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Information for folks interested in Durango, Bayfield, Mancos, Hesperus, Ignacio and Vallecito. Everything is here from areas to live to places to eat to entertainment and shopping, we've got it all plus the experience to help you.



It is amazing how often we find illustrations of life principles right under our noses.The photo shows a fence which is being totally covered by "trumpet vines."At the first of the year the same fence was basically bland and uninteresting.Today as you can see it is resplendent with lovely greener...
What motivates us to spend hours working on marketing, pursuing aloof buyers and sellers and generally working ourselves to a nub?It may be the need to pay our expenses.It may be the thrill if success.Or,  it may be the desire to be of significance.Think about the thankless hours we invest in edu...
Weeks ago we attended a seminar where we were reminded about the importance of communication.Duh!We all know how important it is.  The question is how best to accomplish the task!How many of us have had buyers who spoiled the progress of their loan by going out during the process and purchasing a...
When we parked our car and departed for an entertainment event, we made the assumption that we would be able to get back into it when we returned.  You know what they say about assumptions.We had a lovely time at the game.  It lasted a long time and the walk back was especially long.  One could s...
Yesterday after I had changed the remarks on a listing we have had for too long, I handed it to Ralph.He looked exasperated and said " NO!  I want you to emotionally and passionately speak to the buyer and make him or her want to come and see this listing!  Think like you did when you did the tal...
Have you ever had to deal with Gout?I hope you answered NO!Yesterday morning I suddenly had excruciating pain in my right foot.  It is like having someone assault your feet and ankles with a series of Ice picks!  Pleasant thought! Even more pleasant to experience (NOT!)No one seems to be quite su...
About seven years ago we saw the magic of the Internet in real time.A couple from Montana called us.  They had seen a virtual tour of a log home we had listed.  It was on forty acres , and the acreage was adjacent to the county airport.They planned a trip to come see the property.  We researched ...
We need to be constantly aware that people expect us to do great things.  We have the real estate dreams of the general public in our hands.Ralph and I were reminded of this sobering truth one day when we were shopping in a local antique shoppe.After we had selected our purchase the sales lady sa...
My second real estate transaction was a referral.  The young couple wasmoving here from Chicago.In those days I was enamored with the amenities offered in Houston.  I spentlots of time learning the surrounding less expensive neighborhoods.After these folks shared their desires with me, I set up a...
(This photo was in one of those unattributed forward emails but seemed like a good illustration) Yesterday morning we saw that a large potted aloe Vera plant had been rolled onto its side.  Odd!Then this morning as I waited for the morning coffee to take effect, I noticed movement in one of the ...

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