The photo is of a very common weed in our area.  It is found throughout the forests and vacant land.   This one is new to our back yard.  In all the years we have been here, it has not!   When I sighted it a few days ago it seemed to be a welcome sight.  Not that it is particularly pretty, but i...
Inspired by a post on August 18th, by Myrl Jeffcoat,  where she described what the stress of loss had done to her ability to multitask,  I did some self searching.    That was when I got finished laughing a comment she made in her well done blog.   The post made me think about the importance of w...
What do those have in common?  More than you might think!   Both of them have current owners and potential buyers.  Both of them are loved by someone, and both function as a roof over someone's head.   They represent a substantial investment to their owners respectively and both provide a prude o...
Habits are one thing everyone has.   How we acquire them is a varied process, but no one can get immunity!   One of my worst is frequent departures into the land of "what if." Worst even than the land of Oz,  this place is abounding with doubts fears and indecision.  Yuchi!   Over the years I hav...
Our friend Gloria has produced a nice list of Terminology that everyone considering a real estate purchase should at least familiarize themself with.  Take some time and read over it so that you can be more informed since some things aren't completely intuitive.Most seasoned buyers and sellers ar...
In the waining days of summer, there are an abundance of fragrant sweet peaches to be found in a variety of places.   This succulent fruit can be utilized in numerous ways, but I recently devised one that is healthier than most.   Having to eliminate white flour and sugar from our diet, has resul...

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