politics: Jockey for position.... - 06/14/12 02:51 AM

Have you noticed how all of the animal species (and people included) compete to be number one?
The squirrels in our yard provided us with this visual today as they continually changed positions on their favorite feeder.
One squirrel was dominating the space.  There was plenty of area for two to enjoy adequate room but that was clearly not allowable.
Most of the Real Estate offices  I have been affiliated with over the past 34 years are similar.
There is always one or two agents who dominate the office.  Sometimes it is because they are … (25 comments)

politics: Inconsistency and a little rambling... - 11/30/11 03:59 PM
There are so many inconsistencies in the world we live in today.  The housing market is waaaayyy off and has been for a couple of years.  It makes it difficult to explain the new homes being all around the area.  The builders are able to offer upgrades and attractive finance packages that we cannot find outside the new home starts.
Then there is the on going hostilty toward the U.S. from people/countries to whom we give billions of dollars in aid monthy...  and have for many years.  If they do not like us.... what are we doing with all that money … (0 comments)

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