real estate: Did you know? Yesterday was National Coffee Day! - 09/30/14 09:50 AM

Did you know that yesterday was National Coffee Day?  We were alerted by an incoming e mail in the morning!
It seemed only right to celebrate!  What a lot of influence coffee has on our days.
From earliest memories people in my family started their day with a steaming cup of hot coffee.  Do you remember the commercial that said " the best part of waking u , is Folgers in your cup."  At the time, I could not get the concept.  Until I was well into my thirties I thought it smelled good and tasted … (6 comments)

real estate: Shoeless in Silverton in the SNOW! - 01/03/14 06:07 AM
Most people will agree that having shoes is desireable,  this is specially true in cold weather.
We were blessed with a visit from one of our sons and grandsons right after Chistmas.  As it happened, we had work to do in Silverton.  Our son had been there on a previous visit and thought it would be cool to show it to his son.
After a hearty breakfast at  "Oscars" we departed for a beautiful  drive. Some of the most spectacular vistas imaginable are on that stretch of Hwy 550'.  Perfect for entertaining a nine year old!  Entertains older folk … (4 comments)

real estate: Kick Start your success! - 08/23/13 05:00 AM

All of us from time to time need a motivating seminar.Wells Fargo was kind enough to provide just what we needed last Wednesday.Not only did they provide an interesting and educational seminar, but they served us a tasty lunch!The seminar was at an area landmark.  It was at the Gaslight theatre in downtown Durango which is an antique movie theatre.  Charming and old are combined with comfort.  Great surroundings for an infusion of information.Lou Holtz, legendary football coach and author was first up.  He shared some of the inspiring secrets of his success.His first point was the importance of … (2 comments)

real estate: Wordpress?? - 07/20/13 03:53 AM
Seems to me that I recall a couple of our regular members and contributors are Wordpress setup experts or designers.  Does anyone know who they are or who would you recommend for a little tweeking of our Website/blog???  I need to  up date and spiff up ours since we are really getting back to work and I need to concentrate on clients rather than polishing the site for appearance.  I can do the SEO once we get polished but I'm not a web design guy and Genesis and Agent Press are powerful.

real estate: Why Durango? - 06/30/13 02:53 PM
My first exposure to Durango, resulted in it having an unmistakable hold on my heart.  Perhaps it was a form of "Rocky Mountain" highs.
I dreamed of living here for many years , and in May of 2000 Ralph came with me to see what I had talked about so often.
The why about my love for this place spilled out on Ralph and he began to love it too.
His reasons are similar but probably are centered around the beauty and photographic opportunities.
There are also things like clean air and water.  Uncrowded roads, ceaseless natural beauty, friendly … (1 comments)

real estate: Roost with a view - 06/30/13 02:45 PM

The more we study the habits of birds, the more we find that their entertaining habits are not unlike those of the adults we work with.
How many of us wish to rise to new heights?  What sort of tactics will we resort to in order to do that?
This perch does not look particularly comfy.  It does however have a splendid view of the entire yard.  There have to be advantages to that.  We may not see what he sees but we agree that he has the right to see it.
Finding areas of agreement with those around … (0 comments)

real estate: Lake Vallecito, Bayfield CO - 06/30/13 02:23 PM

Small, tranquil and extremely appealing are some of the words that come to mind when we think about The Viacito Lake area just North East of Durango.
It features a large lake area with cabins both for year round use and vacations.  Wildlife is plentiful, and you may find the artistic tendencies within you are generated.
The lake is totally surrounded by mountains.  These are splendid all year round.  In the winter they sparkle with the snow.  
There are marinas , businesses and restaurants which give the area a definite resort flair.
The location is close enough to … (0 comments)

real estate: New beginnings! - 06/28/13 01:06 PM
So with great anticipation we wait till papers are signed and we are officially affiliated with a Real Estate office again.
After doing Real Estate many different ways since 1978, we believe we have found that the synergy of being with a successful, motivated group is best.
Today we cleaned out our new cube and bought a few things to make it workable.  It will soon be the place we spend most of our time.
We have lots of learning to do.  Tomorrow begins an entire new adventure in Real Estate.  We will start the day with a property tour, sign the necessary paperwork … (7 comments)

real estate: Being recruited - 05/19/13 01:57 PM
As you might guess, whenever one spends 35 years in any industry, there is a good chance you have experienced a variety of things.
I have also been affiliated with several different Real Estate Brokerages, in addition to spending many years on my own.
The advantages of being affiliated with other brokers in a team oriented situation far outweight the perks of running ones own shop.
We were pleased to be invited to interview with one of the larger brokerages.  It was truly eye opening to see how much technology there is to be shared.
Ralph is very technology savvy and even he was amazed … (8 comments)

real estate: The Fallacy of Planning - 04/14/13 08:12 AM
We are all encouraged to plan ahead.  Plans for today, this week and even the next five years.
It is a great premise...until life gets in the way.
What you do about it when your life gets rearranged  contrary to your wishes shows what you are made of!
You have the choice of getting back up , and making new plans, or wallowing in the land of "what if."
Your mind is capable of marvelous things.  It is limited only by your determination to move on from what may appear to be defeats.
What you perceive as a defeat may be a stepping stone to something … (0 comments)

real estate: Splendiferous - 04/14/13 08:06 AM

Splendiferous !  This plant illustrates the word well.
As many plants spring forth with their best blossoms, this one certainly merited a second look and then a lasting photo.
It is a study in what makes people take notice!
In the case of plants it is the color, quality and quantity of blooms in an area.
In the case of Real Estate Agents, it is the access, availability, attitude and quality of services.
Looks as though we have a lot in common with our blooming friends.  So, go forth and be a genuine knock out!

real estate: Today's Learning... A Client with Alzheimer's - 04/05/13 11:42 AM
We went to a closing today...  Our sellers are long time friends and we have been helping them liquidate their Real Estate holdings due to his onset of Alsheimers.
It is a vicious steadily debilitating disease, and is painful to watch.  In the past year he has retreated into more and more darkness.
Ralph felt he should alert the closer that our client might need a few more courtesies and time to respond to instructions.  When he told her what was going on, she said "oh, we cannot close!"
After 60 combined years in this business, we knew that there might be a need … (2 comments)

real estate: The importance of new photos!! - 03/03/13 07:40 AM
A few weeks ago a local home builder offered a free photo shoot to all the agents who would come preview their newest model homes.
We went.  The models were beautifully presented and the photographer took four shots of us in various poses.  
The new photo (on the right)takes the place of the eight year old one we had professionally done before we left Durango.
When compared side by side they are both definitely us but there the similarities end.
If you passed us on the street the old photo (on the left)  would not help you recognize us.
The purpose of using photos in … (2 comments)

real estate: Showing is an art form - 03/02/13 11:37 PM
We made our yearly pilgrimage to the Rodeo this week.
A bonifide day off, we decided to savor every aspect from the shopping venues to the stock shows!
After walking for a couple of hours we sought places to sit.
One of the arenas was featuring the judging for the champion cows and bulls.
I know precious little about cows, but Ralph was raised on a farm and his grand folks had a dairy farm, so I settled in to watch and learn.
After a very few minutes I realized that getting cows to show at their best is even more challenging than showing houses!
Not only … (2 comments)

real estate: A well oiled machine!! - 03/02/13 11:31 PM
After our recent visit to the Rodeo we realized that during its eighty year tenure as one of Houston's finest attractions, it has become a well oiled machine that runs year round.
In short it is a many faceted jewel and the efficiency with which it is run is a pleasure to behold.
From the parking lot to the individual events there are committees planning, executing and fine tuning the experience.
There are a lot of take away lessons from our time spent there.
The first was that lots of people can work in harmony if they are focused on a common goal
The second was … (2 comments)

real estate: Bird condo and Bird Realtor - 12/23/12 04:45 AM

On our quick trip to visit Ralph's mom to help celebrate her 89 th birthday, we enjoyed some different scenery.  She lives in Clinton, Maryland right outside Washington DC.  The trip from Houston is long and tiring.  This year the trip was filled with blessings such as a non stop flight.Perhaps the time in the air made me specially mindful of other things that fly.This tree was on the way back to return our rental car.If you look closely you can see several nests on different parts of the tree.  It occurred to me that perhaps the idea of … (0 comments)

real estate: A Lost Art - 11/29/12 07:36 AM
When my Real estate career was starting out, I was gifted with a seminar on showing homes.The speaker was Cabot Roberts.  His presentation was in regard to the importance of previewing the homes you planned to show to a prospective buyer.When a buyer tells you what they are looking for, does it really make any sense to run them through a lot of homes that do not fit their specs?Do you think they want to just see a lot of houses?  Or would it make sense that since you asked them what they were looking for, you would only show them … (2 comments)

real estate: Investor Mindset - 11/17/12 11:27 AM
Over the years we have worked with numerous investors.  Some of them area as nice as can be.
We met a young investor today.  He had stood us up for an appointment on Saturday, but he called this morning and wanted to see the house .
He showed up promptly still apologizing about Saturday.
He said right off the bat that he was an investor and would make a lo offer, but he would let us represent both sides...
Ralph had already plowed that ground but explained that we would have to facilitate the transaction as an … (5 comments)

real estate: Incentives for success - 10/30/12 11:59 AM
What motivates us to spend hours working on marketing, pursuing aloof buyers and sellers and generally working ourselves to a nub?It may be the need to pay our expenses.It may be the thrill if success.Or,  it may be the desire to be of significance.Think about the thankless hours we invest in education.  The time spent in pursuit of sales allows us to use all we have learned and vast amounts we have not yet heard of.Our profession is constantly changing and challenges us to keep up.What ever it is that motivates you,  keep it in your sights.  Never surrender to the … (7 comments)

real estate: Memorable Performance - 10/27/12 11:32 AM
We need to be constantly aware that people expect us to do great things.  We have the real estate dreams of the general public in our hands.Ralph and I were reminded of this sobering truth one day when we were shopping in a local antique shoppe.After we had selected our purchase the sales lady saw our name tags and asked what part of the area we specialized in.We responded that we worked in North West Harris county, but our favorite area had been Tomball for about 27 years.She then asked if we knew a particular agent.  As it happened we had … (3 comments)

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