colorado: 17.1 Acres land for sale Ignacio CO 81137 - 04/18/14 08:24 AM

17.1 acres with incredible mountain views located off County Road 311 Ignacio Colorado.  1 share of irrigation from Morrison ditch plus a domestic well that produced 3gpm when drilled.  Plus a couple of buildings that can be renovated and used for various purposes.  Y'all come see!!  The possibilities are many and varied as to what you can do with this great piece.  The fact that water is available is a real plus.  The setting is peaceful and serene and the property is unrestricted so you can do pretty much as you please.  You decide if you want a … (0 comments)

colorado: Shoeless in Silverton in the SNOW! - 01/03/14 06:07 AM
Most people will agree that having shoes is desireable,  this is specially true in cold weather.
We were blessed with a visit from one of our sons and grandsons right after Chistmas.  As it happened, we had work to do in Silverton.  Our son had been there on a previous visit and thought it would be cool to show it to his son.
After a hearty breakfast at  "Oscars" we departed for a beautiful  drive. Some of the most spectacular vistas imaginable are on that stretch of Hwy 550'.  Perfect for entertaining a nine year old!  Entertains older folk … (4 comments)

colorado: The Holidays Approach! - 11/15/13 04:03 AM

Just a quick walk down Main Street says that the Holidays are certainly on their way!
The merchants are in full celebration mode!  Some have already put up festive colorful decor.  Some are marking sale items brightly and boldly.
The creativity abounds! 
The bead shop has colorful glass baubles hanging on various lengths of bright ribbons.  Many shops have added twinkly lights and fake snow.  Soon each and every shop will have some semblance of cheer.
Our favorite of the day featured this holiday weasel.  He absolutely screamed greetings as we walked briskly toward lunch opportunities.  You can visit … (3 comments)

colorado: Social Media isn't ..... maybe? - 08/24/13 10:04 AM

We live in a whole different world filled with "social" media.  We use email, text messages, Facebook, twitter and other media to communicate.
We seldom make social phone calls or have face to face meetings.  Ralph and I are as guilty as anyone.  We frequently sit across from each other at a dining table with him working on his Ipad and me working on my Mini.
Whatever happened to conversation?  It went away so gradually I did not notice..  Talk about absorbed in our own little worlds!
Talk would be interesting!  We share everything 24/7, but we are ceasing to communicate.  How can … (38 comments)

colorado: Kick Start your success! - 08/23/13 05:00 AM

All of us from time to time need a motivating seminar.Wells Fargo was kind enough to provide just what we needed last Wednesday.Not only did they provide an interesting and educational seminar, but they served us a tasty lunch!The seminar was at an area landmark.  It was at the Gaslight theatre in downtown Durango which is an antique movie theatre.  Charming and old are combined with comfort.  Great surroundings for an infusion of information.Lou Holtz, legendary football coach and author was first up.  He shared some of the inspiring secrets of his success.His first point was the importance of … (2 comments)

colorado: Stressed! - 07/29/13 07:10 AM
One of the most destructive things we can do to ourselves is stress about things.
Our business is fraught with stress inducing situations.  There are so many things we cannot control in addition to people who love being difficult.
After dealing with stress in the traditional ways I suffered a stoke in 2007,  the results were not pretty and two years of my life were basically wasted.
It was one of those cases of "get better or bitter."  Getting better was a lot of work and it was NO fun.  I am not bitter about it, I just … (4 comments)

colorado: Kids see it differently!! Sharpen up! Shape up! - 07/27/13 09:10 AM
Working is important.  We are all supposed to participate in a profession or two.  When we work hard we not only feel more fulfilled, but we are able to live more comfortably.
Work like everything else can be taken to extremes
One of our sons brought our grandson for a visit this week.  We had a great time visiting with them. There was one cloud over the visit.  Our son was continuously either on the phone, or answering his emails.
At one  point our grandson looked at me and said "Gram, dad has had the phone in his ear ever since we left Houston … (23 comments)

colorado: Addiction or Indulgence, You decide - 07/26/13 10:44 AM
Unfortunately, all of us encounter things that make us feel good.  Things that we just cannot get enough of are always out there to tempt us..  They frequently become addictions.
We have become more and more addicted to having a light yogurt treat several times a week.  We use that instead of the usual dinner fare.
The nice folks at "Top That" can almost set their watches by our evening appearances.
Not only is yogurt healthier than some things but the toppings offer such a large selection that you can actually make a satisfying meal of your snack.
We have been indulging in our "addiction" … (6 comments)

colorado: Realtor Orientation - 07/26/13 10:36 AM
Since my initial career launch in 1978, I have attended at least four New Member orientations.
Yesterday was another.  It started at 8:30 and concluded at 1:30.  We were given a large package of information when we arrived.  We were shown a couple of films and listened to a whole lot of rules and regulations.
The short story is that this required program could have been condensed into two hours.  Since most of the essential info was in the packet, we could have been turned loose to read it.
Most Realtors stay busy with finding customers, listings and marketing both.  We respectfully submit that spending hours listening … (2 comments)

colorado: Ethics - 07/26/13 10:32 AM
Another required class with the potential to be very boring.
Today's offering was not.
The hours went quickly and the instructor was downright entertaining! Lots of practical experiences and  some amusing ante dotes  illustrated the points covered in an energetic format.
We were given a book with all the information for future reference.  The refreshing thing was that the instructor did not insult our intelligence by reading to us.  Don't laugh, there are those who do that very thing.
The material is not all encompassing. There were questions asked that no one was sure about the answers...  That is why this class is required every … (0 comments)

colorado: Durango Duck Race - 07/25/13 11:03 AM

It is a beautiful Thursday evening in Durango.  Cool clean breeze , sky clouding up for the nightly showers and a rather large duck walking down Main Street.  Only in Durango!
As we had walked along toward our evening tea spot we had passed a group of young people who invited us to sponsor a rubber duck for the upcoming race.  It is scheduled for Saturday morning at 10:30.  The race will be on the stretch of river from Rotary Park to the Children's Museum.  The winning duck sponsor will win $1,000!
The money raised will be donated to scholarships for disadvantaged children.  There is … (4 comments)

colorado: Wordpress?? - 07/20/13 03:53 AM
Seems to me that I recall a couple of our regular members and contributors are Wordpress setup experts or designers.  Does anyone know who they are or who would you recommend for a little tweeking of our Website/blog???  I need to  up date and spiff up ours since we are really getting back to work and I need to concentrate on clients rather than polishing the site for appearance.  I can do the SEO once we get polished but I'm not a web design guy and Genesis and Agent Press are powerful.

colorado: Just horsing around - 07/03/13 11:26 AM

There are many forms of transportation available in Durango.
Some traditional ways to get from here to there include bikes, motorcycles, cars,trolley lines, buses, even rafts and canoes.
Less traditional and available usually on weekends are horse drawn carriages.
These are found outside the fanciest antique hotel, The Straiter.
The horses are always beautifully groomed and the carriages are impeccably decked out.  They frequently include twinkle lights as part of the harnessing.  The effect is thoroughly enchanting.
As the horse and carriage goes clip clopping along, it inspires visions of days past.  They were … (1 comments)

colorado: Scars - 07/03/13 09:48 AM

Almost all of us have scars.  Some are usable. And some are hidden deep inside.
The tree in the photo is an example of visible scars.
The question is, what caused them.  Why would anyone deliberately hurt a tree?  These scars go deep.  The tree has been in its prominent location for many years.  It has provided shade and beauty.  It has also cleaned up tons of air over its lifetime.
We can only imagine what caused the scars it displays so proudly.  There is no doubt the tree did not deserve the scars.  No one … (4 comments)

colorado: Happy Birthday America! - 07/03/13 09:17 AM
Many choose to celebrate with food, family and friends.  
We need to stop and think about the service men and women who are actively risking their lives on many fronts.  They maybe with friends but it is doubtful that they are enjoying good food, and most are many miles from home and family.
Our freedoms are not secure.  They are constantly at risk on many levels, and from more directions than ever.
Our enemies not only include terrorists, but complacency and denial.
This is not the America we grew up with.  We still have heros and … (4 comments)

colorado: Why Durango? - 06/30/13 02:53 PM
My first exposure to Durango, resulted in it having an unmistakable hold on my heart.  Perhaps it was a form of "Rocky Mountain" highs.
I dreamed of living here for many years , and in May of 2000 Ralph came with me to see what I had talked about so often.
The why about my love for this place spilled out on Ralph and he began to love it too.
His reasons are similar but probably are centered around the beauty and photographic opportunities.
There are also things like clean air and water.  Uncrowded roads, ceaseless natural beauty, friendly … (1 comments)

colorado: Roost with a view - 06/30/13 02:45 PM

The more we study the habits of birds, the more we find that their entertaining habits are not unlike those of the adults we work with.
How many of us wish to rise to new heights?  What sort of tactics will we resort to in order to do that?
This perch does not look particularly comfy.  It does however have a splendid view of the entire yard.  There have to be advantages to that.  We may not see what he sees but we agree that he has the right to see it.
Finding areas of agreement with those around … (0 comments)

colorado: Fired Up Pizza, Durango Colorado - 06/30/13 02:36 PM

One of the newer pizza restaurants in Downtown Durango is "Fired Up."  Since there are several other pizzerias in town, this one really needs to shine if it plans to stay.  Rent of Main Street is far from cheap.
The decor is eclectic.  There is also a selection of imaginative toppings for your pizza.
We chose one named "Vesuvius ".  It came with hot peppers and pepperoni .  The super thin crust was just crunchy enough to satisfy.
The wait staff was extremely efficient.  I barely put down my fork before my plate was removed!
We were prompted to try this … (2 comments)

colorado: Super Moon June 2013 over Durango Colorado - 06/30/13 02:32 PM

It takes a lot of patience to take super photos.
Ralph spent a lot of time last night waiting for this moon to rise.
As you see, the results were awesome.
Super moons do not happen often, and super locations to take photos from also do not make photos easy.
These photos will no doubt rank up there with some of our favorites.  Enjoy!

colorado: A Sparrow with Spunk! - 06/30/13 02:29 PM

We are developing a pattern of relaxing over coffee or tea at an area patio.  
Relaxation is always good for us,  it allows us to brain storm the days events and sort out solutions before we head for home.
The patio is fringed with scrubs and flowers.  
Birds of several kinds also frequent the patio.  Careless patrons leave crumbs which the birds happily clean up.
Sparrows make up a large part of the bird visitors.  They show no fear as they hop within inches of people.
One of the added pluses of sharing ground with the birds … (0 comments)

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