prestonwood forest: Decorative outdoor accessories - 03/22/13 05:24 AM

How do you decorate your fence shelves?
Here is a suggestion.  Ask your basic black and white cat to lounge attractively on it.
Placement is important too.  The draping effect is more dramatic than a straight on napping appearance.
Not only does this make good use of the space, it also looks attractive.
Admittedly the procedure works best when the cat thinks it is her idea.

prestonwood forest: Perspective - 03/13/13 09:17 AM
Today's wake up call came in the form of chain saw noises.
Our next door neighbor had decided to rid themselves of the slowly dying HUGE oak between our driveways.
Over the years the tree has been the resting point to many migratory birds and hosted nests for many including our favorite, woodpeckers
The problem with the tree has been the fact that it has dropped huge limbs on and around both driveways. With the roaring March winds there was concern that damage could happen if a large limb hit either house.
Even with all the good reasons to bring the old oak down, it was … (6 comments)

prestonwood forest: Color Splash - 03/10/13 12:23 PM
While we wait for our favorite plants to return to their leaved and flowering splendor, there are some lonely looking spots.
Lonely is just not an acceptable look.  It takes away from the general tranquility we have come to expect from our urban oasis.
After pondering what to do to add interest and serenity, Ralph came up with the perfect cure.
As captured in the photo, he added a splash of color where there was none.  Hopefully the hydrangea will spread and provide the desired effect so next year will be without the boring piece of landscape.

prestonwood forest: Potted cat anyone....? - 03/10/13 12:16 PM
Since the orphaned cats adopted our yard as their primary place of play, it has been a never ending source of amusement.
The creativity displayed is downright fun! 
How many of us could come up with unusual but probably comfortable napping spots such as the one in the photo.
Ralph worked hard to repot one of our favorite plants just a few weeks ago.  Following careful instructions off the Internet, he cut the Plumaria, trimmed its roots and provided it with new soil.
We only hope that the plant is enjoying its freshened environment.  It appears that … (1 comments)

prestonwood forest: Prestonwood Forest Christmas Light preview - 12/03/12 02:13 PM
For years when our children were small, one of the highlights of the Christmas Season was a drive through Prestonwood Forest.  
It is a small 40 year old subdivision right off Cypresswood and S.H. 249 right here in Northwest Houston.
All the streets have themes which were probably assigned in the first year.  In those days it was a requirement that homeowners decorate their homes.
Now it is not required, but many residents do the decorations as their gift to the community.  It is truly a labor of love!
The kick off, "night of lights " … (14 comments)

prestonwood forest: Putting Down Roots! - 11/27/12 12:41 PM

We now have a new flower bed.  The space was previously occupied by two pines, one of which was at least 80 years old. (Based upon the number of rings in the trunk.)How many of us get to live in one place for that long?  This entire area used to be forested.  The drought of 2011 took care of  what the area subdivision developers had left.  Boy is the forest thin now.Creating the new bed was ,exhausting.  The tree trunks were ground out and  the dirt was fine and blew easily all around.  The … (3 comments)

prestonwood forest: Glistening Trash - 11/26/12 12:03 PM

Last Saturday the garbage truck either ignored the trash bag full of yard clippings and leaves or they overlooked it.   It had been deposited at the curb by our yard man last Tuesday as usual.
Since it is a clear plastic bag , it is possible that they just looked right through it on their drive around the culdesac.  It's also quite possible that they were in a hurry due to the holiday weekend.  One more yard trash pickup was just one too many.
We called the board member in charge of t rash pick ups. … (5 comments)

prestonwood forest: Thankfulness is a state of mind! - 11/22/12 09:56 AM
Have you noticed that when you exercise your thankful  muscle, things go better overall?When we concentrate on the good and what is going right ,  there is an overall improvement in many if not all of the areas in our lives.Today is a national reminder of the importance of remembering our blessings.We live in the best country in the world and still enjoy freedoms that many other countries only dream of.  We are allowed to pursue making a living in the sales realm.  People are still allowed to own properties.  We are allowed to worship as we please and spend time … (5 comments)

prestonwood forest: Undiiagnosed lump. - 11/22/12 09:27 AM

Lumps come with some questions.  The most basic is:  "what caused that?In our house, the lump appears intermittently.  Although the location changes, the cause is always the same.It is our alpha  cat in stealth mode.  She literally spends hours tucked under one bedspread or rug or another.I wonder what it would feel like to spend hours resting during daylight hours.  Not only would it be totally unproductive, it would have no rewards.Lucky for the cat, she does not have to be productive.  For those of us who do need to produce income and results, we also enjoy … (0 comments)

prestonwood forest: Bug Relief - 11/19/12 09:53 AM

Never have I noticed such a difference in the bug community in our back yard.  We seldom see anyFor whatever reason, we have had a proliferation of lizards this year.  They seem to have either moved in enmass, or just laid a lot of eggs.The lizards may have been there before, but we did not notice them.  This year they seem to be everywhere!Yesterday Ralph sited this peek a boo lizard on the garage.  He had found a nook all his own and seemed quite pleased with his arrangement.  It seems tHat he is in a perfect place to … (4 comments)

prestonwood forest: How many people does it take? - 11/14/12 12:27 PM

This morning I glanced out our dining room window and saw six blue jays frolicking in our neighbors yard.  A second glance revealed a glistening lake forming with water running down the street.When Rlph went out to retrieve our garbage can he found a neighbor from down the street looking for the source of the water .   The leak was duly reported.Our daily duties sent us out shortly after that and when we returned there were three or four water department trucks on the scene.  They were actually creating a scene with all their trucks and the workers … (3 comments)

prestonwood forest: Chicken Vege Casserole!! - 11/14/12 12:11 PM
Last night with the following left overs, I came up with a new cold weather favorite. It was because I really wanted Chicken Pot Pie but knew that to ingest the yeast and flour in pie crust would result in feeding the fungus in my system!  This recipe gave me the taste I was craving.  It also makes the house smell terrific!Heat oven to 375Hatch.tortilla chips1  and 1/2cup chopped cooked chicken1 cup green peas1  cup carrots choppedI /2 cup sliced green onions1 and 1/2 cup grated cheese...  Cheddar, Monterey Jack,  jalapeno jack,or a mixture.1 /2 cup chicken broth preferably home made1 … (0 comments)

prestonwood forest: Why do we still have Daylight Savings Time? - 11/05/12 10:51 AM

Every year about this time I find myself feeling almost as if I had jet lag.  It takes weeks for my body to get back in sync.The fall back is easier than the spring forward but they are both difficult.  My body just gets used to going to bed at a certain time and I cannot convince my system that the time is what the clock says.This is specially true when we live in a mono season.  In Houston we have one long summer. This year it got HOT in March.  No spring and so far we have … (5 comments)

prestonwood forest: Showing Drill - 09/29/12 08:28 AM
Since we have had our house on the market we have learned to keep it constantly in show shape.That is because the agents in our market have taught us that we may only have a few minutes  warning.That means that every day we get up and clean as we go about our routine.Then, when we get the call to show we have a quick drill to get the house spiffed to show at its best.It occurred to us that this might be helpful to other homeowners so here is our showing drill.Light candles in living areas and drapes and blindsStraighten … (2 comments)

prestonwood forest: For the Birds - 09/27/12 12:30 PM
A humming bird hummed by this morning.  He was after the blooms on a moss rose hanging basket.  Last spring we had a similar visitor .  Right after we saw the first hummer we went into hyper drive.  The feeders were located , food was mixed and the feeders were installed where the birds could easily find them.  We watched for weeks until it was clear that no further birds were coming .We have become accustomed to enjoying a wide variety of birds in this yard.  It obviously is in a migratory path of many sizes and species.The fall season has … (5 comments)

prestonwood forest: Just Peachy - 08/20/12 02:55 AM
In the waining days of summer, there are an abundance of fragrant sweet peaches to be found in a variety of places.
This succulent fruit can be utilized in numerous ways, but I recently devised one that is healthier than most.
Having to eliminate white flour and sugar from our diet, has resulted in lots of experiments.  This one works well.  It is not really a cobbler, but it tastes as good.... Has similar texture and I am claiming poetic license.
As you can see it doesn't last long!!


prestonwood forest: The Right Product.... - 08/19/12 12:31 PM
When we bought our current home, one of the things I found charming was the fact that the baths had terrazzo floors.
The hall bath was covered with carpet.  It kept us from knowing the entry tiles were damaged, but overall the floor was better than the carpet.
Since we repaired the entry the floor is really pretty but lacked the shine I remembered seeing on similar floors.
We tried several flooring products but still did not score the shine desired.
After reading the bottles of almost every floor care product available, last week we found one … (1 comments)

prestonwood forest: End of our entertainment... - 07/14/12 05:10 AM
Today we found feathers in the back yard under the bird feeder.
Evidently the cooler weather inspired the yard cats to procure a bird snack.
For two years since these cats adopted our yard, we had suspended the feeding of the birds and squirrels.
We did not wish to encourage the critters to come where their lives might be threatened.
Recently we started to put out seeds again.  We thought that the cat food we furnished would keep the feline population satisfied.
We cannot stop the loss of the one bird,  we can stop … (5 comments)

prestonwood forest: How hungry are you? Do you have a goal? - 07/13/12 07:59 PM


We all tend to admire people and animals who exhibit high standards.


As we watch the squirrels in our back yard, we cannot help but notice the daily return of a select six.


These guys have goals, perseverance and exhibit their enjoyment of life and their thrill with seed success.


Like obtaining any commodity their success is based upon their speed of extraction and their agility in gaining access to the feeder.


Since the feeder was originally intended for birds, the access to it depends … (1 comments)

prestonwood forest: Ring around the collar? - 07/08/12 01:21 PM

All of us have distinguishing marks.
Even twins have some subtle differences.  The parents may be the only you can tell them apart but it can be done.
In a world full of Real Estate professionals , it is difficult to find ways to stand out from the crowd.
Many people spend lots of time and money looking for ways to be different.
Different may help achieve notariety.  
The best way to get to success does not depend upon gimmicks or oddities.
When things get boiled down to the nitty gritty , … (1 comments)

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