home: Shoeless in Silverton in the SNOW! - 01/03/14 06:07 AM
Most people will agree that having shoes is desireable,  this is specially true in cold weather.
We were blessed with a visit from one of our sons and grandsons right after Chistmas.  As it happened, we had work to do in Silverton.  Our son had been there on a previous visit and thought it would be cool to show it to his son.
After a hearty breakfast at  "Oscars" we departed for a beautiful  drive. Some of the most spectacular vistas imaginable are on that stretch of Hwy 550'.  Perfect for entertaining a nine year old!  Entertains older folk … (4 comments)

home: Stand Out - 09/05/13 05:47 AM

For the past sixteen years, off and on,  we have used our wardrobe to  stand out in the crowded field.  With 300 plus agents in a small town, it is easy to just blend into the woodwork,  that technique will not generate any potential business or contacts.
As the "Durango Home Team". We have steadily acquired a collection of matching shirts .  Some of them are an exact match, and others are simply similar.  It is obvious that we got dressed in the same house.
During the Labor Day motorcycle rally we wore our most colorful Patriotic shirts.   As we … (5 comments)

home: Auditions - 08/11/13 07:18 AM
At one point or another we all have to audition for a job.  It simply means putting our best efforts and face forward.
When it comes to Real Estate, it means showing our best daily in every situation.  We are only as good as our last transaction. 
Happy clients tell all their friends and family how well things went. Conversely, if things did not go well, they will tell everyone they know about the disaster.
One of the most important features of our job is communication.  Sellers and buyers feel as if their lives are in complete limbo.  No one enjoys the process … (1 comments)

home: May the "Force" be with you. - 05/19/13 11:09 AM

You never know what you may see in dynamic Downtown Durango Colorado!
Today the Restaurant Association teamed up to present the various tastes of Durango.
This was just one of the eye treats we encountered.
Just one of the many reminders that if you have chosen to make Durango your home,  there is a better than average chance that you will feel that the "Force" is with you.  Daily adventures are found everywhere.
There is something going on almost every weekend!!  Come and enjoy!

home: When customers call - 03/20/13 11:14 AM
I think we can all agree that one of our most important functions as Real Estate brokers, is to connect with the buying public.
Connecting is only a part of the process.  Communicating is the most important thing we do.
Day before Yesterday we had a repeat learning experience.  Sometimes we just need reminders...
A man called on one of our listings.  He asked questions and Ralph answered, trying to build rapport and get information.  
Then the man asked if he could see the property the next day.  We had several appointments that sliced the day seriously but Ralph made an appointment around 2 pm which … (5 comments)

home: Depersonalize - 03/16/13 12:32 PM
There is the word that we flat did not see the importance of when we put our house up for sale last year.
Several people told us we needed to depersonalize.  We thought we had.  When you live in a place it is difficult to see it objectively.  Your stuff is special to you and when you acquire that stuff, you get it little at a time so you do not notice when things get crowded.
Clutter distracts!  It takes a prospects attention off the features of the house.  As agents we see it every day, but those houses are not ours.  Ours … (1 comments)

home: Back on the Market!! After two months of hard work!! - 03/03/13 08:04 AM
February 15th after two plus months of scrutiny , scrubbing and addressing every angle of the house we want to sell, we pushed the appropriate buttons on the computer and flooded hyperspace with the information that there is another home to consider.
After a dismal nine months last year we decided to take a break from living in model home conditions.
While we were on hiatis, we studied and tried to look objectively at the house.  The result was ten weeks of hard work.  Lots of little projects evolved into many larger projects and lots of money spent.
Now we are preparing new market materials … (9 comments)

home: Who are you selling to? And are you selling the emotion and passion? - 10/27/12 12:54 PM
Yesterday after I had changed the remarks on a listing we have had for too long, I handed it to Ralph.He looked exasperated and said " NO!  I want you to emotionally and passionately speak to the buyer and make him or her want to come and see this listing!  Think like you did when you did the talking house on grandmas house."Now it was my turn to be exasperated!  In the first place I had loved grandmas house.  In the second place that was twelve years ago.I had stretched the space on this one to include all the ammenities and … (6 comments)

home: The Flag - 07/08/11 02:18 AM
Once upon a time, American people flew the flag, 
then it was no longer popular to do. 
We had fallen into a take it for granted jag
and the apathetic feelings grew.
It is probably just a matter of what that flag means to you.
What does that piece of cloth represent in your life?
Many patriots fought and died to give you basic rights.
To pursue happiness, liberty, justice and the like...
Things you can touch and feel, enjoying your days and nights.
It seems that the more the apathy grows, the more freedoms are eroding away
As … (3 comments)

home: Today is June 14 and it's FLAG DAY! - 06/14/09 11:03 AM
If you have an American Flag it needs to be on display at your home and/or business.  Be proud to be an American.  As you drive around our neighborhood Prestonwood Forest up here in Northwest Houston you see many American flags and you know that WE are proud to be in America.  Home of the free and Land of the Brave.

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